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Introduction: Jgaptel
October 17, 2012

Jgaptel of Zeta Reticuli is a “J’rod” type “grey” from the Zeta Reticuli faction fighting against the Draco-Hydra Empire. The body he uses is a manufactured one for his 6 density essence to move about in 3 and 5 densities.  Think of it as a pressure suit to go under the ocean, or wearing a gloved hand to operate inside a containment bubble. This is why the greys all look alike, cookie-cutter form.

Jgaptel is a scientist who specializes in time travel and handles all time jump coordination and technology for The Idylwild Group and has a number of synthetic bodies his essence can use for various missions, not just grey. These include many hybrid forms, super soldier models with bones made from a cold fusion steel alloy from the by-product of the Ringmakers, and living bio-ships.


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