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Reptilian Hunter The HiJacker Clears the Moon of All Dracos
December 13, 2013


Mop up ops are underway. By his own hand, The Hijacker slaughtered 140 reptoids.


Proof of James Rink Clone with Vegas Hookers
May 22, 2013

RINK in Vegas Clone

Archangel Former White Hat
March 3, 2013

Now that the FWH is an Archangel, you may summon him, pray to him, seek him. His sword is unsheathed and he is going to do some hacking of weeds.

posted by A.M.

The FWH is Now an Archangel
March 2, 2013

Mr. FWH has become an Archangel for this month. In his place, the real James Casbolt (not any of the many clones, including the son of David Rockefeller, who is a Casbolt clone) will be relaying messages from the Archangel FWH and other matters of interest, such as the Chinese missile that exploded over the southern part of the USA the other day.

posted by A.M.

The Maacabae Alcyones to Arrive
January 15, 2013

The  Alycone race known as Maacabae have been cleared to land in various places on earth in February when a bright comet will be in the sky. The last time this race was here was in 1989 in Russia, as reported in the NY Times. Their mission then was to give Gorbechev the notion of glastnost.

They will land in Bloomington, Indiana, San Diego, California, and Hoboken, NJ. Elsewhere, they will land in Manchester, UK, New Dehli, India, Baghdad, Iraq, Melbourne, Aust., and Cape Town, South Africa.  In March they will return to three cities in Russia, two in China, Osaka, Japan and Calgary, Canada.

They are generally 9 feet tall with three eyes. Do not fear them. They are a peaceful race.


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Do These Drawings Seem Familiar to Anyone?
January 13, 2013


Art Bell
January 12, 2013

His 7 year non-compete contract with Noory ended last week. He will return to the aurwaves. Not Coast to Coast, but a whole new show. We need Art back.

But is the FWH really Art Bell?


January 12, 2013

The Blessing rises.

The Legacy opens eyes.

The fallen angels scream.

The War
January 3, 2013

Lot of battles going on in the solar system and underground.

Message from Inner Earth
December 29, 2012

“The Blessing is Now Awake.”