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Reptilian Hunter, The HiJacker, Joins the Idylwild Group
November 30, 2013

jacker3With the invasion of reptilian soldiers from ISON hungrily eating people around the world, and soul eaters devouring souls in southeast Asia and Russia, the Idylwild Group has been joined by the former radio host and infamous reptilian hunter, The HiJacker.

“I, the Chief Among Mammalians, have come out of exile to hunt down these scaly vermin and long-legged soul eaters to clean the world of their filth,” says the HiJacker, who uses a number of specially modified weapons endowed with Christ-energy, such as a machete forged from fragments of Excalibur and Odin’s Spear, a divine staff given to him directly by Moses, a sword made from cold fusion iron ore from the rings of Saturn (the same some super solders have skeleton replacements made of) and bullets with hollowed-out tips and the blood of Jesus in them.

Semjase and the Plejaran fleet has assigned him a special beamship that crosses all reptoid2dimensions and timelines, the infamous wedding cake saucer, fortifying his title as the changer of reality. The HiJacker joins Cmmdr McCollumn, Roan the Mongoose, and Olein on earth missions of extreme danger and violence. “We are big beans for action here,” says The HiJacker, “and, GOOD LORD! who knew the Chief Among Mammalians would one day join a team of blonde aliens and renegade super soldier humans to engage Biblical prophecy — HAA!. Behold, I come quickly: blessed are those that keep the sayings of the prophecy.”

A former political muckraker in D.C. whose white papers changed government polices and put him on CIA/NSA hit lists, mention of The HiJacker can be found in 2 Corinthians and the Book of Revelations: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him” (Rev 1:7) is ref. of the HiJakcer coming to earth in a beamship to slay the serpent dragons aka the Dracos reptoids. “And…I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth” (Rev 7:17) is a ref. to McCollumn, Mongoose, HiJacker and Semjase (or Olein), four angels who come to battle the Dracos and soul eaters.

“With God on our side, the shape-shifting reptilian overlords and their bloodline of Caine soldiers do not stand a chance,” says the HiJacker, whose final mission will be to destroy Alestair Crowley and all his evil progeny, like the Bush brothers and Duncan O’Finioan.

Let’s hope he succeeds.


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Olein at Taj Mahal
September 3, 2013

Hehe, Olein’s beamship caught at Taj Mahal here.

Olein Over Japan
March 11, 2013

Some quick reflexes there, Olein!


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Potter Lies Again
March 8, 2013

Potter Con Artist

Mr. Robert Potter:

You have now been put on the Idylwild Group’s Nasty List and the The Mongoose will seek you out. We were directed to that interview you did on Sean David Morton’s clone show and how you lied about Fred Bell’s patents and you lied about Plejarans.

You tried to back pedal, first you claim you know Semjase personally then on the interview you say, “Well, I never had direct contact” and that the Plejarans did a memory wipe on you. Potter ol’ bean, the Plejarans DO NOT erase memories of those they have contact with — the reptoids and greys and other negative beings do that, and so do the military abductors.  Any human-Plejaran contact is a positive, spirit-lifting experience and the memories are  not messed with.

You claim Fred Bell gave the OK for you to sell his patented creations except one. Well guess who was listening to you that day? Michelle, Fred’s widow. Guess what she said? “That’s bullshit! Fred couldn’t stand Rob Potter and found him to be creepy! And Potter had not been in contact with Fred in at least ten years before he died!”

Looks like Michelle is going to be a guest on someone’s radio show March 20 to reveal the truth about Potter’s lies. And why is Potter manufacturing Fred Bell’s patented products in Thailand? Maybe because Thailand does not recognize US patents and copyrights laws? Maybe because Potter uses cheap child labor in sweat factories? Maybe Potter is into the sex tourism available there? We all know what these reptoid types like to do…

When you come to Irvine in May, Mr. Potter, for that bogus COBRA conference, do not be surprised if you are served with a lawsuit  by Bell’s children, because they are not happy about you stealing from their dad. And don’t be surprised if you are taken up into a real Plejaran ship — and your memory will not be erased if it happens.

But here is the thang: the real Rob Potter who knew Fred Bell as a teenager is NOT the creature masquerading as Potter. The Potter running around is a REPTILIAN deceiver, just like COBRA, Drake, O’Finioan, Muggins, and the whole lot of these lizard people. 😉

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What Happened to These Clones? A Mystery…
February 8, 2013

Olein and Nellet, on a recon mission to Venus, found two ships adrift in space: a US Space Command TR-7E and a Orion gray lab ship. Neither had power.

We asked the Former White Hat for his assistance and Asket brought him to the scene in her beamship. The three suited up and entered both ships and found carnage.

In the TR-7E were two Q-45 ranked off world naval officers dead, decapitated, along with a dead clone of Aaron McCollum who was piloting the ship and a dead clone of Anya Briggs in the communications chair. A clone of Douglas Deitrich was found near the nuclear reactor, chopped into three parts. There were also five dead greys.

rink cloneIn the lab ship they found something stranger: three dozen clones of James Rink, some human, some large avatar soldiers, some of reptilian and raptor mix (picture a raptor with Rink’s human head). There were several child clones and many embryos in vats. There were two dead tall grays in white robes and seven dead small greys and pieces of what seem to be a mantoid. Ina  compartment were found decapitated Q-37 rank humans.

Floating in space near the ship were two clones of Benjamin Fulford.

Computer records on both were erased.

Who killed these clones, Q-45s and 37s, and greys?  And why?  Was it the reptilians? Space Command? Greys? Annunaki? Laher People?

Did Alestair Crowley order their deaths?

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They Are Friendly!
January 14, 2013

International Space Station cameras capture Pleiadean and Andromedan beamships coming and going from earth.

What’s a Human to Do?
December 1, 2012

dom nHere it is Friday night and I am ancy for some action and I’m surrounded by ETs on the Andromeda biosphere! I am a healthy 20-something American lass, you know, it can’t always be about time travel and fighting Dracs. Sorry, but the only human male on the biosphere right now is Alex Collier and he is waaaaaayyyy too old for me, and not my type, but don’t get me wrong, we all love Alex! Aaron is like an older brother with a clone keeping his wife comfy (I won’t yak about how many women out there wanted hybrid babies with him). I once had a girly crush on Mr. FWH (he’s hot in that Daniel Craig/Clive Owen sort of way) but he only goes for the tall blonde Pleiadean/Nordic types who jaunt from one universe to another, hahaha. And really, it was because he saved me from the Duamond Spiders attack. Older man thing, you know.

And then there are the James Casbolts clones…good-looking as heck all, but sorry, I mean I DO NOT go for clones!

Why are these black ops guys, active or former, always so damn sexy? Ask Eva Moore!!!

But only a fool gets involved with super soliders. They’re too messed up in the head for anything serious, and they tend to get possessive which leaves out a recreational moment or one-nighter.

I am joking here, just thinking you know: you meet a guy or girl in a club or bar or at the milkshake shop (when time traveling to the 1950s), and what do you say? “Wanna come back to the underground base?”  “Wanna jump room to 2012?” “Wanna check out my quarters on a giant ET mothership?” (I did inherit FWH’s former quarters, 2,000 sq feet of space in space).

True story: I was in the act of a clumsy reckless one-night stand a few weeks back and Jgatel pops up and says there is an emergency needed attending to by the whole group (you will have to guess which mission). Imagine how shocked the one-night stand was! Who, BTW, was not a guy but a girl (I swing both ways! but not with ETs!) of the lipstick kind.  I mean you’re all hot and bothered with someone in bed and here shows up a fricken J-Rod grey who sees nothing wrong with intruding. I was pretty irked. So what does Jgaptel do? He time travels two hours back and stops me before I go to this certain bar in West Hollywood, yet the paradox is I have the memory of both timelines!

What’s a human to do?

It’s not like “the war will end soon” because it won’t, this is gonna be a long haul in 3D hell. But I signed on.

I’ll find something to do. Maybe I will go on a hunt with Mongoose and kill me some lizard people!

Some women, like Pamela Stonebrook, say reptoid men are better than human men…nah, I don’t wanna know.


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Robert Potter: Cobra Operative Deception
November 25, 2012

The Mongoose is also on the trail of Long Beach-based deceiver Robert Potter, a fixture at many New Age events. Potter claims to be a Plejarn contactee but he is not. He is a clone of a young man once associated with Fred Bell. He was taken by the Mantoids and cloned, and is the Western operative for the COBRA.

Do not trust him.

Do not put on the pyramid hats he shows people — your mind will immediately be under the control of the negative Mantoids.

He does not know Semjase, Olein, Nellet or P’Taah, no matter what he says, he has never had contact with them or any Plejaran.

Introduction: Nellet
October 18, 2012

Nellet’s grandfather was half  Timmeran and half Plejaran, so she has Timmer DNA that gives her a heightened telepathic ability twice that of most Plejarans.  Her soul is Lyran that goes back to Lemuria and transcended from the karmic confines of earth and returned to the Pleiades system. She is 510 earth years old and was assigned to the diplomatic core to Arcturia for 80 years (living among the 7th density Arcturians!) and DAL-Universe relations for 100 years before joining the effort to free earth humans from Dracos rule. She holds advanced degrees in galactic political theory, trans-dimensional architecture, and DAL-Universe sociology. She belongs to a family unit of four husbands and ten wives and has two children who live on Erra. Her combat experience is extensive in the DERN and DAL. In her spare time she enjoys oil painting while listening to Arcturian symphonies.


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Introduction: Sub-Commander Olein
October 17, 2012

Greetings Gentle Humans of Earth,

I originate from Erra and I am Plejaran. My verbal signifer and spiritual title is Olein. I am 221 of your years old and have been in the Plejaran military effort for 25 of those years. I was engaged in the Procyon conflict and the Diamond Spider wars on the moons of Saturn. I assisted in the terra-forming of Planet Hope, which was once a dead moon. I hold advanced degrees in temporal mechanics, zero gravity agriculture and earth anthropology. I speak 12 earth languages in verbal form and can pilot 80 vessel types from seven worlds, including trans-dimensional fine/coarse matter living ships. I am part of a family unit with two husbands and seven wives, some who are involved in the effort to free earth of the Dracos Cabal.  My hobby is studying Martian archeology and Lyran music composition from the past.