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A Friday the 13th Illuminati Blood Sacrifice, Brought to you By Crowley & Son
December 13, 2013

Take heed, today’s Friday the 13th shooting in Denver was ordered by Alestair Crowley and carried out by his dark progeny, Duncan O’Finioan.

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Duncan O’Finioan’s Clone, Internet Porn Freakazoid
December 2, 2013

A reader of this blog named “Derrick” sent us this spy cam photo of one of the clones of Duncan O’Bobby Joe masturbating naked to web porn. Apparently he was awake for three days on crystal meth, which is why he looks worn out, older and…dehydrated.dunc-NAKED-COMPUTER-THIEF-large570

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Duncan O’Finioan Murdered Khristine Neal. Period.
December 2, 2013

As reported, Khrstine tried to break free from the mind control and the cult of O’Finioan/BobbyJoe/Alestair Crowley, was going to whistleblow on what really happens at Duncan/Bobby Joe’s seminars, and was T’ed for it.

The killer:dunc cartoon

The victim:

khristine transvestite


The Idylwild Group Finds the True Connections About Truth Connections and Kevin/Kate Buckalew the Bucket Loo
December 2, 2013

We have concluded our investigation of this CIA shill and have the following findings to present:

1. As F.W. Hat states, Katherine Buckalew refined the Honey Trap methodology used by Project Monarch and has been, and still is, an active member of the Process Church, the CIA, as well as loaned out to MI6 to handle certain sex kitten monarchs and super solders. Her code name is “Madame Honey Pot.”

2. Prior to her M2F gender change, her/his real name was Kevin “Buck” Lewis Cates. “Katherine” was an alter created when he was sent through the programs of the Process Church. The Katherine alter took over and demanded a agency over the body. The voice and Adam’s apple gives her/his true identity away. Here is a photo of Kevin before Kate:


Notice the similarities:

kate kevin

3. The true connections of Truth Connections is Langley and a Process Church psyop program similar to Alex Jones: disinfo. But Kate is also a handler, who was behind the Dallas agency asset call girl who abducted Max Spiers in 2012. She also trained Duncan O’Finioan in Monarch handling techniques and was his lover when she was Kevin.

4. At MI6, her code nae is “Bucket Loo,” for her involvement with the nefarious Rakmeister.

Trust No One

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Kathy Buckalew: CIA Shill and MKUltra Handler
November 28, 2013

We have received credible evidence that Kathy Buckalew of Truth Connections is a CIA shill and was put into place to spread disinformation, similar to Alex Jones and George Noory (but without the audience).

Buckalew has also been linked to Project Mannequin and other MKUltra programs, and works as a handler.

Do not trust this government psyop person.


Eric Snowden
August 26, 2013

If it has not happened already, a supposed “leak” from Eric Snowdon regarding The Idywild Group, Plejarans and other teams, such as the Brotherhood of the White Robe and the Brotherhood of Saturn, is really disinfo from the NSA. Snowden is a fiction, a psyop by the NSA. While some of the info he alledgely puts out is true, it is also lies, as all disinfo is. He does not have all my information correct, for instance. Yes, I was a criminal hacker recruited by the CIA, but I never worked for an escort service as his leak claims. Also, Snowden is or will be claiming that Aaron McCollum’s dolphin DNA allows him to have gills to breathe under water. That is patently false. Dolphins do not have gills. While Commander McCollumn can hold his breath for an hour underwater, he is hardly a fish. Now everything supposedly coming from Snoden on TIG is fishy.

Snowden will also release info on super soldiers such as Duncan O’Finioan and Andy Pero stating they were both in a super soldier homosexual pairing initiative called Project Gladiator. That is true. McCollumn, Max Spiers and James Casbolt were not part of that, however, as Snowden may claim, but Dave Corso and Khristan Neal were. In fact, Project Gladiator was the brain child of the notorious transvestite Dave Coros.

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Anya Briggs: Gizeh Spy and Jesuit/Zionist Operative
May 28, 2013

anyaWe have been getting many reports and seeing much crazy stuff about Anya Briggs lately. We can concur that she is no longer to be trusted.  After her visit to Dulce, we have evidence that her mind was taken control of by the Gizeh Intelligence and the reptilians and she has been working as their spy and also as a Jesuit/Zionist operative. She has been working as a psychic scanner for the Tall Whites during Las Vegas and during the mini-nuke deployment in Syria. She was removed from U.S. Space Command’s Grid Initiative (where psychics will be used as a sort of back-up internet communications should the system crash) for being defective.

It is true that in my previous work for the military I abducted her in a TR-3B and was instrument with her implants and use for time travel. It was a mistake on all our parts. I am beginning to understand that she has been an Alestair Crowley mole all along, working side-by-side with Duncan O’Finioan and Sarah Stanga. Her handlers are Stewert Swerdlow and Preston Nichols.  That “mistake” she made during the Diamond Spider Wars was not a mistake.

What is worse is she has a number of clones running around too. Time to start clone-huntin’.

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Clones in Las Vegas
May 21, 2013

We tracked down some tall whites to Las Vegas. While there, I slipped in like Flynn to the Super Soldier Summit this weekend. A lot of old friends and enemies there. I had to use a hologram belt to hide my identity. Too busy for this stuff. Lorien Fenton was trying to remote view me. Some of the people there were not who they really are. They were clones. Clones of the following people were placed there:

James Rink, Douglas Deitrich, Tyler Clark, Kerry Cassidy, JoAnn Richards, Mike Hemmingson, Miles Johnston, Sara Adams, Noreen Helphand, Erin Hicks, Solaris BlueRaven — EVERY ONE OF THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT PEOPLE BUT CLONES!

I almost took them out, as the top clone killer in this dimension, but I had tall whites to hunt down. Tall whites who set the mini-nuke off in Syria. Tall whites gambling at the Stardust and Belagio. Roan and I were sniffing some greys about too.

Then we smelled something real bad:

Duncan O’Finioan was spotted trying to get into the casino to do some killing, but Roan the Mongoose stepped in his path. Duncan quickly pissed his panties and ran away in fear.

I spotted the astral body of Michael Aquino roaming about. I went after him and he jumped into the body of the Douglas Deitrich clone.

I found the originals of Deitrich, Sara, and Solaris knocked out in the back of a Ryder moving van, being watched by a tall white. Roan took out the tall white. I took out the clones of Deitrich, Sara and Solaris and returned them to their rooms.

The Former White Hat, in his 5D body, showed up with Asket and Semjase to help us. “Accept no clones,” he said. The three then took out the other clones after finding the originals of the others hidden in the freezer behind Starbucks. Asket and Semjase returned them to their rooms.

In Starbucks were gallons of nanites. I destroyed them.

I spotted Max Spiers wrestling with three shape-shifting reptilians disguised as himself, Tyler Clark and James Casbolt.. I took out the these lizard imposters with a sonic cannon,


Then we spotted a black helicopter with a psychic scanning the area. The psychic was Anya Briggs, under control of the Gizeh Intelligence.

The Mongoose and I headed for Area 54, tracking the last of the tall whites. But they escaped in a ship with Anya and Duncan.

These are strange times, my friends.

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Aaron in Holo-disguise at Super Soldier Summit
May 19, 2013

Cmdr. Aaron McCollum is attending the Super Soldier Summit in Las Vegas, but is using a hologram projecter to disguise himself from people who would recognize him. He is with the Mongoose, Roan. They are tracking down the Tall Whites, who like to gamble, that were involved with the mini-nuke in Syria and are attemoting to mini-nuke the San Andreas Fault and the Salton Sea. McCollum reports that there is a heavy influx of black ops and reptoids doing surveillance.

Khristan Neal T’ed
March 3, 2013

khristine transvestite

Super solider MK Ultra operative Khristan Neal “passed away” on February 12, not long after his clones were stopped from doing a school shooting in Illinois.

We had nothing to do with this, despite rumors.

We have an idea who may have done the T-job, a certain someone whose last message was that he was going rogue.

But it is possible this death is a cover story, and Khris is on a clandestine mission of rage.

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