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The HiJacker Hunts Down Reptoids and Clones in the White House
December 13, 2013



Reptilian Hunter The HiJacker Clears the Moon of All Dracos
December 13, 2013


Mop up ops are underway. By his own hand, The Hijacker slaughtered 140 reptoids.

Reptilian Hunter, The HiJacker, Joins the Idylwild Group
November 30, 2013

jacker3With the invasion of reptilian soldiers from ISON hungrily eating people around the world, and soul eaters devouring souls in southeast Asia and Russia, the Idylwild Group has been joined by the former radio host and infamous reptilian hunter, The HiJacker.

“I, the Chief Among Mammalians, have come out of exile to hunt down these scaly vermin and long-legged soul eaters to clean the world of their filth,” says the HiJacker, who uses a number of specially modified weapons endowed with Christ-energy, such as a machete forged from fragments of Excalibur and Odin’s Spear, a divine staff given to him directly by Moses, a sword made from cold fusion iron ore from the rings of Saturn (the same some super solders have skeleton replacements made of) and bullets with hollowed-out tips and the blood of Jesus in them.

Semjase and the Plejaran fleet has assigned him a special beamship that crosses all reptoid2dimensions and timelines, the infamous wedding cake saucer, fortifying his title as the changer of reality. The HiJacker joins Cmmdr McCollumn, Roan the Mongoose, and Olein on earth missions of extreme danger and violence. “We are big beans for action here,” says The HiJacker, “and, GOOD LORD! who knew the Chief Among Mammalians would one day join a team of blonde aliens and renegade super soldier humans to engage Biblical prophecy — HAA!. Behold, I come quickly: blessed are those that keep the sayings of the prophecy.”

A former political muckraker in D.C. whose white papers changed government polices and put him on CIA/NSA hit lists, mention of The HiJacker can be found in 2 Corinthians and the Book of Revelations: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him” (Rev 1:7) is ref. of the HiJakcer coming to earth in a beamship to slay the serpent dragons aka the Dracos reptoids. “And…I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth” (Rev 7:17) is a ref. to McCollumn, Mongoose, HiJacker and Semjase (or Olein), four angels who come to battle the Dracos and soul eaters.

“With God on our side, the shape-shifting reptilian overlords and their bloodline of Caine soldiers do not stand a chance,” says the HiJacker, whose final mission will be to destroy Alestair Crowley and all his evil progeny, like the Bush brothers and Duncan O’Finioan.

Let’s hope he succeeds.


posted by D.N.

A Reptilian Thanksgiving
November 28, 2013

While Lesus, commander of the ISON planetoid ship, is dead, his reptilian minions, plus a dozen soul eaters, departed before swinging around the sun and its binary twin, and have landed on earth on Thanksgiving to feast on humans in the following nations:





South Africa





We hope that no one out there winds up on a reptoid dinner plate today. Think how the turkeys feel!

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Kathy Buckalew: CIA Shill and MKUltra Handler
November 28, 2013

We have received credible evidence that Kathy Buckalew of Truth Connections is a CIA shill and was put into place to spread disinformation, similar to Alex Jones and George Noory (but without the audience).

Buckalew has also been linked to Project Mannequin and other MKUltra programs, and works as a handler.

Do not trust this government psyop person.


We Take Vengeance
September 6, 2013

I probably need not say which member of the Idylwild Group is the black clad avenger in this Mexico City adjustment of justice. The bus drivers were part of the reptilian cabal, who snatched these women and offered them up for ritual abuse and blood sacrifice to the Priory of Dracos.

We avenge all, you minions of Crowley!

posted by A.M.

Clones in Las Vegas
May 21, 2013

We tracked down some tall whites to Las Vegas. While there, I slipped in like Flynn to the Super Soldier Summit this weekend. A lot of old friends and enemies there. I had to use a hologram belt to hide my identity. Too busy for this stuff. Lorien Fenton was trying to remote view me. Some of the people there were not who they really are. They were clones. Clones of the following people were placed there:

James Rink, Douglas Deitrich, Tyler Clark, Kerry Cassidy, JoAnn Richards, Mike Hemmingson, Miles Johnston, Sara Adams, Noreen Helphand, Erin Hicks, Solaris BlueRaven — EVERY ONE OF THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT PEOPLE BUT CLONES!

I almost took them out, as the top clone killer in this dimension, but I had tall whites to hunt down. Tall whites who set the mini-nuke off in Syria. Tall whites gambling at the Stardust and Belagio. Roan and I were sniffing some greys about too.

Then we smelled something real bad:

Duncan O’Finioan was spotted trying to get into the casino to do some killing, but Roan the Mongoose stepped in his path. Duncan quickly pissed his panties and ran away in fear.

I spotted the astral body of Michael Aquino roaming about. I went after him and he jumped into the body of the Douglas Deitrich clone.

I found the originals of Deitrich, Sara, and Solaris knocked out in the back of a Ryder moving van, being watched by a tall white. Roan took out the tall white. I took out the clones of Deitrich, Sara and Solaris and returned them to their rooms.

The Former White Hat, in his 5D body, showed up with Asket and Semjase to help us. “Accept no clones,” he said. The three then took out the other clones after finding the originals of the others hidden in the freezer behind Starbucks. Asket and Semjase returned them to their rooms.

In Starbucks were gallons of nanites. I destroyed them.

I spotted Max Spiers wrestling with three shape-shifting reptilians disguised as himself, Tyler Clark and James Casbolt.. I took out the these lizard imposters with a sonic cannon,


Then we spotted a black helicopter with a psychic scanning the area. The psychic was Anya Briggs, under control of the Gizeh Intelligence.

The Mongoose and I headed for Area 54, tracking the last of the tall whites. But they escaped in a ship with Anya and Duncan.

These are strange times, my friends.

Posted by A.M.

Potter Lies Again
March 8, 2013

Potter Con Artist

Mr. Robert Potter:

You have now been put on the Idylwild Group’s Nasty List and the The Mongoose will seek you out. We were directed to that interview you did on Sean David Morton’s clone show and how you lied about Fred Bell’s patents and you lied about Plejarans.

You tried to back pedal, first you claim you know Semjase personally then on the interview you say, “Well, I never had direct contact” and that the Plejarans did a memory wipe on you. Potter ol’ bean, the Plejarans DO NOT erase memories of those they have contact with — the reptoids and greys and other negative beings do that, and so do the military abductors.  Any human-Plejaran contact is a positive, spirit-lifting experience and the memories are  not messed with.

You claim Fred Bell gave the OK for you to sell his patented creations except one. Well guess who was listening to you that day? Michelle, Fred’s widow. Guess what she said? “That’s bullshit! Fred couldn’t stand Rob Potter and found him to be creepy! And Potter had not been in contact with Fred in at least ten years before he died!”

Looks like Michelle is going to be a guest on someone’s radio show March 20 to reveal the truth about Potter’s lies. And why is Potter manufacturing Fred Bell’s patented products in Thailand? Maybe because Thailand does not recognize US patents and copyrights laws? Maybe because Potter uses cheap child labor in sweat factories? Maybe Potter is into the sex tourism available there? We all know what these reptoid types like to do…

When you come to Irvine in May, Mr. Potter, for that bogus COBRA conference, do not be surprised if you are served with a lawsuit  by Bell’s children, because they are not happy about you stealing from their dad. And don’t be surprised if you are taken up into a real Plejaran ship — and your memory will not be erased if it happens.

But here is the thang: the real Rob Potter who knew Fred Bell as a teenager is NOT the creature masquerading as Potter. The Potter running around is a REPTILIAN deceiver, just like COBRA, Drake, O’Finioan, Muggins, and the whole lot of these lizard people. 😉

posted by D.N.

Cobra-Rob Potter Deceptions
March 3, 2013

The con artists COBRA nd Rob Potter are putting on a “Cobra New Society Conference” in May, which is another game to get money from people by these two reptilian hucksters. This attempt to turn Ishtar Antares  into some kind of cult figure is amusing but also dangerous. These two work for the dark forces and reptoid agenda.

We are calling on people out there who have information on Potter’s deceptions, lies and cons to put the info in the comments section. Potter has stolen from Fred Bell’s patents and copyrights and has made false claims that he knows our commander, Semjase, which he defintely does not.

Potter Con Artistposted by DN


The Randy Maugans Deception
March 2, 2013

Muggins Black Warlock

Randy “asshat” Maugans’ latest interview is with the shape-shifter deceiver, George Kavassilias. Like GK, Maugans (aka “Muggins” around the office) is a reptile.

As Mr. FWH the Archangel revealed before, Muggins is a black warlock for the Priory of Dracos. He pretends to be a friend to super soldiers and MKUltra victims, but he is really a re-programmer and leads many super soldiers down the path of homosexuality and disinfo, just as George Kavassilias does.

The interview is full of fear porn and lies.

posted by A.M.