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Introduction: Nellet
October 18, 2012

Nellet’s grandfather was half  Timmeran and half Plejaran, so she has Timmer DNA that gives her a heightened telepathic ability twice that of most Plejarans.  Her soul is Lyran that goes back to Lemuria and transcended from the karmic confines of earth and returned to the Pleiades system. She is 510 earth years old and was assigned to the diplomatic core to Arcturia for 80 years (living among the 7th density Arcturians!) and DAL-Universe relations for 100 years before joining the effort to free earth humans from Dracos rule. She holds advanced degrees in galactic political theory, trans-dimensional architecture, and DAL-Universe sociology. She belongs to a family unit of four husbands and ten wives and has two children who live on Erra. Her combat experience is extensive in the DERN and DAL. In her spare time she enjoys oil painting while listening to Arcturian symphonies.


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Introduction: Sub-Commander Olein
October 17, 2012

Greetings Gentle Humans of Earth,

I originate from Erra and I am Plejaran. My verbal signifer and spiritual title is Olein. I am 221 of your years old and have been in the Plejaran military effort for 25 of those years. I was engaged in the Procyon conflict and the Diamond Spider wars on the moons of Saturn. I assisted in the terra-forming of Planet Hope, which was once a dead moon. I hold advanced degrees in temporal mechanics, zero gravity agriculture and earth anthropology. I speak 12 earth languages in verbal form and can pilot 80 vessel types from seven worlds, including trans-dimensional fine/coarse matter living ships. I am part of a family unit with two husbands and seven wives, some who are involved in the effort to free earth of the Dracos Cabal.  My hobby is studying Martian archeology and Lyran music composition from the past.