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The Khris Neal-James Holmes-Dylan Klebold Connection
January 24, 2013

James Holmes, currently in a Colorado lock-up, gave a statement that was released to the press:

“I did not work alone. My co-conspirator is a hermaphrodite by the name of Khristan (sic, Khristine) Neal. We were twined in a dark ceremony.”

Not long after this statement, a whistleblower in Colorado revealed that after the 1999 Colombine school shootings, this ID (below) of  Khris Neal (note it is from 1994 and she was listing her gender as M) was found among the belongings of one of the shooters, Dylan Klebold, with a note: “Black Trenchcoat Mafia Rules!” and an unmailed love letter to “Khristy.”


What is this freak’s real connection to both events? She does, after all, claim to have been trained as a CIA assassin since age 5. She claims to be a MILAB and carries an Arcturian doll for “protection.”  She is a known lover and associate of Duncan O’Finioan’s, supporter of Illuminati torture expert, The Rakmeister, reachround gal for Randy Maugans, and mind-controlled sex drone for black witch, Sarah Stanga, aka The Purple Pebble of Leeds.

And is there any connection Missy Neal has to the faked event Sandy Hook?

Something is fishy all right…

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David Wilcock Has Ascended!
January 12, 2013

It is true, he did ascend to 5D (his original, that is) with help from the Arcturians, and he has been helping Mr. FWH on his being stuck in a 3/5D non-moment loop. Even though his original is no longer in 3D, his assassin clones controlled by the NSA and DAARPA are still in the shadows.

In 5D, there are no tears or four leaf clovers.

david wilcock ascended master

posted by A.M.

Arcturus Ra: Crowley Agent for the Mantoids
November 22, 2012

The Mongoose is on the job to deal with a shapeshifter that calls itself “Arcturus Ra.” This creature has nothing to do with the Arcturians, is not an :ambassador,” and is truly a Crowley agent and liaison between the Dark Cabal and the Mantoid consortium of Antares. Do not fall for its lies of light, for it is yet another agent of darkness out to deceive with twisted language.

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The Evil of Duncan O’Finioan
November 10, 2012

We have heard that Duncan O’Finioan and his black witch CIA handler, Allison/AX/Miramda, plan to re-up their blog. Well, it will just be hacked and erased again if they do. No more spreading their Luciferian lies.

Allison’s health issues are a direct result of black magic hexes she cast being sent back to her three-fold.

Keep in mind, as the FWH exposed, that Duncan (or Duncan O’Simian as we call him at the office, because he is an ape) is a product of evil: the progeny of Alestair Crowley (which is why his fake parents gave him up to the programs), a graduate of MKUltra’s Omega Unit program (he has murdered many innocent men, women and children) and an assassin whose alters were activated and involved as one of the masked gunmen in the Aurora and Oak Creek shootings.

Eye a gander at a recent photo of him:

Notice that he has shaved all his long hair off, hair that was dyed blonde to resemble the AX. Shaved heads is atypical of a programs graduate who has been activated to an alter. Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head and went psycho, and later started talking in a British accent?

On his website, he states this photo is him getting ready for battle. Battle? A bow and arrow against guns and laser beams? He knows that the good guys are coming for him and his father, Crowley, and any other minions holed away underground in D.C. and secretly running the Cabal. It is amusing he thinks a bow and arrow can do anything against an Arcturian or Plejaran.

Also interesting of note: his list of visitors to his site, many from Naval Intelligence offices around the world. Is this any surprise? Who do we know who was connected to ONI?

This is a very dangerous, very unpredictable, very psychotic, broken down and malfunctioning Omega Unit running on fumes with nothing left to lose or care about. He is in hiding, waiting for The Idylwild Group to come. He is being tracked by The Mongoose. The endgame is near.

posted by D.N.

RAKMEiSTER the Stalker
November 9, 2012

We are getting reports that The RAKMEiSTER is now stalking radio hosts, and blackmailed Paul Richard Price recently, pretending to be a woman online, mostly it stalks female hosts, like he did with Kerry Cassidy. This thing has nothing better to do with its pathetic existence. The Arcturians have indicated they will “take necessary steps” to eliminate the creature, but we may have to do it ourselves.


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O Canada! Yikes Volcanos! Yay Arcturians!
October 30, 2012

The recent big quake off the Canadian coast and the Queen Charlotte Islands are the rumblings of a series of volcanos , caused by the graviton pull of Nemesis.  Soon the volcanoes will rise, mostly off the Oregon coast, and it will be a horrible disaster but an earth change that is inevitable.

Some strange in-fighting among these nasty ETs going on too. We could just kick back and watch them wipe each other out but they will take out innocent people in the process. An Annunaki-Dracos battle occurred in Central Mexico that could have taken many lives, but The Arcturians protected the region. It was seen two days as a ring of power. Yay Arcturians! A shot of tequila and a burrito for them! 🙂

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