About The Idylwild Group

The Idywild Group consists of seven warriors hand-picked and trained by The Former White Hat, who continue his work in the Third Density earth ruled by the Dark Cabal. The Idylwild Group is under direct command of Semjase of Erra, a well-known Plejaran leader that many have written about, and many have falsely claimed to know her. The team is under the leadership of Commander Aaron McCollum of Earth and Sub-Commander Olein of Erra.

The five other members are:

Nellet of Erra

Jgaptel of Zeta Reticuli

Chenuha of Tau Ceti

“Mongoose” (Roan) of Procyon IV

Dominique N. of Earth


47 Responses

  1. To Cmdr. McCollum, I saw you on CNN concerning Syria, or was it Cairo, or Libya, or all three? I’m bad with names, but I do remember faces. Stay safe and kick ass.

  2. Does this group have an email address? I was told to check with you…

  3. Is there a way of switching time lines????

    • Why do you want to? What indications do you have that another timeline is preferable?…or that you don’t already exist there

      • Haha good points all around! !

    • IT’S NOT a Technical thing. as much as it is a CHOICE.

  4. If FWH tells a person to check with your group, and your group doesn’t respond, how should that be interpreted….or did you respond?

    • what was the question?

      • If the group has an email address. I had wanted to keep your response to myself. However, I suppose it doesn’t matter if the communication is in this public forum. He said to check with your group because you have a huge file on me…cryptically interesting

      • No emails, we operate telepathically. –D.N.

      • Just as I “thought”

  5. And his email has vanished from my inbox…what timeline did I enter now?

  6. i love our world

  7. en su grupo falta un maestro ascendido!

  8. Contact me!

  9. A question and request for info please. Is there anything in or about the island of Mauritius to be careful of? We are planning to go there for a holiday at the end of the month and I wanted to see what you think. I need to make it back alive obviously 🙂

    Thanks for your help!

    • You are assuming there will BE a world at the end of the momth. 😉

      It is a nice place with an old grey/rep base in the Savanne province but that as abandined back in the 1970s. Just don;t visit the neighboring island Saint Brandon — Cabal banking stronghold and many reptoids!


  10. i got a vision and was told it was for TIG…i was clearly given a message of “aragonite” as an answer? i opened my eyes looked out the window and a dude in a white hat walked past. hahaha..thought it wouldnt hurt to pass on my random thought..
    if you know of us…what happened to us in 1989 that changed us from then to this day…we feel like we never changed…just everyone has around us now

    • if you contacted me or heard ….i got the message…just saying.

    • he was assassinated and replaced some time back. –DN

  11. recent earth events, are they just another way to divert the 3D consciousness in the last days of this final aspect? it will backfire….good work TIG ..

  12. Was David Wynn Miller cloned in 1974?

  13. hello, i’ve been told by family member that has seen a reader that i am a warrior and i am lost i would like to know more about my higher-self (soul) is there anything i can do?

  14. i really do need help i do not know who to seek you have my facebook name/account inbox me there if you may so we can talk

    • We do not Facebook. It is a CIA data mining op. I should know, I used to help run it! –DN

    • I can tell you hoq to get help. Meditate and connect to your higherself eventually , and if u want help NOW you can go to collective evolution.com and THEY will answer any questions you have

  15. I wish you Great participants would find a way to keep us informed as to whats going on, call it the fiction blog or something, we know whats real when we hear it. Most of all may the force stay with you You have our best wishes Ojo

  16. Dear members of the Idylwild group
    I am now at the hospital because I suffer severe psoriasis
    Do you know about this disease and is there a cure?

    • No cure yet.

    • Pretty much all physically. Ailments stem from a non physical dilemma, or neg. Energy build up. A personal issue. You should look into cinnamon. And honey however. It cures many things including BONE CANCER (JAPAN STUDY)

      • extract of olive leaf

  17. thank you all, and yes i know it’s basically the cia’s google for people ;p but thank you for informing me for i might have been someone else :).
    how about email or chat? well! everything’s monitored hahaha so i guess never mind unless there’s something you’d like to add. i’m just one person and i’m pretty sure you all have a lot of work to do, and i wish you peace and love for all your work!

  18. can you please remove the comments which have my photos and facebook connection because now i don’t feel like it was a smart idea i was like fuck it what are they gonna do but still it’s like an ocd thing ;p if you can’t it is fine

  19. Baloney. Its an illusion that we can’t heal ourselves .

  20. Khris Neal passed away this week. In respect to his family, I would suggest taking down the satircal stories about him

    • And where did you hear this? And do you really believe it is true?

  21. I went to high school with him. Yes, it is true.

    • Do you believe his story that he was trained to be a CIA assassin at age five and went to mission on Mars as a super soldier? There is some truth here. Were you also in the prograss?

      Do you believe the story given how he died? It was not natural. He was taken out. But who did it, and why?

  22. Need help?

  23. I think I have just strayed up the Weird Zone on the internet…

    • I received an email notification of your June 25 comment today, September 4, 2013. That leads me to believe I need to speak to you. If you feel led, my email is april.prichard@gmail.com

  24. BiruSo please tell me, what of all of this bantor of Nibiru and the 17/08/13 crossing, as well as the Seattle quake? Perhaps White jats

  25. So please tell me, what of all of this bantor of Nibiru and the 17/08/13 crossing, as well as the Seattle quake? Perhaps White hat needs a little more time in the Montauk Chair.

  26. I miss contact

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