Women Around the World Form Lines to Have Baby from Reptilian Hunter, The HiJacker


After killing hundreds of reptilians from the Bloodline of Cain, Dracos royalty albinos and dozens of soul eaters, The HiJacker has become earth’s hero and the love machine of large hordes of female groupies who all want the DNA of the Chief Among Mammalians in their children.



11 Responses

  1. What is wrong with these women who are obsessed with making babies with serial killers? Do we really need them breeding MORE serial killers?

  2. Ha,When did this site suddenly become Satirical News Network.

  3. oh fucking hell

  4. he looks just like my sociopath bloodline ex. ha

  5. He should have a little rest after every three else he will be knackered.

  6. what females groupies are these? Plejarans? Acrturian females? programmed female sex kittens from around earths military bases?

  7. ps, is dominque one of these groupies- and is she near the front

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