The Idylwild Group Finds the True Connections About Truth Connections and Kevin/Kate Buckalew the Bucket Loo

We have concluded our investigation of this CIA shill and have the following findings to present:

1. As F.W. Hat states, Katherine Buckalew refined the Honey Trap methodology used by Project Monarch and has been, and still is, an active member of the Process Church, the CIA, as well as loaned out to MI6 to handle certain sex kitten monarchs and super solders. Her code name is “Madame Honey Pot.”

2. Prior to her M2F gender change, her/his real name was Kevin “Buck” Lewis Cates. “Katherine” was an alter created when he was sent through the programs of the Process Church. The Katherine alter took over and demanded a agency over the body. The voice and Adam’s apple gives her/his true identity away. Here is a photo of Kevin before Kate:


Notice the similarities:

kate kevin

3. The true connections of Truth Connections is Langley and a Process Church psyop program similar to Alex Jones: disinfo. But Kate is also a handler, who was behind the Dallas agency asset call girl who abducted Max Spiers in 2012. She also trained Duncan O’Finioan in Monarch handling techniques and was his lover when she was Kevin.

4. At MI6, her code nae is “Bucket Loo,” for her involvement with the nefarious Rakmeister.

Trust No One

Posted by A.M.


4 Responses

  1. lololol
    okay, The ex is jealous of kate and wants to know where to sign on the dotted line. Seriously. 🙂 He’s already a satanist. ha

  2. “Trust No One” – does that include you aswell?

  3. if you go on youtube and type in -mariangeli 10 year old roar- a cool little song comes up… dedicated to you…

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