Reptilian Hunter, The HiJacker, Joins the Idylwild Group

jacker3With the invasion of reptilian soldiers from ISON hungrily eating people around the world, and soul eaters devouring souls in southeast Asia and Russia, the Idylwild Group has been joined by the former radio host and infamous reptilian hunter, The HiJacker.

“I, the Chief Among Mammalians, have come out of exile to hunt down these scaly vermin and long-legged soul eaters to clean the world of their filth,” says the HiJacker, who uses a number of specially modified weapons endowed with Christ-energy, such as a machete forged from fragments of Excalibur and Odin’s Spear, a divine staff given to him directly by Moses, a sword made from cold fusion iron ore from the rings of Saturn (the same some super solders have skeleton replacements made of) and bullets with hollowed-out tips and the blood of Jesus in them.

Semjase and the Plejaran fleet has assigned him a special beamship that crosses all reptoid2dimensions and timelines, the infamous wedding cake saucer, fortifying his title as the changer of reality. The HiJacker joins Cmmdr McCollumn, Roan the Mongoose, and Olein on earth missions of extreme danger and violence. “We are big beans for action here,” says The HiJacker, “and, GOOD LORD! who knew the Chief Among Mammalians would one day join a team of blonde aliens and renegade super soldier humans to engage Biblical prophecy — HAA!. Behold, I come quickly: blessed are those that keep the sayings of the prophecy.”

A former political muckraker in D.C. whose white papers changed government polices and put him on CIA/NSA hit lists, mention of The HiJacker can be found in 2 Corinthians and the Book of Revelations: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him” (Rev 1:7) is ref. of the HiJakcer coming to earth in a beamship to slay the serpent dragons aka the Dracos reptoids. “And…I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth” (Rev 7:17) is a ref. to McCollumn, Mongoose, HiJacker and Semjase (or Olein), four angels who come to battle the Dracos and soul eaters.

“With God on our side, the shape-shifting reptilian overlords and their bloodline of Caine soldiers do not stand a chance,” says the HiJacker, whose final mission will be to destroy Alestair Crowley and all his evil progeny, like the Bush brothers and Duncan O’Finioan.

Let’s hope he succeeds.


posted by D.N.


17 Responses

  1. Seriously? The Spear of Odin is a technological weapon/device that was given to the heir. The heir is the only one who can handle it.

    • fragments forged with Excalibur steel, handed down by god! –DN

      • god? 🙂 You mean the mad insane Enlil? demi-urge, but no god.

  2. Correction, not even a demi-urge. Just a bipolar et full of himself.

  3. Damn!
    Too bad my machete doesn’t have fragments of Excalibur’s steel in it’s blade…
    Let the prophecy fulfills itself!

  4. Hello friend.

  5. He could clean up doing sporting good/hunting endorsements.
    God bless him.

  6. And what is role of Robotoid and Wingmakers. It seems that they are not fully at side of Reptillian.

  7. I very hate Reptillian ascend from Cockroach, Mosquito and Fly… but I love Spiders…
    War between many timelines will give more chance for Draco reincarnate into Human Life and fight for their own Golden Age.

  8. Stand true

  9. Quoting the Bible? Biblical prophesy? That ridiculous book written by flawed men; the foundation of religion/prejudice/division?
    Expose the truth! Irrefutable evidence of the truth! The invisible invasions, wars and rescues maintain the ignorance status quo.
    Earthbound whistleblowers get killed just as they are about to ‘blow the lid off’ so from a position of protection, why don’t you do it?
    Give whatever percentage of the planet that aren’t AI, clones or religion slaves the CONSCIOUS choice to participate in the consciousness revolution. Help us help them!

  10. Always nice to see a post from the Group. especially with good news. It’s also good knowing that while we simple ’tillers of the Earth’ go about our everyday affairs, there is protection offered from above. Thank you.

  11. Come, My King. Thank You Idylwild.
    I AM Gaia-Sophia of Nebadon and Earth

  12. I see the color of his neck is pink, very strange

  13. Good luck brothers, know that we are here with able hands and minds. Until you are ready, so will I.

  14. […] HiJakcer, renown reptile hunter, is killing reptoids left and right on earth and the moon. Sean David Morton eats the remains with […]

  15. who wrote the bible and why do you people feel the need to fulfill it?

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