Kathy Buckalew: CIA Shill and MKUltra Handler

We have received credible evidence that Kathy Buckalew of Truth Connections is a CIA shill and was put into place to spread disinformation, similar to Alex Jones and George Noory (but without the audience).

Buckalew has also been linked to Project Mannequin and other MKUltra programs, and works as a handler.

Do not trust this government psyop person.



7 Responses

  1. Easier….trust no one. 🙂

    • Not even the Idylwild Group, FWH, Hawthorne or anyone ? hehehe

  2. They are popping up all over, these shills. And, some of them WERE my closest allies. Which leaves me holding the best hand ever dealt me…..my true warrior sister. 🙂 Thanks, B.

    • Stay true. Stay strong

  3. Thanks for the update.

  4. I’m thinking she even stole her name from a dead old lady who was in a nursing home in Kentucky.

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