A Reptilian Thanksgiving

While Lesus, commander of the ISON planetoid ship, is dead, his reptilian minions, plus a dozen soul eaters, departed before swinging around the sun and its binary twin, and have landed on earth on Thanksgiving to feast on humans in the following nations:





South Africa





We hope that no one out there winds up on a reptoid dinner plate today. Think how the turkeys feel!

Posted by D.N.


12 Responses

  1. Glad to hear from you again Dom.
    You know, a direct message from Semjase would be great at this point, in this time line.
    Thank you for all that you guys are doing for us. It’s immeasurable.

  2. Why do you tell us this? What good does it do? How does it prepare us? How do we defeat them? This, too, is a distraction.

    • You’d be surprised what Humans can do. As The Doctor says, “There is no such thing as an ordinary Human.”

      • Less than ordinary, indeed.

  3. Which states in the US did they land? Any details? Same with the other areas…

  4. How many are we talking about? 🙂

  5. Hi Dominique and all. So the how much can an eater eat? Is there a way to avoid them? Is anybody after them?

  6. As former Coast to Coast host, Ian Punnet, liked to say, “In the event of a hostile ET invasion, it is our hope that they eat the Canadians first.”

    All kidding aside, thanks Idylwild group for your intervention on Earth’s behalf.

  7. Should be seeing something in the news now – in some countries listed. I guess they would be landing outside the main cities? If you know what I mean then please state.. Me

  8. For clarification purposes, as well as to hopefully awaken any remaining fencesitters, could you confirm that these Reptilian feastings are indeed occurring in our 3D reality.
    Thanks again for your work as well as the insightful and informative reports.

  9. Dom,
    Seems to me that you are presenting serious disinfo, prob on direction of hyper majic command. Tested you with potentially revealing info/disinfo(?) and you failed to moderate. Corporation rules or corporation rolls? NTS, we’re just doing our jobs but one should not pretend to kill an elephant with a fly swatter. What of the Enterprise?

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