Nukes in San Fran

The Idylwild Group has been busy tracking down three suitcase nukes that were planted in strategic areas of San Francisco. Enlisting the help of San Fran resident Douglas Dietrich, with his military exprtise we tracked down and dismatled two of the three. There is one left. Time is running out and it may be set off over the Labor Day weekend. We need intel if anyone reding this blog may have any information, no matter how small or big, on possible targets or suspicious activity in the general Russian Hill area, where we believe the bomb is.

This act of terror comes from the Jesuit and Mossad under the control of Alestair Crowley and the Tall Whites.

aaron_mccollum2posted by A.M.


3 Responses

  1. water…

  2. Why is Aaron wearing black and white stripes?? This pattern is worn mainly by handlers as a control mechanism. Cabal slaves also are seen wearing b&w geometric patterns. Aaron undoubtably knows this and I would imagine that he would stay far far away from these patterns. Any thoughts?

    • with alters one plays many roles. I was lucid in one night of abductions. One of the abductees we took was my step mother. lolol

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