Eric Snowden

If it has not happened already, a supposed “leak” from Eric Snowdon regarding The Idywild Group, Plejarans and other teams, such as the Brotherhood of the White Robe and the Brotherhood of Saturn, is really disinfo from the NSA. Snowden is a fiction, a psyop by the NSA. While some of the info he alledgely puts out is true, it is also lies, as all disinfo is. He does not have all my information correct, for instance. Yes, I was a criminal hacker recruited by the CIA, but I never worked for an escort service as his leak claims. Also, Snowden is or will be claiming that Aaron McCollum’s dolphin DNA allows him to have gills to breathe under water. That is patently false. Dolphins do not have gills. While Commander McCollumn can hold his breath for an hour underwater, he is hardly a fish. Now everything supposedly coming from Snoden on TIG is fishy.

Snowden will also release info on super soldiers such as Duncan O’Finioan and Andy Pero stating they were both in a super soldier homosexual pairing initiative called Project Gladiator. That is true. McCollumn, Max Spiers and James Casbolt were not part of that, however, as Snowden may claim, but Dave Corso and Khristan Neal were. In fact, Project Gladiator was the brain child of the notorious transvestite Dave Coros.

dom nposted by D.N. 


15 Responses

  1. Interesting info, DN. Thank you. Good to hear from you. 🙂

  2. thanks DN. your updates are always appreciated. In faith, Chris

  3. What’s the Brotherhood of Saturn like? Do they help us and guide us or something?

  4. Well… long and thanks for all the fish

  5. Yea, thanks for shedding some light on that. All good lies are part true, but damn, I’m just sick of hearing the guys name already.

  6. Anyone here know how to disable or get rid of nanites??

    • Yes.

      • Please provide some methods of ridding the nanites.

      • Plejaran body clearing machines usually do the trick.–A.M.

      • Ok, how about methods that are available to ordinary people who don’t have access to the Plejaren tech? Anything?

  7. how? Please share – this is hell!
    thank you.

  8. So are you saying there is really no way in hell for anyone to clear nanites unless we are lucky enough to meet with a plejaren who is willing to help and use a plejaren body cleansing machine? really – no other way?

  9. hola D.N namaste to you all
    was it you from some of my memories, they are only fragments (of a picture reel).. a chinese(?) facility? 1000s of synthetics.. you played with one of their faces? i got a bit cross a told you they were going to be activated any minute and i did not fancy having to battle my way out of the temple, not after we had done something..? a blue crystal? data perhaps..
    then we all went to a cafe somewhere..? you and a big guy, v. familiar..

  10. We’ve been spending time underwater in a base with a portal. FWH mentioned something about the dolphin people and I now re-read this post about Aaron’s dolphin DNA. Were we there with Aaron? I’ve seen the machine. Can you help?

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