Here in the Future

On June 3, 2013, the Idlywild Group infiltrated the CERN facilities, tracking down Tall Whites. The time displacement waves out of CERN went critical and the team was sent forward to August 11. We were unable to get back. Now that time has synchronized, we can post updates.

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  1. Good to hear from you guys!! Missed you, too. Hey, ships all over the freaking place on standby. 🙂

    • we are paying attention

    • Hi sirius! I heard the ships last night and it was so loud I ran outside to see. It was louder than ever. Made me cry. Felt like home.
      Thanks Idylwild, for risking obliteration to stop CERN. You guys rock!!

      • Hi, Allaria. The skies are getting a little crowded at times here. lol Seriously. Crazy insane it is. Love it tho. 🙂

    • Sorry, when I said loud, I meant “loud”

  2. Glad to see you guys are helping out with the dirty work here. Keep up the good work!

    …Is there any way you guys could tell me if I was involved in any abduction projects? I’ve had what really look like abduction experiences throughout my entire life. May be a bit of a selfish question but I had to ask. I really want to get to the bottom of this so any hints would help if you can.

  3. Good, now you are 2 months younger!
    Any news of the zombie pods around earth?
    And how bad do you think the sun’s behavior is going to be in the next weeks?
    Nice hearing from you!

  4. Welcome back from future.
    I miss you, lady and gentleman

  5. So…..August 16th? Is this guranteed?

  6. Does this mean I’m NOT going insane?

    Nous voila proche du denoument?

  7. Why August 11th? What does it mean when a wave goes critical exactly?

  8. Appreciate your intervention. I found it interesting that the date you were sent forward to coincides with the Philadelphia Experiment back in 43. Along those lines, are there and relevant connections between the Montauk Project and what is going on at CERN? Also with respect to the tall whites, are they working on behest of themselves or do they have other FACTIONS behind them. Just curious.

    • Nice catch! Yes, all the time travel and dimension rip issues lead back to the Philapdelhia Exp and Alestair Crowley’s involvement, which is how he was plucked from 1934 and brought back to 2012 to take control of the Cabal.

  9. i have the feelling that our contactees in our area and their guardians are being watched..not directly but more so following energy patterns they look like they are searching for a needle in a haystack….any hints as to what we should do in terms of the contactees physical protection…without causing distress to them considering the myriad OCD elements they possess and routines they have…so far its been ok but with syncronicity i have come across some signs form yourselves on video etc regarding certain projects…we guard a very “unique” contactee ( in 5d i believe TIG and FWH are aware of this situation) and physically we just want to keep our friend “safe”. in essence, what i perceive in my mind, just requires confirmation we are on the right track with this….glad to see you back in comms with us…safety and love to TIG

  10. Hey guys, how does one keep a high resonance and fight a war? I.e. plejarans are4D beings, but when they fight a war and shoot, and kill they don’t lower to a 3D resonance. How does that work?

    • We are 4d beings at this moment. Have been for a while. 4d is just time. 🙂

  11. mccollum’s a shapeshifter? or clone? or this is a cloned shapeshifter? you guys never mentioned about his clone being a shapeshifter as far as i know…

    it’s hard to believe this stuff.

    • This is disinfo comig from Eric Snowden — DN

      • it’s a utube vid’ by pnd51010 you’re saying he’s eric snowden? there’s a vid’ of his face on his channel…

        and i checked the source vid’ from alfred lambremont webre (also rumored to be a reptilian). so webre i disinformer too? he acts as if mccollum’s normal though…

        the weird ‘sucking’ sound he makes like when he pressed a button or something on his chest is in the original video. please help me out, i can’t think of what that noise would be other than some weird technology on him probably having to do with maintaining his form as a shapeshifter, given the other anomalies in the video. so my guess is that’s either his shapeshifting clone or there’s just one mccollum and he’s a shapeshifter.

    • that video ^^^ was posted by this guy. he says his name is Peter Rivera. Is this the Eric Snowden/on you guys are referring to?

  12. Hey, guys, can you tell us if any of this is true or not, please?

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