Proof of James Rink Clone with Vegas Hookers

RINK in Vegas Clone


7 Responses

  1. lol The ads lie. It doesn’t stay in vegas.

  2. It’s George Cloney!

  3. Yes this is clearly not the real James Rink and his face has changed and look at his t-shirt “Obey” just like that movie “They Live!” and i knew James good enough to know that he had a hard time being around and talking to the ladies,the real James never had a girlfriend, was very shy and kept to himself allot, and i talked to both souled and cloned James (Rink) and trust me you can tell the difference between them two.

    This one is NOT THE REAL JAMES RINK. i was a real good friends with the real one. sad they took him off planet.

    I hope he is okay (i really do)

    • We have confirmed that the Rink on earth is a clone. Where is the original? Seems he is in another galaxy.

      • Last i heard he was taken to the Moon, where his friend is currently being kept prisoner. now i keep this kind of information up in the air, however he is for sure not in this planet…moon? mars? or somewhere deep into space. god only knows…

        For now we got an clone in his place, for which its quite unsettling knowing that it walks,talks,eats among us.

      • so this neo tech stuff is false or control devices? been wondering..


  4. lol looking good mr james… looking good

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