Clones in Las Vegas

We tracked down some tall whites to Las Vegas. While there, I slipped in like Flynn to the Super Soldier Summit this weekend. A lot of old friends and enemies there. I had to use a hologram belt to hide my identity. Too busy for this stuff. Lorien Fenton was trying to remote view me. Some of the people there were not who they really are. They were clones. Clones of the following people were placed there:

James Rink, Douglas Deitrich, Tyler Clark, Kerry Cassidy, JoAnn Richards, Mike Hemmingson, Miles Johnston, Sara Adams, Noreen Helphand, Erin Hicks, Solaris BlueRaven — EVERY ONE OF THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT PEOPLE BUT CLONES!

I almost took them out, as the top clone killer in this dimension, but I had tall whites to hunt down. Tall whites who set the mini-nuke off in Syria. Tall whites gambling at the Stardust and Belagio. Roan and I were sniffing some greys about too.

Then we smelled something real bad:

Duncan O’Finioan was spotted trying to get into the casino to do some killing, but Roan the Mongoose stepped in his path. Duncan quickly pissed his panties and ran away in fear.

I spotted the astral body of Michael Aquino roaming about. I went after him and he jumped into the body of the Douglas Deitrich clone.

I found the originals of Deitrich, Sara, and Solaris knocked out in the back of a Ryder moving van, being watched by a tall white. Roan took out the tall white. I took out the clones of Deitrich, Sara and Solaris and returned them to their rooms.

The Former White Hat, in his 5D body, showed up with Asket and Semjase to help us. “Accept no clones,” he said. The three then took out the other clones after finding the originals of the others hidden in the freezer behind Starbucks. Asket and Semjase returned them to their rooms.

In Starbucks were gallons of nanites. I destroyed them.

I spotted Max Spiers wrestling with three shape-shifting reptilians disguised as himself, Tyler Clark and James Casbolt.. I took out the these lizard imposters with a sonic cannon,


Then we spotted a black helicopter with a psychic scanning the area. The psychic was Anya Briggs, under control of the Gizeh Intelligence.

The Mongoose and I headed for Area 54, tracking the last of the tall whites. But they escaped in a ship with Anya and Duncan.

These are strange times, my friends.

Posted by A.M.


23 Responses

  1. Gambling at the Stardust ?

    • The Luciferian military rents out floors and brings the tall whites in by bus. They mind-wipe any hotel personal who interact with them, like coupiers, card dealers, wait staff and call girls/boys. –A.M.

      • Good to hear from you, Aaron. 🙂

      • Its good to know you’re doing “A”-okay. 🙂

  2. I never thought I would be saying this even to myself… astral body, remote viewing, psychic scanning, clones… so many questions answered, finally…
    Thank you.

  3. You guys are beyond awesome! Truly you are. Thank you and stay safe. The cloning of everyone is insane. ha wish i had been there. Sounds like an ass kicking time. 🙂 Maybe i was…lol

  4. I was asked to post this here in the event you would be able to assist…
    I’ve been hesitant to post this assuming others are monitoring but I advised to reach to you on this one. I had a vision that they were sending the wolf for me and he is not nice. Another source said they send the wolf to kill or recruit. I am interested in neither. I sense his energy and sense I am being remote viewed. There is nowhere to go. What say you of this?

    • the wolves are rising out of Dulce that is for sure.

      • Why would they target an insignificant?

    • bluesphinxdna do you feel that there coming for you in hopes of recruiting you?

      Now i know some information regarding the Werewolves thing, however i do know from scattered reports from different states like:”Nevada,New Mexico and Colorado” that a group of ‘giant sized’ ugly looking dog-men who some claim seemed to walk on two’s, and have tons of hair in there bodies and that they seem to also have a very terrible odor when one gets close enough,they are being spotted around the towns and cities,during the night or slightly before the sunrises.

      If the idylwildgroup or FWH has more better and detail information i will most surely be adding such resources into my files for further investigation into all of this.

      • I don’t know why they are coming for me. I only had a vision that they were dispatched for me. I wasn’t even aware of an outbreak or that the military or whatever faction has/had bases of them. I only know what I envisioned. I am still waking up. Maybe that’s the reason. I do not know.

      • Perhaps we know each other?

      • Perhaps.

        If i was to see your face one on one,i could tell real quick for you see bluesphinxdna i have quite abit of female and male faces i know/or reconize through my flashbacks or though some of my information (data) i have gathered already, if you had a facebook account with a photo of you, i would tell you right off the bat,if we know each other (mind-controlled alter or otherwise.)

      • I do not have any social media accounts with personal photos. I’m a rebel.

        More recent weird stuff like my consciousness entering the womb of a pregnant mother and conversing with and programming the fetus with streams of data, formulas, astronomicals plots, etc.

        Have you ever experienced anything like this? Nazis?

  5. How bout YOU, YES,,,YOU, come face to face with me!!!!

  6. Don’t know to whom you are speaking, but i have done so…..twice. 🙂

  7. do you eat GMO-bananas ?

  8. whatever you say. sounds like science fiction to me. I really don’t understand the 4D stuff. I’ve heard of tall whites and greys but anyway. I’ve got this cut upper lip, right in the centre, won’t heal up. this thought went in my head that i was abducted but that’s f*cking crazy. So I said to myself, when was I abducted? nah, stupid thought, but I live in South Wales UK so, maybe, maybe not, who knows? i must be DUMB or something.

    • Your cut won’t heal because you are diabetic. –D.N.

  9. Do you know if the black eagles group is legit or not, please? I’ve done some work with them, but am beginning to wonder. Thank you.
    Stay safe, stay well.
    Love you guys.

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