Olein Over Japan

Some quick reflexes there, Olein!


posted by D.N.


28 Responses

  1. Nice job, Olein!! =) Thanks, Dominique.

  2. good show 🙂

    out of curiosity – are any of you guys in contact with my twin sister? or is she on file?

  3. awesome!

  4. Why are you posting news thats 2 years old?

    • oops my bad, had a few windows open and was also watching the other Japan Missile/UFO video too :p

      So was the flash Olien destroying the meteorite?

  5. D.N, do you have a quantum computer that can access Akashic data?
    There are many crazy things happened in my life… But I remember very few info from my dream. Some dream about past lives I cant understand…

  6. D.N, Where star were you come from before you come to Earth?

  7. Olien better get her ass over PA, MD and De

    • Dude! Where is your respect?!? Apologize.

  8. who did this??, what aliens exploded the meteor??, they were the good guys??

    • Oops!! i just read that this entry is filed under Plejaran!! So it was them, right??

  9. Idylwild Group, You dont have any news about Cabal and the coming Wars? What’s problem?

  10. when I can meet Asket or Samje ? and where?

    • Why do you think you are worthy? –D.N.

      • =) Really.

  11. Hope all is well


  12. I know its off topic, but still – any updates on the reptilian invasion?

  13. Hey what happened to you guys I miss your blogs 😦

  14. Lost in space?

  15. To Nellet, Olein and Dominique,

    Please help us to identify the object in this picture, was one of your ships?

    The picture was taken on august 21st, 2012 in La Peña, Mexico by a young mexican that went to La Peña in a spiritual journey, he felt many energy there, saw many UFO activity and try to establish telepathic contact.

    He has been abducted many times in the Astral Plane by the greys and reptilians after the picture was taken, he has at least 3 astral implants.

    Please help us to inform the people of Planet Earth who the true benevolent aliens are.

    Any help to confirm the ship over La Peña or any help and light for the human who took the picture will be much appreciated.


  16. Are you guys still out there. No messages and now almost May 1st..

  17. I love you all
    GOD bless

  18. Is this site dead yet??? How is the Non-War going???

  19. Hope you are all well. Thank you for your dedication to helping us! I wish we could help too. Universal Blessings Everyone

  20. wishing my light, love to all, GOD bless

  21. Fantastic to hear from you! Stay safe, stay well. And, thank you. 🙂

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