The Soul Catcher Chip

They say the Soul Catcher will be ready by 2025. No, they have it ready now, and British Telecom is run by the Priory of Dracos in service of the Queen Reptilian. It will take till 2025 to get the Soul Catcher into everyone in the 3D earth, to thwart the final Ascension Doorway of 2034.

posted by A.M.


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  1. This made my stomach lurch. Thanks, Aaron.

    • it takes your name address family girlfriend job on and on- it does not take your soul

      • Doesn’t matter. I rid myself of many implants/chips yesterday. 🙂

  2. This chip is just wrong! Surely, now that you have gotten the word out about it, someone can neutralize it…right??

    Why is this ok with Source?
    Isn’t this an infringement on free will? It seems like free will is a farce.

    • Allaria, honestly, with this kind of shit going on I have to question if there is a source. Too many damn things aren’t adding up.

    • you can neutralize it- just say no !

      • look everyone-we might think our home car bank acct etc is more important than anything- but the most important thing you have is your soul- which is your connection to the source the creator and love -they want that- they cannot take that from you if you say no- have no fear- this is important- no fear- fear feeds them and disarms you so they can take your soul- fight the bastards and have no fear!

      • We have been fighting and fighting. me 24/7 call now. I’m even leaving my body while driving to go and battle. americans were dumbed down for this very reason, to not be able to think and fight back. My 1 1/2 year old grand daughter even went on a mission with us last night. we know how bad it is here. a baby went on a mission and kicked archon ass last night. formidable child!!

      • Needed to hear that. Right back at ya.

      • There is no free will, not here. Another lie.

  3. Idylwild group, do you know what is the biggest Draco race? Their size is bigger than human size from 100 to 1000 times. And maybe their size can be changable…
    From my memory, there are many fleets of this Draco race were caught by black hole and then dropped to 3D Earth. This were happened about 2 millions years ago.
    Hope my old friend still remember me in this 3D Hell…

    • the dracos have a ship(which everyone calls nibiru) it is called the moon-by us it is three times bigger than the earth- it is not the moon – it is a hollowed out planet – it is parked in the kuiper belt- which is close to the earth – our off world friends are preventing them from coming to earth !

      • it is filled with draco(reptillian entities) they mean to destroy humans!

    • there are many draco races- they are older than the earth-no-one really knows who created them-their allegiance is to destroy all humans!- their leader is satan and lucifer!

    • your friend will chuongza- there are many fleets of dracos- and there are many on this earth all over the world- have no fear chuongza- because fear will be your down fall- leave the country you are in and move to europe if you can- lots of love to you sweetheart

  4. we will fight to the last

  5. is 2017 still the next doorway period? open the whole year?

    • opened for 3 days…in 2034, a week.

      • appreciate the info. Of course I get that if one is ready then it shd just happen but need to ask – does it matter which dates? and if so pls can you share this?

      • what we need to do to ascend by 2017?

  6. Forgive my ignorance; how does this get into everyone? How can it be stopped, or can it be stopped?

    • yes – you can stop it!

  7. only britain and the draco queen- makes me feel pissed considering i am british-but we have to find a way to stop this-and me and my off world friends will-this of course is in the bible- i advise everyone to read revelations again- i will die before they make me take the sign of the beast !

  8. of course we new this was coming for centuries-these pricks- 1% of the population and if people go with this- then you will be selling your soul- fight the bastards!- come on now!

  9. no need to discuss the ramifications of this diabolical threat to humankind- means they will know everything we do – even when we die( which i assume is when they will capture our soul)

    • like i know you guys are busy- but i posted this weeks ago- so get your i pad out and update us please

      • so can u give us any info on the new pope? please

  10. Why has david icke changed his tact by talking about the Archons? I think John Lash talked about this or L. Ron Hubbard, now Icke has nicked it and stuck it in his book(s). LOL. What happened to the Reptilians David? Any Dracos in the land of the Red Dragon? I’m not a Draco i just find this story interesting.

    • Never trust Icke, he is a reptilian.

      • He looks a lot like Branson. Many celebrities have lookalikes. My guess is they’re clones. Can reptilians possess clones and make them shapeshift at will? Is it as simple as driving a car? Or do they just program the clones with certain functions like a grey plf? Even Fritz Springmeier and Tony Greenberg look the same. My guess is that we’re looking at clones who are programmed and put into influential positions throughout the world and since clones are empty vessels, they can be easily possessed. Am I right with this?

    • For thousands of years the Gnostics knew about grey and reptilian aliens who infect the minds of earth. They’re a different kind of creation. They hate the divinity that is with us, jealous gods, so they just want to make us like them and destroy our creativity and spiritual nature. Their main base might be from Saturn, you can see the occult symbolism everywhere. As if the elites are doing rituals to open portals so entities can come to our world through there. Archons can’t stay in our reality too long Lash says, so that’s why they influence our minds and bodies to make them more appropriate for their possession. The archons don’t have much power over us unless we give into their influence, which is what is happening, many humans are living wrongly and quite corrupt. The Illuminati guy ‘hidden hand’ got his orders from the elders of saturn. Seems they need us to willingly surrender our freewill so they tell us everything that is going on to make us ‘lawful’ slaves. The archons are the reptilians and greys. IDK if demons are them too, but probably.

    Can you tell me who the ships were in the pics/video around Dyess AFB in Texas, please? Thank you.

  12. I just want to put the vibe out and send love and empowered strength to all those reading, in the same boat, let’s keep our eyes on the prize and not give up 10 yards from the finish line.

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