Potter Lies Again

Potter Con Artist

Mr. Robert Potter:

You have now been put on the Idylwild Group’s Nasty List and the The Mongoose will seek you out. We were directed to that interview you did on Sean David Morton’s clone show and how you lied about Fred Bell’s patents and you lied about Plejarans.

You tried to back pedal, first you claim you know Semjase personally then on the interview you say, “Well, I never had direct contact” and that the Plejarans did a memory wipe on you. Potter ol’ bean, the Plejarans DO NOT erase memories of those they have contact with — the reptoids and greys and other negative beings do that, and so do the military abductors.  Any human-Plejaran contact is a positive, spirit-lifting experience and the memories are  not messed with.

You claim Fred Bell gave the OK for you to sell his patented creations except one. Well guess who was listening to you that day? Michelle, Fred’s widow. Guess what she said? “That’s bullshit! Fred couldn’t stand Rob Potter and found him to be creepy! And Potter had not been in contact with Fred in at least ten years before he died!”

Looks like Michelle is going to be a guest on someone’s radio show March 20 to reveal the truth about Potter’s lies. And why is Potter manufacturing Fred Bell’s patented products in Thailand? Maybe because Thailand does not recognize US patents and copyrights laws? Maybe because Potter uses cheap child labor in sweat factories? Maybe Potter is into the sex tourism available there? We all know what these reptoid types like to do…

When you come to Irvine in May, Mr. Potter, for that bogus COBRA conference, do not be surprised if you are served with a lawsuit  by Bell’s children, because they are not happy about you stealing from their dad. And don’t be surprised if you are taken up into a real Plejaran ship — and your memory will not be erased if it happens.

But here is the thang: the real Rob Potter who knew Fred Bell as a teenager is NOT the creature masquerading as Potter. The Potter running around is a REPTILIAN deceiver, just like COBRA, Drake, O’Finioan, Muggins, and the whole lot of these lizard people. 😉

posted by D.N.


10 Responses

  1. Serious shit. Thanks, Dominique. People are looking for those they can trust, an all but impossible task. I know people need validation, but they have to start working some things out for themselves and going within for answers. Not the lazy way. =)

    • this guy potter looks very familiar to me- just can”t pin it

  2. Do the clones of these Reptilain deceivers also shapeshift? Are reptilian shapeshifters in the states ever good and honest?

    • Good questions.

    • reptillians do not shape shift- they use hologram tech- if they are in the public realm all the time like politicians etc – they use mass mind control intelligence- to make you think you see them as human!

    • like no!

  3. Why give him the heads up to his arrest.?? Now he will not turn up !! Whose side are you on ??

    • because his hubris will deny it!

      • D.N.
        How can you really tell who is a reptilian and who isn’t? I feel a lot of us here would love this discernment. Are they any identifiable markers?

        Thank You!

  4. you can sometimes tell them by their eyes- do some research!

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