Simon Parkes and the Mantoids


10 Responses

  1. very interesting talk. found it a bit emotionally in parts (mainly sorrow and wanting to cry)

  2. It was fascinating but uncomfortable to watch. I found myself squirming but I had to see more.

  3. After watching all of the Simon Parkes videos, my rabbit hole just became a wormhole…

  4. D.N- multiple questions again lol- come on i know you like them lol!
    1 where is freddie mercury
    2 was john lennon a bad guy(third request)*
    3 why was dennis rodman in north korea
    4 is satan residing in the vatican physically
    5 is lucifer a consciencenes if not where does he reside
    6 is it true the challenger space shuttle was sabotaged by the russians
    7 were there ets on the challenger shuttle and if so which race?

    thanks sweetie!

    • Fuck if I know. Ask Mr. FWH, he is an archangel now so he knows everything. Well, even as a 3D and 5D human, he knew 99% of everything. 😉 –DN

      • So he’s a extremely wisdom beings

      • Were you demon him? DN

      • D.N.- so what do we call him now – archangel fwh?

  5. why can i not access FWH blog

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