Khristan Neal T’ed

khristine transvestite

Super solider MK Ultra operative Khristan Neal “passed away” on February 12, not long after his clones were stopped from doing a school shooting in Illinois.

We had nothing to do with this, despite rumors.

We have an idea who may have done the T-job, a certain someone whose last message was that he was going rogue.

But it is possible this death is a cover story, and Khris is on a clandestine mission of rage.

posted by A.M.


One Response

  1. Can;t possibly keep up with everyone, Aaron. Though you guys try and do a bang up job. 🙂 I find I may have recently been involved in an incident. and, someone “breezed” thru my house checking on me after the incident occurred. If I was involved, I don’t believe it was a conscious decision on my part.

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