Cobra-Rob Potter Deceptions

The con artists COBRA nd Rob Potter are putting on a “Cobra New Society Conference” in May, which is another game to get money from people by these two reptilian hucksters. This attempt to turn Ishtar Antares  into some kind of cult figure is amusing but also dangerous. These two work for the dark forces and reptoid agenda.

We are calling on people out there who have information on Potter’s deceptions, lies and cons to put the info in the comments section. Potter has stolen from Fred Bell’s patents and copyrights and has made false claims that he knows our commander, Semjase, which he defintely does not.

Potter Con Artistposted by DN



7 Responses

  1. Interesting to note he has a new video out. I haven’t viewed it yet. Surprising is the large following he still has. Word is slowly getting out about him and others like him. We are about out of time though. ha. Thanks for the update, Dominique.

  2. Is this for real? lol

  3. This guy reminds me of that dude Bill Ballard that has his videos up on all the disinfo channeling sites. Anyway, maybe I am reaching here, but I feel a strong likeness. Hope I’m wrong, Bill comes off as a nice guy, but don’t they all?

  4. this article, not the bill ballard video, is disinfo and nonsense … it got posted in the wrong spot

  5. Please spread this blog. Rob Potter has taken and trying to replicate products in Thailand that are the property of Pyradyne. This man claims to be a distributor but is in fact, is a liar and FAKE!

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