Archangel Former White Hat

Now that the FWH is an Archangel, you may summon him, pray to him, seek him. His sword is unsheathed and he is going to do some hacking of weeds.

posted by A.M.


14 Responses

  1. brother. i wear the seal of st. michael on my shield. by what name shall we refer to the fwh. if it be fwh then so be it. i know that you know so i trust you.

  2. So now what? We pray for the cabal to come around, be service to others and give them energy so they can have a healing? Ok,fair enough, I’m in but…

    How bout obeying the law of one AND get them to quit fucking with our A-Day!

  3. I just have one thing to say… shit’s gonna get done 🙂

    nice! I’m stoked

  4. Given his propensity for humor, it might be suggested that he take the name ‘Clarence’ during his trial period (and helps us all realize that we indeed have a ‘Wonderful Life’). But in all sincerity, this is a most noteworthy message. He had written earlier that one can ‘demand’ things from Archangels but I feel that many of us would not be comfortable imposing upon him in this manner. Still, if he wants to lend a hand at his own discretion, I would never be one to say no.

    Thank you for the message and please keep up the good work. I am sure that Mother Earth offers you Her gratitude for all that you continue to do.

  5. I’m on Earth irradiating Christic Light! OurSELVES are The ONE Transcendental Love-Wisdom of our SACRED CREATOR BRINGING LIGHT to ALL BEINGS in COMMUNION with EARTH and, through the SUN, with The UNIVERSE! Blessings!

  6. PRAY to him? Now THAT’S some funny shit!! Almost as funny as him “becoming” an archangel.

    • It is rather amusing. But true. –DN

      • Hi Dominique,
        just a silly question. Is Mr. FWH wearing one of those archangel’s robes? Or a special outfit that comes with his new appointing? Also if he passes the month’s test can he become an archangel in his own right?

      • Not sure. If I understand correctly, he stands for mankind as a test to see what a human would do with such great power. I do not even know what he has done and if he has changed timelines. –DN

  7. how do we summon him?

  8. Lets not get carried away…shall we?

  9. I admit his warrior status. Archangel? Hmmmmmm.

  10. But lay off the HEMP because its good for you, okay. what the aliens don’t want people to know is that we are more powerful than aliens, but that’s for another Age, the age to come in Capricorn when this Lucifer will emerge as a flesh and blood earthly being, infused with a soul. I am NOT supporting it, just saying what might happen on this future earth timeline. I don’t think the Aquarian age will fully support it but is a transition toward it, via transhumanism, supercomputers etc. Self aware computers, crystals, free energy. I don’t support Pleiadians but they have a lot of valuable teachings for the human race.

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