The Randy Maugans Deception

Muggins Black Warlock

Randy “asshat” Maugans’ latest interview is with the shape-shifter deceiver, George Kavassilias. Like GK, Maugans (aka “Muggins” around the office) is a reptile.

As Mr. FWH the Archangel revealed before, Muggins is a black warlock for the Priory of Dracos. He pretends to be a friend to super soldiers and MKUltra victims, but he is really a re-programmer and leads many super soldiers down the path of homosexuality and disinfo, just as George Kavassilias does.

The interview is full of fear porn and lies.

posted by A.M.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks, Aaron. Appreciate the info, sweetie. =) You guys okay?

  2. Off Planet I highly recomend you listen to past shows. lots of interesting infomation in them. come to you own conclusions. obviously there are those who dont want that dark side info out there.

    • Maugans and Off Planet are SHILLS for the dark side. That is the dark side’s best trick: to make you think they of the light, suck you in, and take control.

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