The FWH is Now an Archangel

Mr. FWH has become an Archangel for this month. In his place, the real James Casbolt (not any of the many clones, including the son of David Rockefeller, who is a Casbolt clone) will be relaying messages from the Archangel FWH and other matters of interest, such as the Chinese missile that exploded over the southern part of the USA the other day.

posted by A.M.


5 Responses

  1. Ha! Things are popping! Thank you.

  2. I thought the good guys didn’t channel?

    • Telepathy is not channeling. πŸ™‚

  3. I am afraid I’m out of my depth on this site. It’s very interesting, but I have no idea what’s going on.I’m just a simple Granny, who is not a techno, don’t even have a cell phone.Just wondered what interested my grandson so much.
    Best wishes to all

    • Hi Ruby,

      please don’t say that. you are not out of your depth. everyone has something. EVERYONE.

      perhaps your grandson wants to be believed in, and not let the techno bit to separate you two..

      for example, if my granny were to write me a short paper describing the world that she would want to live in, with a command at the end telling him to create it – and especially if you display wisdom in your outline – I think it would motivate him. It would definitely motivate me… be creative! I’m sure he’ll listen πŸ™‚

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