China Spreads Airbourne Nanites

They are putting false info out that it was a fireball from a fragment of a re-entry rocket, but it is really a Chinese attack on Texas and Louisiana, a spread of millions of nanites (reptilian tech) that will break down the DNA of certain bloodtypes and races. This is prior to the Chinese military invading Texas from the Mexico/US border.

posted by A.M.


5 Responses

  1. rh -ve, tribe of dan (viking)? does the propensity to feel chi play a part in the race type?

    p.s what happened to your post on Dragon Dream?

  2. Jesus h christ. They are determined to get the rep dna and tech in us one way or another. Thanks, Aaron.

  3. Advice to treat/protect oneself from the nanites or is this one of those “make good with your loved ones because it is all over?”

  4. Looks like things will be coming to a head very shortly.

  5. I checked the numbers on the Russian meteorite and I believe it is FAKE. Check the numbers out for yourself, Pythagorean to start with, and the map coordinates. the whole thing looks really suspicious, just from a numerological perspective, okay.

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