What Happened to These Clones? A Mystery…

Olein and Nellet, on a recon mission to Venus, found two ships adrift in space: a US Space Command TR-7E and a Orion gray lab ship. Neither had power.

We asked the Former White Hat for his assistance and Asket brought him to the scene in her beamship. The three suited up and entered both ships and found carnage.

In the TR-7E were two Q-45 ranked off world naval officers dead, decapitated, along with a dead clone of Aaron McCollum who was piloting the ship and a dead clone of Anya Briggs in the communications chair. A clone of Douglas Deitrich was found near the nuclear reactor, chopped into three parts. There were also five dead greys.

rink cloneIn the lab ship they found something stranger: three dozen clones of James Rink, some human, some large avatar soldiers, some of reptilian and raptor mix (picture a raptor with Rink’s human head). There were several child clones and many embryos in vats. There were two dead tall grays in white robes and seven dead small greys and pieces of what seem to be a mantoid. Ina  compartment were found decapitated Q-37 rank humans.

Floating in space near the ship were two clones of Benjamin Fulford.

Computer records on both were erased.

Who killed these clones, Q-45s and 37s, and greys?  And why?  Was it the reptilians? Space Command? Greys? Annunaki? Laher People?

Did Alestair Crowley order their deaths?

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19 Responses

  1. ugh gruesome- can you not tell by the way they were killed who it might have been?

  2. They were on a scientific expedition to the lower 4th astral when some very large carnivorous Draco’s got on board and went into a feeding frenzy lol.

    • No the reptilians were not involved. This was Annunaki work.

  3. i think it was laher…something is happening with them

  4. Have you thought about the chance that FWH’s reminent I, that’s still (to your current knowledge) stuck back in time, hasn’t been compromised in any way and is now on a streak of revenge? Just a thought that sprang my mind..

  5. Damn. Reminds me of the movie Dark side of the moon for some reason.

  6. Sword fights in space? =) Works for me.

  7. Would love to know what you find out about this incident, please.

  8. It is a lie

    • ignore this video- iposted thr wrong one – sorry

  9. just would like to say that the crap on tv gets thicker and thicker-obummer really does a good job fooling american people- as we say in europe- when will the americans wake the fuck up?- i am starting to think that americans are stupid-seriously!

    • yes, americans are stupid. period. we’re bread that way. I’m not though… perhaps, it’s because I left public school at an early age and had a wildly inventive mother, or perhaps I’m made like that, but I never wanted to stay living in the states forever.. I live in spain now and people here tell me that americans are pretty chill — but you gatta understand… only a very few of them actually leave their country – and those are usually the cool ones. if you go to the USA, you will meet a lot of very friendly, very retarded, very eccentric people. though, I must say, there is more to life than a new brand of shoes or a new hairstyle.

      so, when people ask why I don’t go back, I try to explain that it’s for that simple reason. I hate having stupid conversation — all. the. fucking. time.

      they’ll get it eventually… most americans hearts are bigger than their brains. maybe they need to feel a sense of betrayal to wake up.

      • It goes way beyond complacency. Chemicals in our air, food, water have not only contributed to the American mental demise, but cause and continue to cause the lowering of intelligence. Getting really agitated with the rest of the world over this issue. Come and try living here, then maybe they will understand. Think they would get it then, Hamster? Geeze! They can’t get it. Maybe their intelligence levels are slipping, too? =)

  10. where is everyone? when are you going to post again- or am i on a different timeline?

  11. Reblogged this on snoozeyalose and commented:
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. What is this all about… I was searching for information on what happened to Aaron McCollum and found this site. I had talked to Aaron a few times online & we had some interesting discussions, then one day I realized he was completely gone and I had no way to get a hold of him through any means.
    Where did he go? And where do you get the information to write this blog?

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