Saving Ingo’s Soul

ingoWe have been busy.

When Ingo Swann passed away last week, the greys snatched his soul before it could reach Source for recyling, and forced the soul into the body of a hybrid reptoid-mantis, this done at a reptilian base under the Soloman Islands.

We located this being during the massive battle in the sea recently and took it to Semjase’s command ship. There, Chenhua and Jgeptal helped Ingo’s soul extraction, and sent on its way to the light.

Posted by D.N.


4 Responses

  1. IWG,
    After talking to FWH and Rsirius as well as many others, it seems I have been abducted and implanted. Have lots of missing time, strange health issues, and been around the military all my life. I can’t make sense of things. Do u guys have a file on me or can tell me anything about these events and why they are happening to me? Seems the more I delve into things, the more helicopters I see and health issues I get. I think I am getting hit repeatedly with some EMF/psychotropic weapon or something. I know u guys are busy, but any help would be great.

    • The helicopters are not real, they are false images created by your implants whenever you start looking into or questioning things. This is common. Just remember they are not real and they will go away. As for being a MILAB, look to your family’s past. Who else is a MILAB? Why were you put in military experiments? But more: what are they going to use you for in the near future? They will activate you for something. –AM

      • Those are good ?? My father was in the military but of no real importance. I have known and been closely associated with two well known whistler blowers by happenstance, my family is directly affected by the Penn State scandal, and been close to two terror attacks that could have killed me. Its like someone has been getting me out of Dodge at the right time. My lovers in spec ops have all been killed or gone mad. I believe one was part reptilian. What gives? All I know is that I had a UFO sighting last year and felt woken up after that.

        The only thing I can figure is that this is about me being a starseed or I am just plain nuts. Had a crazy hypnosis session that was more like a chanelling where I found out my soul is not from here. I apparently have something to do here but don’t remember what it is and I am related to Marie Antoinette. Trying to find out how. I do know my DNA haplotype is rare and I have a higher than average amount of Neanderthal DNA than most. Guess I have cabal blood? Thanks for the info.. If u have more, please let me know.

        Are there any projects going on around Groton, CT? I was born around there…

  2. totally awesome- i followed ingo’s work a long time ago -happy travels ingo in your new life- may you be protected with love and divine light from soursexxxxxxx

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