Return of The RAKMEiSTER

James Casbolt tracked down The RAKMEiSTER’s latest antics…just when we thought we were rid of it…eww…but while DER RAK created this thing, the middle-aged man caught inside it was none other than DUNCAN O’FINIOAN…doube-eww…

posted by D.N.


7 Responses

  1. Yeah, I saw that. Thank’s Dominique. Just thought we were rid of him. Dunk? Whoa.

    • ruh roh – must be a sign !

  2. that story is like, soooo WTF.

    seriously, a dude makes hole in the wall behind the urinal of a huge pub, to be pissed on by drunk englishmen… even if I liked being pissed on, I don’t know if I had the creativity to think that gameplan up… wow

  3. hello is anyone home here- no posts in a while!- so my questions are-it’s seems quite clear that the usa is being made quite vunerable with the laws enacted to take away the weapons from ordinary folk-and it also is clear to me that china will declare war on the usa along with russia- how will canada be implicated in this war- please answer my questions if you guys are still there- as there have been no postings lately- reply let me know if you guys are still with us- why no postings-explain please!

  4. or am i on a different time line from my friends?

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