Khris Neal Genderless Clones with Plastic Bones!

As reported by Mr. FWH, we did stop two Khris Neal clones from doing a school shooting in Chicago.

What is weird is that the autopsies revealed the clones to have plastic bones and no gonads. Neither male nor female, whereas the Khristine Neal in Oregon is both, but prefers the feminine.

Girl, you got some issues! Subscriptions even!

mkkris2Posted by D.N.


One Response

  1. Me thinks it must be for their black rituals, these off genders. Since these are unnatural entities/bodies it makes sensse they are so used to go against the natural spheres of evolution in being unnatural and aginst the natural progression of things.

    My questions is whats with the plastic? Is it just for the strength reasons? I feel there may be more here…

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