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What Happened to These Clones? A Mystery…
February 8, 2013

Olein and Nellet, on a recon mission to Venus, found two ships adrift in space: a US Space Command TR-7E and a Orion gray lab ship. Neither had power.

We asked the Former White Hat for his assistance and Asket brought him to the scene in her beamship. The three suited up and entered both ships and found carnage.

In the TR-7E were two Q-45 ranked off world naval officers dead, decapitated, along with a dead clone of Aaron McCollum who was piloting the ship and a dead clone of Anya Briggs in the communications chair. A clone of Douglas Deitrich was found near the nuclear reactor, chopped into three parts. There were also five dead greys.

rink cloneIn the lab ship they found something stranger: three dozen clones of James Rink, some human, some large avatar soldiers, some of reptilian and raptor mix (picture a raptor with Rink’s human head). There were several child clones and many embryos in vats. There were two dead tall grays in white robes and seven dead small greys and pieces of what seem to be a mantoid. Ina  compartment were found decapitated Q-37 rank humans.

Floating in space near the ship were two clones of Benjamin Fulford.

Computer records on both were erased.

Who killed these clones, Q-45s and 37s, and greys?  And why?  Was it the reptilians? Space Command? Greys? Annunaki? Laher People?

Did Alestair Crowley order their deaths?

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Return of The RAKMEiSTER
February 8, 2013

James Casbolt tracked down The RAKMEiSTER’s latest antics…just when we thought we were rid of it…eww…but while DER RAK created this thing, the middle-aged man caught inside it was none other than DUNCAN O’FINIOAN…doube-eww…

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Saving Ingo’s Soul
February 8, 2013

ingoWe have been busy.

When Ingo Swann passed away last week, the greys snatched his soul before it could reach Source for recyling, and forced the soul into the body of a hybrid reptoid-mantis, this done at a reptilian base under the Soloman Islands.

We located this being during the massive battle in the sea recently and took it to Semjase’s command ship. There, Chenhua and Jgeptal helped Ingo’s soul extraction, and sent on its way to the light.

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Khris Neal Genderless Clones with Plastic Bones!
February 8, 2013

As reported by Mr. FWH, we did stop two Khris Neal clones from doing a school shooting in Chicago.

What is weird is that the autopsies revealed the clones to have plastic bones and no gonads. Neither male nor female, whereas the Khristine Neal in Oregon is both, but prefers the feminine.

Girl, you got some issues! Subscriptions even!

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