The Khris Neal-James Holmes-Dylan Klebold Connection

James Holmes, currently in a Colorado lock-up, gave a statement that was released to the press:

“I did not work alone. My co-conspirator is a hermaphrodite by the name of Khristan (sic, Khristine) Neal. We were twined in a dark ceremony.”

Not long after this statement, a whistleblower in Colorado revealed that after the 1999 Colombine school shootings, this ID (below) ofย  Khris Neal (note it is from 1994 and she was listing her gender as M) was found among the belongings of one of the shooters, Dylan Klebold, with a note: “Black Trenchcoat Mafia Rules!” and an unmailed love letter to “Khristy.”


What is this freak’s real connection to both events? She does, after all, claim to have been trained as a CIA assassin since age 5. She claims to be a MILAB and carries an Arcturian doll for “protection.”ย  She is a known lover and associate of Duncan O’Finioan’s, supporter of Illuminati torture expert, The Rakmeister, reachround gal for Randy Maugans, and mind-controlled sex drone for black witch, Sarah Stanga, aka The Purple Pebble of Leeds.

And is there any connection Missy Neal has to the faked event Sandy Hook?

Something is fishy all right…

Posted by D.N.


19 Responses

  1. Interesting find, Aaron. Thank you. Khris and Dunkey have been knocking heads.

    • Knocking npggins? Hpw so? –AM

      • Hey, Aaron. Idylwild basically. More you though. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are stepping on some toes. Truth is a wild card……..

      • Can you send more detailed info about this to the Idylwild Group’s attorney? Thanks –A.M.

      • On it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Done.

    • I won’t neglect to copy next time. Much was gone. Sorry. Got what I could.

  2. This question is for the Idylwild Group that is a bit off topic. Should we be concerned about February 15th? What is DA-14? Is it a part of Nemesis/Nibiru or it’s asteroid field? Gordon Duff mentions that it could impact the Earth. Also, Cliff High’s webbot is predicting a “global coastal event” that could wipe out a significant part of the world’s population.

    Both you and Mr. FWH have been preparing us for the earthquake in the Pacific Northwest and the rising of volcanoes and Atlantis and Lemuria. Is this Feb. 15 event related to some of this stuff mentioned earlier, or is it an unrelated separate issue? Any clarification or info on this matter is greatly appreciated, thanks.

    • You should be converned with how the Cabal will mis-represent the comet. The Maccabeans from Alycone will be here at the same time. –DN

      • Hi – do you know whereabouts in the cape town area this may happen?

  3. Who is Dan Challon? Is that meant to be another misleading clue as to who you guys really are?

    • Daniel Challon, Esq. Beverly Hills lawyer and former Navy JAG and exopolitics expert. He handles legal issues for ETs, the Group, whistleblowers, white hats, and defectors from the alphabet agencies. He is the one who had Sean David Morton clone sign an NDA for the notebooks that make up facts in Sands of Time. –A.M.

  4. I could use some input, please. I awakened to drugged dogs and ex (the ex part was funny) this morning. I was like a pinball gone mad. I someone was coming for me last night. I couldn’t stay awake no matter how hard I tried. My left shoulder, neck and down to the hip are so sore. Can’t turn my head, use my arms much. My daughter woke up in the same condition. Another abductee I know woke up the same. I don’t know if this is due to a procedure, or something we were put into. Any ideas? Last time I ran a high fever with it. Like something in the brain……..

    • Shoulder has been and is buzzing painfully, like mad. This is the implant that goes off when near nukes. lol

      • Hang in there sirius. Sending you and your daughter light and love. Take care!!!

      • Thank you, Allaria. I am surprised that more on this forum aren’t speaking about such. I guess they aren’t experiencing the same. That does indeed puzzle me. I do appreciate you, sweetie. Loving, healing thoughts are loving, healing energy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. wow thats you have been ubducted? i wonder what they want with you?Be safe Rusirius!!

    • Memories of it begin when I was a small kid. I have no idea what they want. That is what I”m trying to discover. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m sure they want your beautiful spirit- something they don’t have. They aspire to have your courage cuz otherwise they wouldn’t be sneaking around in the dark like little chicken shits!

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