The Maacabae Alcyones to Arrive

The  Alycone race known as Maacabae have been cleared to land in various places on earth in February when a bright comet will be in the sky. The last time this race was here was in 1989 in Russia, as reported in the NY Times. Their mission then was to give Gorbechev the notion of glastnost.

They will land in Bloomington, Indiana, San Diego, California, and Hoboken, NJ. Elsewhere, they will land in Manchester, UK, New Dehli, India, Baghdad, Iraq, Melbourne, Aust., and Cape Town, South Africa.  In March they will return to three cities in Russia, two in China, Osaka, Japan and Calgary, Canada.

They are generally 9 feet tall with three eyes. Do not fear them. They are a peaceful race.


posted by Sigrun


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  1. What is their purpose this time?

    Love to all
    GOD bless

  2. This outa be interesting, i got key spot locations we will be monitoring in San Diego,Ca and watch for them.

    If allowable by there race (Maacabae) maybe an agreement of picture taking will be something of an excitement within the UFO Community and especially to the General Public that we are not alone and that we have evidence of the existence of intelligent life in the cosmos, even a live interview with one would be something very special and educational.

    Whatever happens Ladies and Gentlemen, if any of you have the honors of meeting them one on one, please share with us the experience. i will like wise do the same.

    Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars,Remember the truth is out there,

    I’m Casey Kasem signing off.

    • 🙂 Love your wit, CZ. Thanks.

    • so D.N- do you have my children and my brother in your files?- important- please reply!- thankyou!- also how is our FWH doing- is he back on hope- give him my regards!-(fiona)

  3. Thank you, Sigrun. =) Things just get better and better and this is exciting.

  4. Greetings Sigrun,

    thank you for this wonderful news!

    could you inform us if there’s still Bafath’s mind control activities around these days in this timeline?


    • See Aaron’s ppst about when we took out the Bafath strongholds three months ago. –DN

      • Tk your group very much.
        Love, peace for the world

      • So no remanents left huh? Ya veo, gracias

      • I want to believe you, Dominique, but it still seems like there are some elements of that kind of mental hell left. Maybe it’s just me and a few of my friends, or maybe there’s something else out there causing it.

    • no they were nullified(destroyed)

  5. what is their mission this time- why are they coming here? (thanks for the info guys)

    • Maybe be: Give the world the notion of glastnost.

      • 😀

    • Are you known as “Pony”?

      • according to D.N and the guys i am!

  6. Why are they coming? And why during the passing of a comet?

    • There coming to visit us. which is very nice and something like a treat, wouldn’t agree? 🙂

      • Absolutely…just wondering what the back story is;)

  7. Manchester University roll out Graphene technology for UK

  8. Why Bloomington, Indiana?

    • Well cause its blooming and hey you can’t go wrong with ole’ Indie, right ^^

  9. How can we meet them?

    • Go to those locations the Idy-Idy-Idy Wild Group posted and if you got the timing part right, good chance you’ll meet them.

      Tell them Citizen Zero says “Hi”.

  10. In 1989 they came to give Gorbachev the concept of glastnost which you might not know but for us, Eastern European people, it started the falling of the Eastern Bloc, hence the Revolution of 1989. For us it meant freedom and unity amongst people and countries and ability to finally travel outside of our borders. I am inclined to believe that their mission this time would be of a similar nature? Unite us?That would be great news.
    Please answer if possible?
    Thank you and many regards,

    • Looking at my avatar..I have three eyes :)) Funny.
      Have an amazing day all.

      • LOLOL Sweet.

      • You too Bella! 😛

    • We’re not sure what their message is this time. They may make an offer to some people to come live on their world as a sort of research proect, these people will come back and report what life elsewhere is like. –DN

      • Sounds perfect, Dominique. 🙂

      • Thank you Dominique. The fact that they have good intentions for us it’s heart warming and indeed, this is a great news.
        Thank you IWG! Hugs !

      • Wha?

        Well if they did, i wonder who the lucky people will be, if they ask me i will say:”sure, i will go…but first i want to see my Dominique from the Idy-Idy-Idy Wild Group, can you take me to her.” 😛

        This is Casey Kasem signing off.

      • I would love to do a study abroad like that (sure beats what I’m doing at Penn State), but I doubt they would ever want to take me.

      • so what is their planet like?

  11. And WHY they are coming??, to WHAT exactly???????

    • To say “yo.” –DN

      • This has to do with obama not being president any longer? 🙂

      • Last time FWH said there was going to be a mass sighting he was right, that night was AMAZING. i cant wait to see ig this one cones through!

      • Royalty wear tails in their official wardrobe, because it represents… The tail that the Royal Dracos have physically??They call Royalty blood’s… Blue Blood, because of their masters, right??
        Only Negatives ETs have Royalty??, or also… The GOOD ones have??

      • so what is their planet like?

  12. Right you are. I’ll get a selection of herbals in and I won’t put the kettle on till I see the light in the sky. No wait I’d better check the list again… I always have a problem when people get into an emotional kerfuffle over visitors. I think I would be the same if Jesus dropped out of the sky bringing joy, healing etc. Especially now with project bluebeam. Come to think of it ordinary tea will do. What’s good enough for me is good enough for 9 ft tall…

    • darjeeling darling?

  13. Very nice! Any idea why they are coming and how long they will stay?

    • When the comet becomes visble around Feb. 15. –DN

      • Sweet! Thank You, DN 🙂

        How is FWH? Any news?

        Stay safe..

      • We should hear from him soon. Chenhua got him out of the dimensional trap. –DN

      • 🙂 Best news ever, Dominique. Thanks, sweetie.

      • Hope they’re not coming for my daughter, she was born 14 febr. 2012…
        If so, i will join her in her journey 😉

  14. I live in san diego. Do you know where they are going to land? Do they aim to make contact?

    • We believe someplace called “Robb Field.” –DN

      • Cool. Ill look up the date that this comet is supposed to pass.are they telepathic?

      • Well thanks Dominique for the info, hey Dominique or Firmitas want to come with me there in or around Feb 15th 2013?

      • Yea thats a friday im willing to go man.

  15. DN, do you know which two cities in China they will visit?

    • They have not provided that info for security reasons. It will not be Beijing because the reptilian faction will want them destroyed. Most likely a small city or village. –DM

      • Any chance Hong Kong?

  16. is this the first time they have had to come to australia???

  17. so the tv news says that hilary clinton was discharged from hospital and is fine(obviously a clone) i listened to tim rifat on jeff rense last night in the archives – rifat said a guy trained by him in remote viewing actually caused the tumour and cancer in hilary’s brain- bummer- this means that she will never go away- what are your thoughts on this?

    • Do not believe what they say about Hilary. They have access to advanced medical technology that fixes them up quickly. Clones do break down, and that is clone in the hospital. –A.M.

      • hillarys clone is sick or going blind from a concussion from a plane crash?

  18. What about Cape Town? Any idea of place? Back home then Tying the knot on feb 15th. Wd appreciate any info and dates 🙂

  19. It will probably be just another holographic experiment ?

  20. hey guys if you go to you tube- and type in- sandy hook actors- you can watch some of the people who supposedly lost children there- the amazing thing is they are all laughing or smiling when they talk about their kids- some are pretending to cry- very scary and weird- like the stepford wives or something- like they are programmed!

  21. How about around Calgary, any idea where they will land?

    • No, but we know the Putin werewolves of Calgary will try something bad. –DN

      • please keep us posted on this- thank you guys!

  22. Haven’t you heard, they’re coming to serve man.

  23. Timeline Tipping. As a kindof educated guess based on a small amount of experience into how the universe operates, I would say that if on the whole a prediction like this engendered excitement and secret sparks of anticipation were ignited generally; it wouldn’t happen. But if the whole idea was met with apathy of the nature ‘O here we go again, yet another amazing prediction from so called insiders saying there’s going to be a cosmic meet. I can see that happening in a million years… I don’t think!’ That’s when the universe – jokester that it is – would throw it at us just for the fun of seeing all that jaded apathy change to amazed surprise, and also to re-cement its reputation as a completely unpredictable entity. Now here’s the thing, I do have that kind of apathy towards this latest announcement, which makes me think we are now actually on the timeline where it will play out, which actually ignites those little sparks of excitement, which then leads me to think – knowing well how the universe operates – that this is going to be yet another disappointment and I am now on the eventless timeline, which launches me into deeper apathy, which then leads me to think I have firmly re-engaged with the visitation timeline. Complicated N’est-ce Pas? On the whole I veer very heavily towards unadulterated big warm comfortable blanket apathy in this… which has to be good sign surely…

    • Hi Yoda. Apathy is used to be uncomfortable for me. Now its the safest place to be. I can imagine that things might be thus and so, but if I find myself getting more involved I yank myself back. I’m tired of being the butt of the Universe’s jokes.

      Keep your chin up. At least we’re all in this together 🙂
      We should all be laughing.

      • Laugh even when it fucking hurts.

    • what?

  24. In Alex Collier’s radio interview on Sept. 11, 2012,

    he stated that the first contact

    would appear to be friendly, but they would not be.

    Now, you post that this race that is coming, are friendly.

    I trust Alex and I trust you. This is very confusing.

    I have trusted Alex for a longer period of time, so I will trust his information.

    Is Alex going to do another radio show, that will confirm your intell?

    Thanks for all your help, but this is all so confusing.


    • This is not first contact. He meant the greys. –DN

  25. Will they come to Belgium? They allways seem to miss my country…
    Perhaps it is because i can see airplanes every 2 minutes or so 😦

    • the ghosts of war crimes haunts Belgium…but I dig their chocolate! –DN

      • We have many nice treats! Chocolate is one of them, fries and beer are others! Best beer in the world is Belgian, and fries are not French but Flemish…


      • my kids were in belgium a while back- they brought me 4 pounds of white chocolate- just awesome- best choc i ever had!

    • ever see the movie -in bruges with collin farrell and ralph fiennes- hilarious- awesome movie!

  26. I don’t ‘resonate’ with Pleiadian ‘Frequency’. They are ‘different’. If you think of aliens like a colour spectrum, and a sound, so Pleiades is a frequency so those ‘alien’s resonate with that frequency, of a particular star, the planets etc. But, I do not support the Pleiadian agenda, so too the Alcyones. I want nothing to do with them. They must be challenged first. ‘Friendly??. to whom, Barak Obama??

    • It is good to question everything. Do research, follow your intuition. –DN

      • agreed!

    What is wrong with these people?

    • Like Jim Morrison once said (and he is still alive!), “people are strange…” –AM

      • The Lizard King is alive? please extend your comment Aaron…

      • His father was an Admiral in the Navy and head of ONI Southeast. Morrison found out that he was on MI6’s target list, like Joplin and Hendrix, for what he knew about Paul McCartney’s death and replacement, among other stuff. He wanted out of the rock and roll life. His father told him to go to Paris where an ONI extraction team from Belgium would fake his death and sneak him out. They did that, buried an empty casket, and Morrison was shipped off on a submarine leaving Greece to a Texas sub base, sent underground to Area 51, mind-wiped by a grey, and given a new identity as a clerk in Bank of America in Oklahoma. –A.M.

      • BoA in Oklahoma will now be overrun with skyed off frothing females looking for Morrison. lol

      • He’s retired now, singing blues in his garage. –AM

      • Amazing story!
        I always knew those deaths were no accident but I thought Morrison was another victim of that, now I know the truth. Thank you commander, you should write a book of all the historic facts that has been hidden from the people.

      • This Jim Morrison stuff was fascinating IWG – thank you.

      • what was all that with the shaman and jimmy saying the shaman entered him- love the doors- big fan

    • everything- and i trust and believe the idlywild group

    • whose ship is this guys- he describes someone who may look like moose!

      • Like who?

      • this video i posted over a week ago – and still no response from you guys- to my question – why?

    • AM, I know Paul McCartney died in 1966, but who replaced him?

      • Billy Shears, like the song says. “Faul” as they call him. Listen to this radio program with JayPee and the Hemmingson Clone talking about it: –DN

      • Billy Shears= Billy is here= William Campbell , was bill a musician ?
        or was he replaced by this guy blond hair/ green eyes (Phil Ackrill ) ?

      • i listened to the interview and also watched the winged beatle video- in that it vaguely suggests paul maybe crowley’s son- what are your thoughts on it?

      • No, John Lennon was. –DN

      • No, shit? wow

      • Good links Idylwild and 5thd – I don’t know why this topic is so fascinating but I really enjoyed researching these – thanks!

  28. so obummer was re-elected as i predicted from the beginning – i am intuitive- but i knew this – john titor the time traveller- a few years ago when he first started posting- and i followed him and read everything he said- he said there was a nuclear war-where everything was destroyed- there was no food- and people reverted to cannibalism- all brought about by russia and china – they will then nuke america- john said-there will be very few people alive-but the people that survive will create a new political system where the people all as one will rule- they will have small political groups – grow gardens of food- the political system will be run by the people

    • today we in my opinion -entered a very dark period in our history

    • this is what john said

    • different timelines

      • well i hope you are right!

  29. Anybody out there???
    Hope everyone is safe now that we’re on the other side of the galaxy…
    Blessings and Light to All

    • and you as well!xxx

      • i love your posts fiona! a bit of reality!!

  30. D.N.- you say john lennon was crowleys son- does this make lennon a bad guy or did he turn to the light- i would like to know because i have a huge pic of john in a frame on my wall- i have also painted him-if he is was a bad guy i would like to know- also wondering where he is now?- please answer!

  31. Idyl wild Grp,

    So who is giving permission for them to land? Who controls our airspace? It is obviously not us …..

    • Andromeda Counci

    • So I’m asking – Are We Ready?

  32. D.N. so did john lennon turn to the light or not and where is he now?

    • I heard Lennon is on Mars. –DN

      • D.N- is lennon a bad guy- because i will remove his stuff from my place- i don’t want negative energy around me- please answer- it’s of i can handle it- as jimmy morrison said- strangest life i have ever known!

  33. D.N.- i have more questions about lennon please-
    1- did john know crowley was his father ?
    2- you say he is on mars- did he really die when he was shot and reincarnated to mars ?
    3- and was john a bad guy assuming so if he was crowleys son?
    4- any info on ono yoko ?
    5- did the rest of the beatles know he was crowleys son?
    thank you for answering pretty please !

    • still no answer was the reply!

  34. Well, the comet is here and Russia got snarked by a piece of it. What now??

  35. Is the “meteor” explosion in Russia related to this visit? If they could see the asteroid coming, why was such a big meteor not seen and people warned? It probably wasn’t a meteor at all, was it? A relation to the Alcone’s visit?

  36. What happened? Nobody showed up in San Diego. Did the asteroid in Russia have anything to do with it?

    • They landed and 20 people left with them for a trip to their homeworld. They are coming back mid-month.

  37. Omg! I thought I researched and knew a lot through other websites like Vigilant Citizen, Alex Jones, MK Ultra survivors – a woman from the 80s wrote a book, and some other MKultra survivor-also a “presidential model”, Bohemian Grove, Franklin Cover-up, and of course the show that enlightened me in 2003 – Coast to Coast AM and you-tube videos on NWO, Illuminati etc… anyway…i thought i read it all. But I guess not..i keep hearing new stuff that I have no clue about.

    Then lately i keep hearing about “clones”?? How is this possible here on earth in humans? How do you know Hilary Clinton was a clone in the hospital??
    I did think the whole health issues she had and the whole timing with Benghazi questions was a little strange.

    And what is the “Idylwild Group”? I live in San Diego so I know there is a place east of San Diego in a mountainous area called, Idyllwild.

    Also, I found the whole meteor sitings last weekend to be quite fascinating. And now i am reading these are/were aliens? Alcyon..and some other name..never heard of them. Where can i find information about this background?

    And someone said if we see the aliens, they are 9ft. tall and have 3 eyes and to NOT be afraid? How can we not be afraid? I have never ever seen any type of alien and I sure would be fearful because I have no idea if I would be abducted, and what if they did experiments on me or others..etc…

    I do believe it’s very, very possible for life to be on other planets and I do believe aliens are possible and i believe there are people who have been abducted and had BAD experiences and then there are those who have had GOOD experiences.

    And what about John Titor – I remember be fascinated by his story of time traveling and I heard all about him on Coast to Coast AM. Anybody know where he is now? And where are his predictions?

    Anybody please respond if you want…to anything i wrote.
    Thank you! 🙂
    San Diego, CA

    • did you see them in San Diego?

    • More than a decade i’ve researched.
      down some crazy holes and through some beautiful bullshit.
      I know how you feel.
      Its all confusing but keep going.
      dont worry.
      Just stay out of the way and be positive.
      Serve yourself in order to serve others.
      When you die dont go to the light.
      You are not a supplicant to any entity.

  38. No, never saw anything in like that in San Diego. Has anyone really seen these people?

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