Michael Hemmingson Killed and Cloned

Radio host and author Michael Hemmingson is the recent victim of Duncan O’Finioan and his father, Alestair Crowley. Duncan murdered Hemmingson in Los Angeles last November during the Alchemy Fest and the Cabal used the DNA to create three clones of Hemmingson, one on ice and two inserted into the world.

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  1. On the December 22nd posting by FWH, he mentions that in an alternate timelines an individual was killed by Bobby Joe Fannin as a result of mistaken identity, the intended victim being the Former White Hat himself. Now today, on Khris/tine’s website, clandestineragerevealed, he is writing in bold caps that Michael Hemmingson is in fact FWH. I’m wondering if this is murder that was being referenced.

  2. Bastards. When will this shit end, if at all?

  3. Why did Duncan and others insist for so long that FWH was Hemmingson?

    • First they said Mr. FWH was Jack Burns, then Anthony Forewood, then Louis Kahn Nin, then Sean David Morton, and then Kerry Cassidy’s son, then Hemmingson, and Benjamin Fulford said FWH was some Ryssian guy connected to a big money scam, and someone else said he was Art Bell. They are all wrong. FWH is FWH. Period. He is like Batman: does it matter who is behind the mask? We are all the Former White Hat. –D.N.

      • There is only Mr FWH who dont public his image, all other Idylwild group members have publiced their images.

      • I am Sparticus

  4. You must mean Aleister Crowley. Alestair is the fictional character in the Batman back-story, Dark Knight Rising. http://wp.me/pjnjm-1M0

  5. For someone, cabal kill and clone them, and for the other they just clone not kill the original.
    Is it due to the horoscope or destiny of people?

  6. It’s a pity the Truth/Conspiracy movement is such a subculture because it is a truckload of fun – when yet another voice emerges with a further fascinating perspective. It can’t be that great if your one of those that has to check over your shoulder from time to time. It’s the Hand of Death that sobers things up. Directly when a whistleblower is killed. Or when a young man or woman loses their life in a conflict that was never really necessary but came about primarily for reasons of an undeclared commercial nature. Or when a society has to deal with the kind of compromises in their food and medicines such that its members don’t get to live as long as they feasibly could had the tampering not gone on.

    Heres something positive that occurred to me recently – these kinds of problems aside – their has never been a time in recorded history that this planet has held such a vast amount of people at this level of quality of life. This is the kind of statement that seems to rub people up the wrong way going against the pessimistic trend of thought that conspiracy argument can generate but it seems self evident enough to me.

  7. There are evidences and connections showing FWH is Michael Hemmingson, and behind The Idylwild Group same (possibly other friends for fun…).
    – by the way FWH demonstrated the same behavior related to sex (obsessed), and this is surprising for someone who belongs to The Brethern of the White Robe, supposed to be a wise team, etc…

    • The “evidence” you speak of is fabricated, easy to do online, by a person who is obsessed with radio hosts and has stalked and made things up about a number of alt media radio personalities, like Kerry Cassidy. This person in fact sexually blackmailed Paul Richard Price because PRP was whistleblowing truths about Luciferians in the black ops sectors. –D.N.

      • Their number one ace they use on everyone if they can. FWH is right about everyone getting their pineals in working order. You have to just to make it through this mud soup of info offered daily online and in the waves.

  8. If Michael Hemmingson is now dead, and a clone stands in his place, does that mean his clone will be programmed by the cabal and his writing will become the anti-michel hemmingson writing and be all conservative: like anti-porn etc. !

    • Not certain. We will have to wait and see. We have info that he has penned a young adult novel to be published under the name “Michael Hawthorne,” –D.N.

      • oh yep, a friend is writing a young adult novel about me too… see that is the thing about this blog and fwh’s blog. No limitations of seemingly manipulated synchronicities. A lure for what –is the question?

      • i listened to the interview hemmingson did with kerry cassidy- she talked about this blog quite a bit and FWH- she went on about her supposedly being cloned and having a family on Procyon-(which she kept mis- pronouncing) and about o’finian being crowley’s son etc.- she basically said that this blog was a joke and everything on here was untrue and that michael was suppose to be cloned- so go listen- very interesting hemmingson goes on about ets he met etc.

      • we were disappointed in the Hemmingson Clone interview, but we hear he is doing a follow-up with the Kerry Cassidy clone. –A.M.

  9. Is there anybody here who can walk through walls and use the same techniques travelling through dimensions etc as the reptillians use? I need some help.

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