Do These Drawings Seem Familiar to Anyone?



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  1. The first seems familiar because it reminds me of the table pic of Jesus and friends. The second one reminds me of how the arcturians taught me to control energy. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get more precise with it to be able to target specific locations and utilize whatever it is that needed to be activated.

    • the first picture also reminded me of the Last Supper by Da Vinci, Jmmanuel et al. around the table
      in the second picture I want to colour the robes silver and there is a feeling of gold around…

  2. Activating what? Re: Texas

    • People. –D.N.

      • Any idea for what purpose people are being activated here? Or, will be. Don’t know the tense here.

      • Their psychic powers were activated. –AM

      • Was this a depiction of the arcturian activation you informed us of?

  3. In the first drawing..the center figure appears to be razzing anyone who can see, while the figures on either side appear to be doing something under the table…hahaha ( im not making light of anything..)

  4. Is it mental ill caused by roaming ghost?
    Previous days, I have been mind-controlled by a ghost. I can see some thought which is not mine. Maybe it want to decrease my vibration. Then, when I raise up my vibration, it no longer troubles me.

    • It is a reptilian disguised as a ghost. They do that. –A.M.

  5. the first illustration is depicting the A council which is similar to the “last supper”? the 2nd being the arcturians or “thunder beings” activating or communicating with earth souls, the third is a vision the individual had of ascension to the 5d ship? the 4th is an ET related in some form to the individual who visualised or experienced it??….these posts come after we experienced the arcturuans “mass awakening”(???) or arriving via a massive portal thru the most incredible thunderstorm we have ever seen…this happened less than 10 hours ago….do you know what happened? the energy was so strong and very telepathic

    • ps…we used citrine crystal along with citrine elixir prior to our experience (1 hour later)…give it a go…but do it between the tones of 1 and 10…never 11, 12, 13 (today is 2) and best done in the evening..regards friends

  6. These drawings, and others like them, are in Dr. Karla Turner’s book, Taken. The content can be viewed here:

  7. Is Mr Steve G. Jones believable?
    I dont have USD to enroll any course, only have VN Dollar… So, I only can trust myself…

    • Never heard of him. –DN

    • why do you need to enroll? can’t you just trust your intuition and let your higher self be your guide? or for that matter just ask your spirit guides for assistance?
      (who else is feeling particularly scottish this ev? strange I know but I wanted to write all of that in gaellic not that it would have made an ounce of sense!)

  8. I saw the first one last night during oob. Was part of the group combining energies.

  9. AM, Could you see a female ghost who has high vibration and usually visit me. She usually drops her hair on the floor… I recognize she is a female ghost due to her energy.
    There are many ghost visit my house, especially at night. And not all of them are dark, some of them have vibration higher than me.

    • A ghost with high vibration is not a “ghost” but a helping spirit guide. Only lost, confused spirits, those still attached to the physical, act as ghosts. You may want to do some light work and urge these ghosts to go into the light and return to Source. Maybe that is your mission. –A.M.

      • And I can feel that high vibration female spirit masturbate next to me… That is an impressive feeling when got love from higher spirit 😀
        I can see I have connection with her before I were dropped to 3D Earth.
        My karma within girls in both physics and spirit is so big…

      • And I can feel that high vibration female spirit masturbate next to me…
        That is an impressive feelings when got love from higher being :D.
        I feel I have connection with her before I were dropped to 3D Earth.
        My karma within girls in both physic and spirit is so big…

      • Get that ghost to give you a handjob! –AM

      • What do spirit guides do?

  10. Hey Group, what the hell is going on here? A war against CHINA? Seriously?

    • When the war with China happens, around 2014-15, know this: the war had been planned as far back as the Clinton years. It is a manufactured war for two reasons: bankers and to decrese population on both sides. It won;t go as far as nukes because the Council will have disarmed the war heads or the missiles won’t launch. There is an economic war right now, so the war is on. You have seen in the news that both sides are getting prepared for “something.” –A.M.

      • Thanks, Aaron. Funny thing, not focusing on what I don’t want makes bad things go away. Aware of it yes, but………
        Here’s to good things happening with all our lives. 🙂

      • Thank you.

      • Great. War war war. We are sick and tired of this crap.I need to get away from this 3d place. What can you tell me about my mission? im not sure if i am doing the right things

      • Well, I for one refuse to fight. I’ve been getting visions of some big war involving the United States and myself mostly staying away from any involvement. I saw that I’m supposed to try to keep the peace as much as possible here at home and I will help with the reconciliation/rebuilding afterwards. FWH told me to pay careful attention to these visions.

      • You must find your own mission through source light And love

        GOD Bless
        Love to all

      • See Moose, you’re supposed to be here. Everybody’s childhoods and all the other crap we’ve all been through has been training for what’s to come. Someday, soon I’m sure it will all be worth it.

        At the very least, most of us have found this place where we have stuff in common with other folks of like mind and/or experience.

        I am grateful for everyone sharing. It helps me manage my woowooness.

      • Sheesh! You, too. Good grounding here for such as us. 🙂

      • A.M. will this effect canada?

  11. so the macabees are in the bible as being jewish- i am not race genda in anyway- but i have in depth studied the last two world wars and especially the second world war- it is sort of a dichotmey with me- i do not agree and never will with wars or violense i do not know what you call some one like me- but even when someone e- – physically or moniterally i still will not hurt any one physically or mentally – i have had contact by off world family as have my children- so there – make of that as you will- but it is the truth

    • Three eyed blue Jews??? –A.M.

      • lol i can see that.Great to hear from you guys. Everyone doing ok?

  12. I don’t know… seems to me the first pic is representative of an activation about reflection/mirroring. So one can see themselves…

    I’ve updated my profile with my “story”. The arcturians were involved with this for sure.

  13. Hello there, by chance do you know when those certain people in texas where activated. Just curious because I am from south texas and the last 2 years my experiences have increased. Thank you for your time and work.

  14. Those images I know of and recognize, they are not positive..

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