Karla Turner Lives!


Dr, Karla Turner is not dead! While her 3D body was murdered by the Cabal, her soul was rescued from the reptoids by the Andromedans and they provided her “a new vessel” to continue her work. She has an Andromedan body, but she has all the memories of being Karla Turner. She is connected to The Blessing. She will reveal herself in 2015.


posted by D.N.



24 Responses

  1. Fantastic news!! She became a martyr for the cause. Remember Karla is the battle cry the abductees give when pressed hard. They will be very pleased to hear this wonderful news. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Dominique.

  2. Idylwild, thanks for the posts. They came at a really good time. πŸ™‚

    • Hey i apologize to you if you ever took anything i said to heart.

      • πŸ™‚ Not at all, sweetie. I’m not like that. a little crazy here lately, but……I am forgetting who i was and being in between is a little hairy. I know many are experiencing similar. I also know I can sound very rough around the edges. So, I apologize for making you feel a need to apologize to me. Really. πŸ™‚

  3. Drop me off a Flash Gun, ill see how it works and reverse engineer it, atleast then we’d have a fighting chance.. if of course, anything ever happens.. im getting a “boy cried wolf” perspective here.

  4. 2015? does that mean were gonna be here for a long long while? I got a gut feeling i’m gonna be here until i die…2062 anyone? I guess my feelings now on time-dates of things to happen lost all its meaning. so many false dates that have come and passed, i have now decided to accept it as now i believe in my heart i will die as an old man and continue my life in the next,when it does come.

    I will continue to live in a simple quite life hidden from the public, avoid politics and religion and being one with God through prayers and meditation.

    But in the back of mind, i’m still will be used as a MK-Mind Slave/Agent and continue to do there evil biddings….I hope one day all good people who are Mind Controlled will be free from all of this.

    Okay sorry for the depressing comment…lol

    I’m sadden by Dr.Turner’s death as a 3D being, but now happy she remembers her past life (her old 3D body)and is coming as an Andromedan person!

    • you will be here if you choose that

      • Yummy info. πŸ™‚

      • Heck NO!

        I love this planet like i love Banana splits sundae with a cherry on top, but seriously i want to travel the stars and meet my star families that are out there.

        But this planet at the moment,is so powerfully negative by the dark powers that be,is that i feel like i’m taking a swim in a hot steamy tar, i choose to split! so were do i go to leave? any suggestions? lol

        I meditate allot and bring love and joy to everyone around me,i guess i’m desperate. anyhoo so how are you doing?

      • Choose or chose?
        By the way, who are the super tall very thin willowy beings that glow?

      • These beings are faceless and their trunk is the same size as the arms and legs. Almost like a light beam from a torch.

    • Pay no attention to dates. 3d is the only place such works. So don’t lose heart! There are some nice surprises ahead. Keep on reaching for the pinnacle of true self. Be truly happy. We are changing, things are changing. =) We are still shifting.

      • Nice surprises? We as americans are having to prepare for a Stalin Dictatorship…I prayed a few days ago aloud. I know somethings have changed. I do not want to be shot in the streets or go to a camp. I will not go! I want to further my career, have a family ,if i am able.

      • Depends on your perspective, Joey. What you see is not acceptable to me. And, it never will be, therefore, I will not see that.

    • There are many therapists internationally who are awake to the reality of RA/MC, and are more every day. You could seek help.

    • cant you get deprogramming help from a hypnotherapist or the like?

      • Not that simple. If it was, everyone would get deprogrammed. At least the ones that are aware of it. Some of mine I wish I could trigger into effective good use.

  5. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a very good news, thank you Dom.

  7. Hi Dominique. Could you plz tell us more on what you know about the other side? Do the Reptoids have access to all the souls after the physical death? I’ve read the books of Dr. Michael Newton and I understand at least one group of souls have a different story other than meeting the Reptoids!

    • I have heard conflicting info. –DN

      • Well what is it that you have heard?

  8. please DN- tell us what you know about our souls being captured or not?

  9. hi guys- hope everyone is ok i love all of you-i was thinking that all of us were brought together for some reason– we have all been together now for about a year – some of us longer-i myself have been here longer than anyone else

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