David Wilcock Has Ascended!

It is true, he did ascend to 5D (his original, that is) with help from the Arcturians, and he has been helping Mr. FWH on his being stuck in a 3/5D non-moment loop. Even though his original is no longer in 3D, his assassin clones controlled by the NSA and DAARPA are still in the shadows.

In 5D, there are no tears or four leaf clovers.

david wilcock ascended master

posted by A.M.


42 Responses

  1. Are these clones going to continue his website and webcasts?

  2. glad to hear that David has ascended and I thank him for all his hard work. On a different note related to the link I am surprised that woman who runs cassopaea let that be posted. Always had a rather funny feeling about her…

    • why is anyone glad that a homo murdere ascended??

      • thanks for your opinion, such constructive criticism is always welcome.
        you really think someone with such low vibrational thoughts (intent to murder etc.) could attain ascension? one can always repent and learn and grow… just a thought

        judge not falsely lest ye be judged falsely

      • hey chris theres a major law of karma that must be paid for murder do your homework before u preach about not judging
        Wilcock was a Masterbaitor not a ascended master

  3. Thank you, Aaron. I’ve wondered about David lately. Hope he helps FWH get the hell unstuck.

  4. Oh Okay, he has ascended…holy bat shit batman, but his clone remains, awwww how sad…lets see what other original hue-man will ascend, but leave his clone behind…. you guys are fucking retarded!

    • Clones can’t ascend. And besides, he didn’t clone himself; others cloned him.

  5. Well Kerry Cassidy announced on Revolution Radio last night that the boy David was still here!! So who is right, Kerry or you guys??

    • she also said Michael Hemmingson would be on her show next week, and he was recently cloned after being murdered by Duncan O’Finioan, so what does that say? ==DN

      • It says to stick to this Idy-Idy-Wild group blog site like peanut butter and jam with rye bread.

        Rest in Peace Michael Hemmingson….someone should warn Kerry that Michael and David are two clones in a pod. (When i was a kid that movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers always seemed to bother the heck out of me.) now i know why…sheesh.

        I had a horrible nightmare the other day, it involved my sweetheart Dominique being cloned underneath a Airport….woke up thinking i got to save her..but realized i don’t know where she lives. lol

      • Oh geez, how the hell did that happen? Poor Michael, another innocent victim of O’Finioan. Kerry should take care, she might be next on his hit list.

    • Wilcock was a murderer according to FWH
      its posted on his board
      this is bs that he ascended

  6. Good to hear about David’s ascension. Thank You.

    • Ya lucky Devil.

      If i don’t ascend to the 5D during this lifetime, i’m heading back to the DAL Universe and ask for a re-do over.

  7. Care to elaborate on the “help” he was given by the Arcturians?

  8. Wait how does a murderer Ascend??
    FWH said theWilcock killed people
    please explain

    • He only killed while being controlled by the Cabal. He was programmed. After he broke the program, with the help of FWH and the Pleiadeans, he was purified. –DN

      • he was controlled by the cabal with what demonic possession
        mind control explain?
        how was he purified? by the hand of Jesus Christ?
        you guys need to explain better than this to convince me wilcock ascended
        I have led a much better life in healing thousands of people
        w holistic medicine but did not ascend but a homosexual shill
        whos used as a cabal assasin ascends thats a freakin disgrace
        next your claim Aleister crowley was deprogramed too
        & hes now santa claus in the north pole lol

    • smileDr i think you are confusing ascension to 5D, with 3D’s going to heaven bullshit.

      • danka but anwhere is heaven compared to this earth timeline

    • David Wilcock has helped millions of people. And his previous life of Edgar Cayce, healed hundreds of thousands. Working to exhaustion every day to serve those in need, without charging money. Out of love.

      • UNCONDITIONAL love.

      • Yes. Anyone saying otherwise is only seeing a part of the story. And that other side of story is VICTIMIZATION.. not willfull intent. On Feb 7, 2013 9:41 PM, “The Idylwild Group” wrote:

        > ** > Kindigo commented: “David Wilcock has helped millions of people. And > his previous life of Edgar Cayce, healed hundreds of thousands. Working to > exhaustion every day to serve those in need, without charging money. Out of > love.”

  9. I hear the tooth fairy has been cloned as well

    • santa claus lol

  10. why is david wilcock releasing his lecture schedule on his site if he was ascended??

  11. How about his wife? She was left?

  12. FWH- also said wilcox was part reptillian through his mother- don’t understand his ascension!

    • yes part reptilian indeed they time traveled & screwed with his
      conception or dna remeber fwh said that
      also mentioned his name fit wilCOCK did not like woman in the sack lol

  13. I don’t know much about clones and their mental capacity. But, I just read the last posting of David (Jan. 13, 2013) and it was extremely interesting. It sure sounded like the old David. Are clones that sophisticated? I’m impressed!

    • dear allaria, if they put a clone running the White House what do you think, sophisticated enough?

      • Good point, neusch…wow!

  14. hillarys clone is going blind??

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