The Cloning of Stephen Kelley

Steven-D-Kelley1We have intel that whistleblower Stephen D. Kelly was kidnapped by the clone of Benjamin Fulford, with the help of Templar agents and possibly a rogue clone of Anya Briggs, and taken to the cavers stronghold at the Getty Museum and then mag-lev transported to the clone labs at 29 Palms, where I was once held captive. There, five clones of Kelley were made, three put on ice and two inserted into the world to take his place.

Trust no clones.

posted by A.M.


82 Responses

  1. The video, is that the real Stephen? 29 Palms. My son was there. Has nightmares about dark greys. Self medicating since then.
    I guess Stephen is no more. Sad for him and his family. No freedom, no safety.

    • Yes, they Orion greys, tall ones, are at 29 Palms. –A.M.

      • Thanks, Aaron. I’ve been working with him when he’s calm.

  2. Trust no clones??How do we peons distinguish real or not?Is my next door neighbor a clone?My relatives??What is real-What is Illusion?
    By the way,Can lead bullets kill Reptillians?

    • Ditto, Paul……y’all help a girl out an give us a tip…. thanks.

      • I don’t think bullets will work, muddogg. πŸ™‚

    • use your intuition Paul… if the person appear somewhat vacant, dead eyes, no aura around them.. well then you have a clone
      bullets wont work against the reptoids & neither will katana’s .. particle beam weapons are about your only hope
      psychic attacks wont work either given they have psychic field nullifiers

      so who here fancies helping me build some tech! only got a few weeks and counting, although miracles do happen πŸ˜‰

      • If you have the ability to see auras, you will probably NOT see an aura from a clone, as they have no souls or true life force that comes with an original. –A.M.

      • Some personal upgrades would be nice right now.

      • touchΓ© rusirius πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, so sad about this news – this may explain why:

    • We think Anya may have been involved with working with the Fulford clone to kidnap Kelley.

      • Lovely.

      • Not the “Anya” in Brooklyn but a West Coast clone of hers that went rogue from the Fallon AFB facility that clone was being held at for psychic grid purposes.

      • Dangerous thing to be running loose.

      • And I know of another one of her clones held at Dulce and used by the Dracos there in rituals. –A.M.

    • Ahh, the video I was looking for earlier, Sastun. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  4. I can see why they cloned him if the clones carry his knowledge and intelligence. Wow! Thanks, Aaron. I do wish the best for him.

  5. what a load of bullshit. you never post any of my critical comments. this is a troll blog.
    obvious troll blog is obvious. Diamond spiders. insects, all predictions that are back peddalled on when the date comes. Ascension on the 21st HAHAHAH

    Post this i double dog dare you or walk through my walls . You have posted NO proof it’s all bullshit and fear based . I believe in off earth brothers but your cube on the sun images are 9 months old

    • The cubes were empty, only way they could move them through a portal via the sun, otherwise it would have been BBQ reptilian leg time. The reptoids got through the blockade by using a teleport tech unknown to the Andromeda Council, going from their troop ships to the cubes. Is that so hard to comprehend? The intelligence level of the human race is so comparable to a speed bump, no wonder there are space bruthas from udder dimensional muthas who have given up on us. Your limited view of reality is proof. If you do not like this blog, go away and make no comments. You will not be missed, and that is the extent of your importance. We have a war to fight, you can eat your potato chips and watch TV and whack off to net pR0n –AM

      • Amen.

      • lol

      • πŸ™‚ Must be from Missouri.

    • What a troublesome fellow.

      • Aye, that he is. =)

  6. Just remember friends it is all an illusion. Forgive and get over it.

  7. Hi Group, I was wondering if you could give me some insight into my current situation.

    Sunday morning, I was lying down in bed (couldn’t sleep the night before) thinking about my life and the mess it’s in. I was thinking about the situation with everything, and realized I wasn’t really myself the last couple years. So I demanded Source to give me my real self back, and I went through some psychological/energetic trauma. Then I really started to feel more human, like the self that I lost. Before this I was feeling like a robot zombie (greys influence?).

    Since then I’ve been trying to go through the motions of work, college, etc. and I just keep asking myself what the hell happened to me and my life. It’s like the real me is back trying to clean up the mess by someone else pretending to me. I know I can do it, but it’s just hard right now considering my circumstances. I haven’t been able to sleep at all (night terrors, energetic bombardments, feeling like I was tortured), so my physical and emotional health are suffering.

    I would like to have some kind of normalcy in my life, but it seems like every time I try to, there are an infinite number of obstacles holding me back. I doubt most of this is karma because is it even possible to have insurmountable karmic burdens?

    I’m of an immigrant family from Bangladesh (was born there), and everyone always told me I was different, special, meant to change the world, etc.. Even people I meet recently say similar things or I know they’re thinking it. Other people seem to hate my guts upon meeting me for the first time for no explainable reason.

    My intuition/psychic abilities (not very strong, but I have some) are very weak right now and I can’t even look into my situation.

    See, I don’t think I was ever implanted or a failed experiment as a supersoldier or anything like that (but I would appreciate it if you could search). I don’t have any gaps in my memory that I know of, except days when I’ve been really sick and chronic fatigue kicks in. I know I don’t get sleep those nights and during the day I don’t do much, but that’s the only noticeable memory gaps I know of.

    I know a lot of things happened to me in some recent past lives (that I can’t seem to recover from), but something tells me it’s not that either.

    I had an extremely miserable and traumatic childhood and it somehow feels like my family, especially my parents (my father might not be my biological father based on certain things that don’t add up) are being manipulated into making my life as hellish as humanly possible. I was tortured routinely as a child over simplest mistakes (parents didn’t do this to siblings, and I don’t think my relatives did anything to this extent to their children). I was and still am (in some way) abused every way except sexually, and I can’t emotionally handle completely breaking away from them because…. well, you probably understand.

    I was going to ask FWH but I guess he’s stuck in time, and I tried to connect to him astrally but was unable to.

    Any help or insight into my current situation will be appreciated, and keep up the good work you’re doing in fighting the cabal forces. I’m rooting for you.

    • Chenhua says: “You chose this life, you have a mission, and agreed to suffer, but to suffer is to serve.”

      • Those that volunteered to be here on earth are now being called into their missions. Many are accepting, many are backing out. Please, don’t back out. I’m not. I have friends that are not backing out, though they are tormented day and night.

      • to serve whom

    • Implants cause the fatigue, Moose. I didn’t know I had any until one of them fucked up and caused severe pain. ET implants haven’t caused me problems, but MILAB/man made does. Have a “they came and got me last night hangover”. I hate these days.

  8. What is Obama’s purpose in nominating Chuck Hagel? Is it another consciousness change like recognition of Palestine, or is it a ploy to quiet down the opposition?

  9. So, let me get this straight. The reason we are here, on Earth, is to be used unknowingly by the ptb until we know it. Then, while we are knowing it, we wish we could really do something about it, but we really can’t. So, while we are doing the measley stuff we can do to help, we go to this blog and vicariously get satisfied reading about what people who can really do something about the state of the world, do. Is that right? ….. Good. I feel better now…. I think…

    • lolol YUP! That about sums it up, allaria. πŸ™‚

      • Yah know sirius, this is the least misunderstood I have ever been in my life! I love you guys πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ I know what you mean, Allaria. Ditto.

    • Hi Allaria, please don’t discount the value that you contribute to making the world a better place. The reason that we exist on Earth is for something far more profound that the so-called ‘powers that be’ could possibly imagine. There have been many individuals throughout history who have shown us what is possible to achieve within the human form. Who is to say that you are not capable of doing the same? Go deep within your heart. You may be quite surprised what you find!

      Peace and God Bless.

      • Thank you akranda, you’re a sweetheart

    • My my…..allaria11 wove a tapestry of strange and confusing words,that as far as we know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.

      • The view over Lake Michigan is beautiful, CZ!! Come on up!!

  10. FYI, I live in the Bronx not Brooklyn and am home with a cold right now. Just so you know, you have it so wrong. My rogue clone is awesome. She’s not out running around like you Break Away disinfo agents, she instead does the laundry for me. And no, that’s not code or a metaphor for anything. She actually does the laundry for me. Bet your rogue clones can’t do that. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

    • Must have shit loads of “dirty laundry” to need help, Anya. lol

      • Max told me she never did his laundry. –A.M.

      • ROFL Really!! One of them dirty womens.

      • I never did his laundry because he did his own damned laundry. You people are not only made up, you like standing in the village square and throwing rocks at the rape victim as well. Chris, you’re not really revealing your cards by just saying your name is Chris. That’s SO brave of you. Revealing your first name is Chris. A name no man has ever had, ever, in the history of Western civilization. I commend you for your exceptional sacrifice in wartime. You’re so brave! I really don’t care about the commenters’ names- your narcissism and utter cluelessness being an endless source of amusement aside. I was referring to The Idylwild Group’s real identiy/ies. But it’s nice that you all insert your self-absorption into everything. Oh, and this “brusqueness” you have for me, “Aaron”- its not really how he is with me. You being a cool jerk isn’t his style. You’re not getting him right. In other words, you’re a terrible actor. Same with that CIA sell out on your crew. If she even exists at all.

      • I am not a sell out. I was saved from forced servitude. And Aaron is a much different man, a much better human than when you knew him in the past and who he once worked for. –D.N.

      • Oh really, “D”? You sure know a thing or two about honor, right? When you aren’t making catty, bitchy comments about me, you’re too busy plagiarizing my life and taking direct information about my experiences and using it for literary (I use that term loosely) embellishment to spread disinformation. Or do I need to remind you yet again that I was the one who first wrote about Roan and John Barkley? Years before this blog even existed and in multiple formats? You are nothing but a scumbag plagiarist and hijacker of people’s lives. At least now you’re letting me post comments about that. You censored me for months prior to this sudden about face decision to finally let me post. If this response even gets posted at all. You’re part of the reason I don’t trust the Feds at all. “Honor”? Give me a fucking break. Youre some bored interloper who thinks life isn’t interesting enough so you have to borrow someone else’s. Oh yes, you’re the great pretender.

      • This is NOT Anya Briggs. You’re an imposter. Is this Shawn or Randy Maugans? –A.M.

      • Sorry about that Dominique. That shot belongs here, Anya.

      • It’s amazing to me how much doublethink and disinfo is going on here. “Aaron”, if it’s not me, then why don’t you take all that technological sophistication at your group’s disposal and see the location of where my post is coming from? I’m on my iPhone now – and quickly getting bored. I know you all knew the gig was up and now you’re getting your bugout bags ready to leave again because this disinfo campaign has crashed and burned to the ground, but seriously. The least you can do is give credit where credit is due, assholes. I’m so glad I’m not you. You’re such sad little people who don’t even have the presence of mind to realize when you’ve been screwing yourselves this whole time and you don’t even know it. I feel very sorry for you. And no, this isn’t Maugans. That guy’s a moron.

      • Chenhua says: “Purple pebble.”
        Roan says: “Alara Blackwell.”
        Or maybe both? Sarah Stanga! –D.M.

      • Oh, nice mention about Shawn, btw. Not intimidated by that. Although if you really are there to protect and defend my honor (and me) you can tell him that you just wanna cut HIS feet off and carry them around in a box forever and ever like he told me. Give HIM a six am knock on the door and dont spare the rod with that crazed, delusional stalker. He’s been bothering me for years. I think you’re actually dark side ONI, truth be told. You have just the right amount of nastiness in your tone… And I think you’re also an incredibly jealous, possessive person.

      • Definitey not Anya. A true psychic would never be that off. πŸ™‚

      • Exactly, my friend! It’s a purple pebble trickster! –A.M.

      • Oh, goody!! My favorite color of pebble trickster. πŸ™‚

    • I could be wrong but i’m wagering $50 bucks that this is not the “Real” Anya. First off if this person was the real deal (Anya Briggs) then to show how wrong i am, she should make a “quick” 2:00 video saying to me that “Here i am Citizen Zero! i read your comment and its all me.” but i bet “this fake Anya” will say something in order for her or him not to do this small video.

      (One thing is i hate most, is imposters pretending to be well known respectable people.)

      Activation Code: Cherry-09-Rootbar-9669-Alice-Sweet-36-Lime

      • Could be a clone or a fake. –AM

      • I love how this turns so quickly. A bunch of hackers now jerking off to whether or not this is really me. Which is ironic, considering that all of the people posting here as the people they say they are, are not the people they purport to be. I actually post my real name, and no one believes me, lol- this is really funny, actually. I needed a laugh, so thank you. BTW, your activation code is nonsense, CZ. You’d get more pussy if you cut the lime and added a tomato. Code breaking? Really? Is that your forte? Then why do you get it wrong so much of the time? “Lives are at stake!”

      • I could go for a nice steak but I am trying to be a vegetarian at the prodding of Chenhua, Roan and the Andromedans. But Alex Collier still demands extra papperoni on his food replicator pizzas. –A.M.

      • Not everyone hides online, Anya. Don’t throw accusations you can’t back up. Simply because you don’t know. Blanket statements. sheesh.

      • so Anja if you consider us all a bunch of hackers masquerading and I say I am Chris, who do you really feel I am?

      • that ought to have been Anya sorry (I have a german friend called Anja and they are pronounced exactly the same)

      • Damn! A jet just buzzed the house. WTF! It appears you nailed this one, CZ. πŸ™‚

      • You owe me $50, by the way.

      • Time to collect your money if anyone bet against you, CZ. lol

  11. Your Bronx laundrymaid slave clone is different from your Los Angeles Templar-controlled clone. You have five clones, Anya, just like I do. I told you that when James and I MILAB’ed up in the TR-3B long ago. “Five copies,” I said, but James argued for ten. “We need many memory hubs,” he said. –A.M.

    • I bet you like that i have a rogue clone slave laundress. You black ops guys are so kinky.

      • And yes. You boys certainly like arguing over me.

      • Did. Past tense. You’re not as important to us as you were before. You KNOW this, ma’am. –A.M.

      • lol Seem to be sweeping out from under the rug, too.

      • Eww. –DN

      • Dominique, it’s ewww, or laugh your ass off. =)

    • You dont use SSD disk or Akashic to storage memory?
      Akashic field can storage unlimited data, right?

  12. Good find. Enjoying the interview. Thank you.

  13. Tonight, someone sending to me a grasshopper. I caught it and broke its leg, but I cant feel its fear, so it is surely a android. When I put it near me, I feel lost energy. Is it the way Cabal use to clone people?
    Mantoid was defeated, so who is sending me a grasshopper android?
    I use much time to mediate but why I cant access to Akashic data except some of my own memory?

    • This is like reading a novel…

    • how can you apparently feel it’s lost energy but not the fear at having its legs broken?
      how does a mechanical grasshopper (you use the term android which is akin to something mechanical) equate with an organic clone?
      why do you feel the need to access the akashic records, is this in sto or sts (service to others or service to self?). everything happens for a reason and you will remember if you need

      • I lost my energy and feel tired when put that grasshopper near me.
        I can feel the feeling of some big insect just by looking at them. This is the empathic ability.

  14. Hi everyone, not a clone, sorry
    Steven D Kelley

    • How would you know, Mr. Kelley? You would not. Our intel indicates you were cloned by the cavers. –D.N.

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