Message Found on Old Babylonian-Era Cuneiform Tablet

Finally translated by archeologists at Duke University, it reads:


For those who know between

the real and the show

we say, to your scattered clones go!

O! the progeny of Cain

will always toil in vain

while the children of Abel

human by rights of Adam and Eve

on this earth they will not leave

ripping the dual hearts from the bloodline of the serpent

heaven spent, their long bones burnt.

You know whom we speak of,

separating the hawk from the dove.


17 Responses

  1. Fascinating!! Thank you. Love the ancient writings. just changed history yet again. πŸ™‚

  2. Ok…sounds great….BUT, who is who? Say a person with O neg blood….Is that Abel’s bloodline, or Cain’s? AND….the blood has become so mixed up….does it matter? OR, does this just refer to good vs evil? Thanks.

    • 2 different races of beings.

      • But, aren’t the negative blood types a different species? Hence, the neg female not being able to carry a + baby? Just trying to figure it all out.

      • I’ve round and round this subject for years and still don’t have a complete answer to any of it. I know what Nicolas de Vere said about the rh- factor in his book, The Dragon Legacy. He seemed to be white hat for a time and then disappeared from the social msm’s. His bloodline party/club members deemed him schizophrenic and that is when he left the public. I don’t believe he is mentally ill as they say. He was against them, the royals of Europe. You might be interested in his book. Lots of info, I don’t know how one sided it might be. but a good read. His bloodline dates back to Cain according their family tree.

      • this is so convaluted-trying to get my head around it-so what i have read is- enil and enki (et scientist) took the dna of neanderthal humans and their own reptillian dna and created us-but the bible states adam was the first man and eve the first woman(human hybrids- as we are all hybrids) in the garden of eden ( the gardens on the andromedan spaceships are called edens– but adam and eve only had two son’s cain and abel- so abel had sex with eve to create a woman- so cain killed abel out of jealousy ?dunno hard to figure it out!evil and his offspring

  3. Yes, I can make people nuts. I always know when they are online. lol

    • those hawks just love to try and kill the doves
      (be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves πŸ˜‰ )

  4. and its rhyme in english?

    • And in German and French! –DN

      • I assume that the rhyming is intentional by the original writers as a way of helping people to remember the poem… just a thought

  5. i assume adam and eve were enlil and enki?-but there is something bothering me- the illuminati use the dove to represent queen semaramis( sadam hussien had a huge white dove painted on the wall of his palace) queen semaramis is symbolized in many ways e.g. virgin mary-columbia-statue of liberty etc and mick jagger (a known satanist) let go hundreds of white doves at the concert he gave-this research is a collusion of winding paths and vines and tunnels to get to the truth- but as well as being frustrating it can also be fun lol!

    • No Adam and Eve were created by Enki. –DN

      • What of Adam’s first wife, Lilith?

      • She is still around. –DN

      • =) Hell, yeah.

  6. can you please provide some links to this translation? i’ve searched and found nothing… I trawled the duke website too. may have to contact them

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