A Vital Old Interview

This interview conducted before Cmdr McCollum was cloned and held captive at the underground facilities at 29 Palms.


20 Responses

  1. could of spelt his name correctly .

    • this video blocked in my country-it’s ok though already seen it!

  2. The into is long and reminds me of this. 🙂

    Listening now.

  3. Let’s try intro instead of into. hehe

  4. I was in project talent, introduced around the age of 8. I requested records. hahaha Said they don’t have time and this was after telling me I had access to my records.

    • Have you done any interviews about your time in Project Talent? Written about it?

      • No. I have no proof. Just what I have experienced. Every where i turn is a locked door on this matter. The first memory is of the chair.

      • What kind of female ets have instead of what are called breasts, they have what are called globules?

      • Mantis females. –DN

      • Thanks, Dominique. So, they used me from the age of 8. I’ve looked for this answer for years. Thanks, sweetie. You know the 2 headed look people give about this kind of info. 🙂

      • Should you be willing, I’d love to read about your experiences. No proof needed.

  5. Portals open and functioning, death camps up and ready to function, hybrids, DUMBS. All coming into one now.
    Thanks for mentioning PT. Strangely enough they answered me snail mail, not email.

  6. Video’s been taken down, anyone have a alternate link?

    • Video’s posted above. 🙂 Top of the article.

    • project camelot go in to archives vids with aaron and james

  7. why did he stop Aaron when he wanted to describe some aliens! – what a shame

    • Happens frequently when a guest has something to really say. They never let them.

  8. Haven’t seen this video before. I looked for more videos of you speaking out after your video with Kerry C. Thanks for sharing.

  9. http://www.zawya.com/story/Dhs280_million_Stargate_to_offer_unlimited_edutainment-ZAWYA20081027113609/

    Hello everybody. Is this of any interest?

  10. Id like know more about “Fippers” dolphin dna tail

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