How to Fabricate a Fictional Past

Mr. Chinless  says he engaged in the “Chuck Norris training” at 19 yet has told many he himself trained Chuck Norris at the CIA “Farm”? The key word here is really “pharm” as in drugs, delusion and booze. Booby Joe dunno that those Chuck Norris movies are scripts, not documentaries. Ask da AX about Mr. Scream in da Head.

posted by A.M.


18 Responses

  1. His eyes look like his brain is scrambled eggs.

    • lacking toast, and with stale coffee! –AM

      • lol I noticed on one of his, Dunks, videos, FWH confronts Randy Maugans. Randy is a smug shit.

      • FWH has bitch-slapped Maugans so many times that Randy don’t know dandy from candy or pansy from Hurricane Sandy. –AM

      • That would make a nice video, FWH slapping Maugans over and over again. hehe To something like, let the bodies hit the floor.

      • LOL!!!

        you guys 😀

      • Ha! A healer, physician and shaman? They can’t seriously call him that.

      • And he trained Chuck Norris! (Wonder what Chuck has to say about that!) And he was a champion kick boxer although his name or face is nowhere to be found in the annals of the Kickboxing League. I always wondered when he would claim to have studied under Choidon Daikkaku and say he has a red belt with the White Dragon Society. “The Karate Kid” was based on his life, did you know? And he time traveled to train Bruce Lee. There is a comic book in the making about all his adventures with Allison/Miranda/AX during their Farm Years. Did I say bovine and poultry time? Oh the eggs! –AM

      • lol No, I’ve not seen his name in kick boxing, or any martial art for that matter. During the farm years? lmao Hide the chickens.

      • One may wonder if that car accident didn’t scramble his eggs to burnt chickens. –AM

  2. This is OFF TOPIC:

    Can any member tell me what information you have or what is your opinion about a group calling themselves: The Anonymous?

    They claim to be coming this year 2013.

    I love you Dominique! (had to get that outda my chest) 😀

    • They are connected to The Blessing. –DN

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 3 smiles for that, Citizen. hehe

  3. Why did I ever create this clown? Forgive me world.

  4. You would think people who hold themselves with such high regard for the well being of this planet that you would spend your time more positively productive instead of just hating on the same bunch of people, this is getting old guys!

    • Curious- relax- they are just having some fun!- we need more humour on this blog!- love and light to you!

  5. When did he claim to ahve trained chuck norris I want to see that interview?

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