Former CIA Agent Known as a Loose Cannon

Who else in the intel community was known to be a Louis Kahn Nin?


20 Responses

  1. Sweet! We are all but there. Thanks, Dominique. I think it’s almost a little late for disclosure. The implants are torturous to we abductees these days. Very painful and peace of mind destroying. I figure they have upped the degree of torture from these things for a reason at this particular time. Feel like it ties in here some how.
    The ear buzzing, nearly got me killed the other day. I turned in a controlled busy intersection, heard nothing, saw nothing. An ambulance nearly t boned me. The “buzzing” in the ear amped up when I drove into the turn, same pitch as the siren that i never heard. This is bullshit.

    • Hey sirius, the ringing in my ears has amped up also and I have an additional new tone. It’s lower. It’s particularly annoying because I keep thinking there’s a machine or a motor running all the time. It freakin sucks!!
      Does anyone remember what silence sounds like??

      • Ha! Never heard silence in my life, allaria. lol I’ve had the ringing/buzzing as far back as I can remember. A strange buzzing has kicked up in number lately. These began while I was in colorado. I physically feel something moving into my ear. Cuts off all sound except the high pitched ring. I can barely move when this happens and it moves through my head and out the other ear it seems. Anything like this I’ve described? Then the ones that suddenly drown out sirens. haha

      • Yes, Sirius, I have had that noise run through my head from one ear to the other. It happens mostly at night and it sort of sounds like a high pitched humming spaceship zipping through my head. Sometimes the pitch is low as it zooms by. The low ones give me a dark kind of feeling. Not sure why.
        I’ve had the zoom- by- humming for a couple of years now. It is increasing in frequency and intensity. I don’t think I like it.
        I’m so glad you brought this up cuz I was gonna ask you about it. 🙂
        btw, I think you are brave for talking about your past and I really appreciate you!!!

    • I feel sad when I read what you’re going through. It appears that the dark forces have intruded on one of our most sacred areas, that is the ‘sound of silence’ itself. As you may be aware, there are many tones that are self-generated from our inner being, with each chakra corresponding to a different note. This is the ‘anahata nada’, the unstruck sound. In deep meditation, you can hear this tone (and tones within tones) down the middle of your body, particularly at the heart centre. It is a sound that has both softness and power. Since your kundalini seems to be awakening quite powerfully, it may be that the artificial sounds and the sacred tones are intermingling. Please note that I’m no expert on any of this and can only refer to my own experiences. As for myself, the Power and sound of the Deep Silence has increased quite significantly lately (but I can still ignore it when I feel like being lazy!)

      Peace, Love and Light.

      • I think you may be right, akranda. Thank you, sweetie. So many symptoms mimic each other that it’s difficult to tell what is what, or where it’s coming from. The implants have literally been buzzing, so I know they are part of it. I love the kundalini awakening part. It’s like moments of extreme clarity and knowledge mixed with what’s my name again.
        The sounds one hears in between sleep and awake are produced by kundalini and implants.

    • rusirius- i really feel for you-xxxxxxxxx

      • Thanks, Limeyok. I’m really not complaining. I post my symptoms in case someone else is experiencing the same, but have no idea what is happening to them. And, many are just plain scared out of their wits. Hoping to offer some solace, they aren’t alone. =)

  2. I was at one point thought to be Louis Kahn Nin,until the morons realized that i created the Unified Consortium Nexus Intergalactic Alliance and that my name had a nickname behind it. so they were unable to pin that name to me i guess these people are desperate to find a target to aim at…what a fickle lot.

    • Tis why they call Sir Maugans da Ass-Hatter of Anti-Matter! –AM

      • Yup so very true my dear friend very true indeed lol 😀

      • 🙂

      • Hey… this is a blast! Do you know where Maugans alter ego, Peter Kling, is? He’s been MIA since the middle of November.
        (or has he just given up his front?)

      • Hiding with his tail under butt. –AM

      • hehehe

    • Typical witch hunts, Citizen Zero.

    • Louis Kahn Nin= loose cannon- get it!

  3. You mean this is the REAL ID of FWH?
    He got into this trouble as he is still caught between 3D and 5D?

    • No, this guy is NOT the FWH. Just loose cannons all around. –DN

  4. I am Spartacus!!!

    Actually no come to think of it that’s my mum, she likes to dress up a bit.

    I’ve definitely met him!!!…

    … Her!!!

    No, now you’ve got me confused… …let me just read this again then I’ll make a…

    …mmm, you know come to think of it, I don’t think I will comment on this item…

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