Red Alert!

soho-1The reptilian armada has broke through the Kuiper Belt blockade and two ground troop motherships have taken orbit around the sun, as seen here with a Plejaran/Pleiadean mothership keeping them from breaking orbit.

The lizards are waiting for a re-grouping with the Laher People and the Annunaki reps. The mantoids were nullified, as reported by the dimensional trapped FWH.

Naval and US Space Command, even with help from UN Space Command, are no match. The Council will make interventions, if possible.

It’s all about time tables and timelines.

But it seems the earth invasion is inevitable in this timeline. 10 foot tall reptoid troops on your streets and in your homes.

Prepare for the war, people, prepare!


posted by D.N.


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  1. do the reptoid troops posses psychic field nullifiers?

    • yep

      • damn

      • I guess it is going to be pretty hard to get my hands on a particle beam weapon here in the UK! so prayer and intent is going to have to suffice for the meantime. T’ai chi et al. will obviously have no effect whatsoever esp. with psychic field nullifiers in place.
        Probably another reason why I have not slept properly in months!

      • I haven’t either, Chris. And, the damn ear ringing/buzzing is off the scale. Implants buzzing all over my body. Didn’t know i had that many. ha

      • Well at least the reptoid troops didn’t each possess any magnetic celeron energy neutralizers.

      • when I was living in London I used to get massive fluttering in my ears everytime a plane flew over head. It got so bad I had to avoid flight paths in the end. Now its just ringing in the ears sometimes, not to mention stiff neck at times

      • Yeah, the implants can get into your neck as well. I have one in my right shoulder that locked my neck completely a couple of weeks ago. And, searing sharp pains up the temples. Not fun, I do feel for you, sweetie. I wish I knew what to do about these things. I haven;t found a way yet to stop them. Nuclear power plants set the one in my shoulder to buzzing. πŸ™‚
        I have tried everything, physically, etherically……….

      • You guys are describing the stuff I am experiencing too. Ear buzzing started a year ago, neck pain, jabbing head pains and lots of strange experiences and horrible dreams of being abused around the same time it started. The dreams seemed familiar like recollections rather than dreams…running naked and trying to get away..then being caught and blacking out. Very weird.

        For fun, I had someone at an event scan me for implants and I was positive….not sure what to think of that. But a radiation meter probably wouldn’t lie.

        Not sure if I am just having wild dreams or what.

      • My “dreams” turned out to be memories from childhood up. Abductees have a vivid dream life. Some memories that are recovered are screens for what really happened to/with you. Pay attention to you dreams, strseed, close attention. πŸ™‚

      • How did you ever figure out that the dreams were memories? Based on some of these “memories” my actual life makes more sense sometimes. I am not sure they are just dreams right now, but have no idea how to figure out the difference. Oddly, I had a UFO sighting around the time all this started. It’s like I was being watched over then woken up. Not like an abduction at that time. It was a push like over a cliff telling me to open my eyes and wake up to reality. Very strange… Then I went under hypnosis and things just got weirder…hence the handle: strseed.

      • Synchronicity plays a large part of knowing your dreams from forgotten/buried memories. Also, from a dream/memory a soul piece returned. Really weird. I walk up to myself, speak to myself and re-integrate. People saw this happen. Freaked them out, but yeah, lots of ways to prove to yourself that many of your dreams are your reality.

      • I also was taken to Disneyland at a very young age and could not part from the Mickey mouse hat. My folks talk about it to this day. Father was in the military, but no one of interest.

    • yeah listen to rusirius1111. She knows what she is talking about πŸ™‚ if you remember your dreams then that is important, right them down, keep a dream journal.. as for the ones you don’t remember don’t get too hung up on them. If you need to remember you will in time.
      Incidentally I have a really vivid dream around mid November. It was in a medical facility.. well it was an enormous building with white walls all around and a central open core/atrium.. I remember lead people around these corridors (don’t know how many people though) and had to keep avoiding all these armed guards who were all clones. After so many periods of not remembering any dreams this one stood out in particular.
      Anyhow, now to go sort out my neck.. again! damn things feel like I have taken a big blow to the rhs

      • Gently feel the bones in your neck with your fingertips. You will find a place that is too sore to touch with a little pressing in. Lightly rub and press on that area, trying to get your neck to gently pop. Don’t strain your neck or use your hands to pop it, just your neck muscles. Hot towels help to loosen the muscles before you try to realign your neck.
        That fails, grab a Head On stick formulated for migraines, has to be for migraines. Rub this on as needed. It will relieve the pain and also loosen the muscles so the bones can go back into place. I wish you the best, sweetie. Really, most neck pain is not hard to control/heal.
        btw the migraine formula is great for sinus headaches, too. ha not an ad, just all I have found that will work. Can’t even get it here any longer.

      • Sorry about your neck. I have pretty bad pain and stiffness in mine as well.

        What is a “blow to the rhs?”

      • strseed – blow to rhs means i felt like i had been smacked round the back of the neck specifically down the right hand side

  2. FWH is still stuck?!? Shit. Thanks for the update and new info. So, Dominique…….no bullshit, what can we do? Lack of knowledge is our problem down here, sweetie. We need all the input we can get to help you, help us, help everyone. Love you guys.

    • Poor Mr.FWH, i bet he is getting sick of moving from 3D to 5D and back again like somekind of engine piston.

      • No, he is stuck in a single moment. Chenhua is working on the issue. –DN

  3. And, what are the best weapons for battling 10 foot tall reptioids? Please and thank you….

    • particle beam cannons and a paryer!

      • ok wheres the tech then dude

      • Maybe a gun is usefull?
        Viet Nam banes all guns
        we only pray for your help.

    • Do anyone got a sketch or a drawing of what they look like and what kind of armor type/design they have on?

      Reason why i’m asking is that since they have two hearts each under there armpits (claimed by Alex Collier through his Andromedan Contacts) by knowing what of armor there wearing helps. (FYI: They do wear “Armor” added to there already thick dense skin and bones).

      My opinion: Find a way to attack the heart if you can or knock out its “Arms” to expose the Reptilian’s weak spots which is its “Hearts” you must take both hearts down in order to kill it or somehow remove the “Head”. according to my sources these are the only sure options to killing one Reptilian. (don’t aim for the body its pretty much useless. saves you time….cause quite frankly that’s all you have left..not much of it, so use it to target its weak areas if you can and remember make sure you’ve got a team with you. better your chances of survival for meeting just “one” of them baddies.

      side note: even if you destroy one heart, it will still be alive to counter-attack. make sure its 2 not just 1 heart that you take down.

      • Not ALL reptoids have two hearts. The Orion Group, yes, but not the earth ones or the Annunaki reps. the Royal Dracos have a heart in their tail, the way Stegasarui had a second brain in their tail. Back-up. –DN

      • Dominique, would that be the sensitive area, tail/body connect?

      • Under the anus, yes. –DN

      • Ahh, thank you, Dominque. This could be messy. lol

      • Gotta be able to reach the armpits first, CZ. lol I might be a bit short. I have blades, no guns. Oh, and 3 pits.

      • roflmao I don’t have 3 armpits, 3 pit bulls. Open mouth and bray like a fecking jackass. I am soooo good at that. Should be a job some where that meet my requirements. Hey, I say exactly what I think. scary, I know. πŸ™‚

      • You got to be kidding.

        Well in that case were doomed. unless anyone has a endless supply of alien weaponry technology we can use. otherwise i guess prayer is the last option for now.

        Now see….this really blows man. dang nab it. crap man maybe i can look into some of Nikola Telsa’s inventions and see if i can stumble into some kind of invention that can be used as a weapon.

        Why Dominique? Why….oh Why….what a World….what a World.

        (Well Dominique if they come,i want to spend my last hours with you…say i always wanted to go to Disneyland. wanna come?)

      • Disneyland is a Masonic/Illuminati stronghold, connected to the Getty Museum (see Stephen Kelly) and 999 N. Sepulveda Bld. underground bases. There is a reason why all Disney cartoons are filled with mind control messages, and why Project Talent and Monarch work within the Mouseketeers. –DN

      • Thanks, Dominique. Can’t stand the Disneylands/worlds/movies.

      • I can think of better places to go down than at the dark hats child “training center”, CZ. lol

      • Now this comment went shivers up my spine. seriously for one thing as a kid i watched allot of Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and i’ve watched allot of Disney movies and cartoons, even now as an adult i have this repeated urge to watch them all over again. what bothers me more is i’m singing the Mickey Mouse song from the Mouseketeers (don’t ask me i’m trying my finger around that.)

        Also i’m a member of the Freemasons and going up the ranks (i think i better stop.) i’m hearing to much about this…plus according to my good amount of sources i was or still am currently involved in well over 6 projects from the original head of the MKULTRA, one of them was this Project Talent and with my memories and flashbacks (Past). i think all of this is fitting in perfectly not in a good way. 😦

      • Yep. It all makes a most ugly puzzle once you begin to remember and begin putting the pieces into a big pic. Makes your energy being want to fucking vomit. Then the anger…….that doesn’t have a release.
        I grew up in LA. Went to disneyland all the time. Even had the ears to wear while watching the mm club. Last time I went was not long after project talent picked me up. I was terrified of the rides, screamed and cried….before i laughed and had the best time. Disney sucks ass.

      • Ok, my life just seems weirder hearing all this. I live dangerously close to Disney studios and recently had a wacko guy as a roomie who worked there. Very strange situation which made me feel physically ill anytime he was around. I had to get him to leave which was hard. Can’t help but think he was planted there like some other people in my past…

      • Yep. Dump the ones you don’t want in your life, sweetie.

      • I go with my intuition and know to trust it. I get out of situations and away quickly from anyone who doesn’t resonate positively or congruently with my personal energies.

        Thanks for the advice. Would appreciate anything else to help on this journey of discovery that you might like to share:)

    • I think i wasn’t clear in my previous comment but each armpit has 1 heart just under it. (sorry i was reading my comment and it almost sounded like that had 4 hearts total. lol) they have just 2 hearts folks…yup oh my bloody soft fur and whiskers i dare not tell a lie.

      • Ahhh, ticklish hearts. Thanks, CZ. πŸ™‚

  4. … so a chance finally to see how long are the tails of the too famous lizzies !

  5. prepare how??

    care to be more specific?

    • prepare to fight or be eaten!

      • “theidylwildgroup”, Do you know IRRADIA Couple? In what way could they help Humanity? (your prespective…)

        Are Chemtrails, Radio-Chyme-Theraphies, depeleted uranium used in Wars and nuclear “accidents” preparing the weather and permiting in our Planet more couples like them?

        IRRADIA Couple from Russia
        “This is our regular food. Our way of life involves food based solely on inorganic chemical compounds. Since we are born not digest organic food (and besides, it hurts us badly), our food substitute chemicals, which we feel need of life. This is the minimum needed for the functioning of our bodies (in addition to radioisotopes). The most important in our life are the chemical elements – Cesium, Europium, Rubidium, Strontium, Lanthanum, and as Thulium and Lutetium. In these chemicals our body is experiencing particularly strong demand. It is vitally important elements that affect the functioning of our body. Of cesium compounds, the most important thing for us is the compound Cesium hydroxide (lye) and Cesium chloride. Our body gets its energy and is able to operate through these important chemicals that genetically we are major organogenic macro body. These chemical elements as vital to us as human importance of such chemical elements as potassium, calcium, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. To draw an analogy, we have, genetically, is an analogue of potassium – Cesium (stable potassium, our bodies do not accept – only Potassium-40), an analogue of calcium in our favor Strontium (Calcium for us very dangerous element, which damages and destroys the bone) and . etc. Simply, our body is genetically designed for other chemical elements, rather than the human body. We have different needs and, therefore, another way of life, other priorities in food and other concepts dosage consumables. We have a large genetic need body’s for all rare-earth chemicals.”+ “We are not of this dimension, not in this universe, not from this part of the Absolute. We have no “home”, but our measurements – Measurement of Radiation. This measurement is everywhere, it is just this parallel reality, access to it is not possible to any living or non-living creature / object. This is the most hostile environment of all that exist in the Absolute. The most powerful concept of the radiation field which can not meet in the mind and understanding of man. It is the energy, the power produced by this Absolute. This is infinitely powerful source of energy, the accumulation of all the known neutron stars, black holes, pulsars, quasars, supernovae, etc. Elemental Energy … I remember every detail his past. It just so happens that I have a good memory … “

      • They are hybrids, a new design for the human race. Like me, they have grey and dolphin DNA. –A.M.

    • Prepare…only High Organic Pulse Frequency, above 3&4D (5D & up) , can Liberate All!

      Aaron McCollum with Kavassilas, Comprehensive Interview – March Equinox 2013 –

      • a new design for the human race?- they live off radiation- so i guess when the planet is nuked in certain places – they will survive and live and procreate if they can-!

      • this is weird- aaron and kavassilas- FWH said kavassilas is a reptillian!

      • Thank you, Limeyok. I had forgotten that. Kavassilas is the one spouting get rid of your chakras.

  6. bring it

  7. Well that means my time here is about to end. Mr. FWH speculated that the Wingmakers send me here, but he wasn’t sure why.

    No matter what happens, I will stick to my honor and my Self. I hope I am doing the right thing by initiating contact with the Wingmakers. I can’t just stand by and watch humanity invaded by friggin’ reptoids.

    The needs of the many outway the needs of the few or the one. (Spock)
    It’s better to burn out than to fade away! (Kurgan, Highlander)

    Signing off,


    • Take great care, Havoc, where ever you go, should you go. Love you. πŸ™‚

    • We will miss your posts, Havoc. You expanded my mind. Don’t forget about us. Blessings wherever you go πŸ™‚

  8. I’m actually eager to see what happens when the religious authorities of the world realize what bullshit they have been following up to this point.

    • lol Isn’t that the damn truth! I’ve been waiting for this one a very long time.

      • I Second the notion…or was it Third?

    • Nothing short of priceless

  9. Anya & Sean,

    After completing my US Army service at Ft Sam, TX, I can state the following regarding NSA and DARPA run time-travel and cyborg program’s-

    : Nearby Lackland AFB is a gold mine of black operations! The Air Force base has one of the main NSA centre of operations in the country, named the Medina Annex.
    The NSA transferred it’s area base from Kirtland AFB, NM, to Lackland AFB, TX in 1997.
    They are transporting cyborg ‘super-soldiers’ from Ft Sam to Lackland then onto Kirtland. An underground shuttle runs from Lackland AFB north to Dallas and then west to New Mexico.

    : George Bush Snr a major participant in this program running operations from Dallas. Bush Snr is rumoured to have approx 5 million cyborg super-soldiers ranging from 5 years old to 25 on board orbital platforms around the outer atmosphere of the planet. They are transporting them back and forth from the Kirtland ‘Spaceport!

    : Sandia National labs located at Kirtland AFB is running a DARPA time-travel and cyborg program. Using LOOKING GLASS technology they have two teams of scientists back and forwards into time to the years 1812 AD and 2212 AD respectively. A third team stays in 2012 in New Mexico and they pass hardware back and forth between each other in time. These DARPA scientists main area has been passing robotic limbs back and forth, perfecting the exo-skeletons and then assembling them at places like Sandia, Los Alamos Labs and Dulce.

    : Ft Sam houses the Brooks Army Medical Centre ( BAMC ) on base. This hospital takes care of US soldiers who lose limbs in threatre of combat, reintegrates them back into society. These men are being transferred underground from Ft Sam to Lackland AFB then onto Kirtland for use in the DARPA cyborg program’s.

    James Casbolt

    • I was born at Lackland. My step mother hearing from god began there. haha damn military, not god. Stubblebine spilled a few of the beans for me. Saw his eyes turn completely black a few times.
      How old is this bio/post, hmc? Thanks for it. πŸ™‚

  10. Interesting development, for now, I suppose. The only weapons I have are several close combat weapons(Katanas for example), though I suppose that’s nothing to their arsenal.

  11. But how exactly we can fight this lizards beings????

  12. mmmhm;. well, I saw a lot of these pics and vids of objects around the sun and I do believe they are ships and motherships. What makes me wonder, dear Idylwildgroup, is that the pics you are mentioning seem to be about 18 months old.. why do you send them now..? shouldn’t something have happened in the meantime ? please don’t be offened by my post, but, the subject is so sensible that false and extrem fearmongering should not be appropriate ! thanks

  13. Soo whats the time table in all of this!!! I have seen Rituals, how they devoure their prey, its not a nice picture i can tell you, as i still got the images in my mind, see also the image in the revised V, in how they kill aswell!!

    • Tell us about them..How do they look? How tall? Did they have a breathing aperatus? I heard they do not breathe oxygen. How many pounds do you think they weigh? Any noise they make? What are the details of this please? and where were you when you saw them?

      • Hi, when i saw them was when my programmer dr. green took me to the various rituals, throughout the US and even abroad, when i was growing up in the 1970s and 80s. I saw of the ppl turning into reptilians by whatever means, from their average height of 5.8 a 6 feet to 8 or even higher as probably 10 or more. . . Some looked smooth skinned, while others had horn type bone structure, and they came in various hues of colors too. some where like off-white, on the top side and others from brown to greenish type of hues. They make growling type of noises and with their sharp claws they can rip open their victims, if it comes to weight i feel they easily could weighed up between 400 to 600 kilos, as i said my memories goes back to the 1970’s/1980s. Whats mostly is desturbing in my memories is the blood frenzy when the first victim is sacrificed, its quite horrific to say the least. And the smell of blood and the thought of this makes me vommitting, as it still has quite a effect on me. As bcos of my childhood mk-ultra programming i have now being diagnost with mpd as a result, i now have been starting with my deprogramming.As i was told thru various sources that i am still needed with 2 others of my group/coven to perform certain things in the future. I will not made them us me any longer. I know i cant stop them from doing what they’re planning but not with me in the picture. Soo by talking about things like this it aint easy, as i have still to deal with my memories, but if i can help others than things hasn’t been for nothing. . . For now take care, i hope this was of a little help, as by writing made me go thru this all over. . . But hopefully my experiences can help others. . Yours Truly, Robert.

      • Dr. Green, sometimes Greenbaum (green tree, trigger), was/is really Josef Mengele, brought to the USA under Project Paperclip and head of the MKUltra Programs from the 1950s-80s (Mark David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan). I say “si” because he was also used at Montauk to time travel and insert mind controlled assassins all the way up to 2050, so he can still be around. To really twist your mind, Mengele is/was also a clone of James Casbolt — a baby clone was taken from 1989 and sent back in time to “become” Mengele. –A.M.

      • So love the anomalies that pop up with time travel. πŸ™‚

      • Joey-read FWH blog for lots of info on this!

      • Hi again,

        Sofar i know, Dr. Green / Dr. Greenbaum [aka Dr. Joseph Mengele] died , sofar i know in 1989, as after that year i was able to get free from their clutches, even tho they tried my second programmer Dr. barrington [aka Baron Guy de Rothschild] to take over, who died in 2007, as both died in too easy ways. But i still deal thru my polyfragmented did [altho i still use the real tern mpd], as did is justa political compromise they made in the 90s ]. But my deprogramming will not be easy, as beside my mk-ultra monarch programming i dealt with an genetics subproject within the montauk project aswell.

        But for now take care and till nxt time,

        Yours Truly,

      • But Mengele is traveling through time, and he has clones. –AM

  14. So let me get this straight. You claim to be an elite group with aliens and other-worldly-beings in your middle, with supposed high-tech equipment and what-have-you and all you do here is nothing more than an average street bum with a sign on his chest “the end is nigh”?

    Care to be a little more specific and tell us how we’re supposed to fight this army of Godzillas? No? I mean if this threat is so dangerous to humanity, you’re doing a pretty lousy job with the information you provide to help anyone. No evidence, no nothing. We’re in 2013 and you can’t even make an HD video of a captured lizzy for us? Show how they shape-shift or anything? And your pictures of this supposed “Red Alert” are pretty old btw, so not even up-to-date pictures to help your claim?

    If you’re supposed to be the elite from our planet, we’re screwed. You’re even worse than Alex Jones and David Icke combined, because they are at least entertaining and you can actually see them do stuff every once in a while…

    Just bring us back FWH because he at least posted some interesting new stuff about briefings inside vulcanoes or tried to be entertaining with little James-Bond-esque stories here and there. This blog just sucks.

    • We never claimed to be “elite.” But we are pretty damn sexy and fantastic. –AM

      • your answer to “blue” shows that you are not what you pretend to be.. I mean, he/her is asking serious questions and has good arguments and you make fun of it.. typical reaction for someone with no serious answer.. could you guys just be a bunch of kids who took too much LSD and believe in their own hallucinations ?? Please be serious if you want to stay credible ! thank you

      • Your anger is from fear. Many hope to have their fears allayed here as there is no where else. It is not Idylwild’s fault we are in this shit pot. I appreciate every bit of into they give us. Much has to be understood from different levels of perspective and knowing. If they didn’t take us seriously they wouldn’t bother with us at all.

      • Damn straight you guys are!! How about a calendar, Idylwild? πŸ™‚

      • “Rusirius” ur wrong.. this is not anger, its frusteration that they feel, and it does not stem from fear, but from a desire for Truth. They are doing exactly what they should do and that is to question their source for information, and not blindley follow .. im also asking the same questions myself, this is also getting me irritated.. i notice that everytime something really bad is supposed to happen it fails or we get rescued.. so far, my skies are clear, there are no reptoids in my town, i sleep soundly, and my days are beautiful, when you pull yourself out of this blog and you look at your direct life around you, nothing has changed, everything is the same, my advice, before i slip back as an on-looker of this blog once again, is to start focusing on what is directly in your sphere of reality, because what is going on in front of your face is what is truly happening, a reflection of your psyche, if it isnt directly in front of you, it isnt “real” per se.. i read this blog from time to time, im not active anymore, because i have grounded myself to my Present. And if it isnt right smack in front of me, i dont believe it, even if it is entirely true .. again, it isnt in front of you, so you cant do aything about it anyway, and in that case, why even bother to give it any attention? And in the larger scheme of things, worrying about something you heard about, but isnt actually happening in front of you, and you cant do something about it, shouldnt even have its occurence considered, because in the end it just creates Fear, and who wants more of that? Lets get with the program people

      • I call it creating our own reality. πŸ™‚ I still think fear is part of it. What we don’t understand, we fear. Lots of “I don’t get it” going around the planet these days. Strange times.

    • MacGyver the info, Blue. πŸ™‚

  15. what is the likely hood that the andromedan council will intervene- and help and cpuld thet stop them?

  16. prepare to fight- with what love?- we do not have the weapons we need to fight 10 ft godzillas – how many of them do you think there will be?

  17. Some how i just dont believe this to be true. Im sorry but not that it cant happen but it wont happen. We are to strong and nothing can stop the love that has been poring in from the alignment. Pluse the arcanians will not alow this to happen.

    • People do not let fear control your lives. It is a way to control you. Rise above the lower vibrations and choose love not fear!


  19. Thanx for the update D.N. Those pictures are from 2011-2010….I was wondering if the video taken by a guy on youtube has to do anything with this war going on. It shows some object with another one orbiting around it and then the main object was exploded.

    Plus, I’d like to know if anyone out there is genuinely interested in helping us in the case of Reptilian attack. Any ideas D.N.?

    I also have to tell you that I’m sick and tired of the fact that we the people on this planet have to receive all types of info and some dis-info without having access to the means to actually verify them. Do you know what I’m talking about? I don’t know how long we have to hear this and that from you guys and other sources. I wish all the people on Earth be able to get first hand info and observation directly soon.

  20. The mantoids are entering dreams lately , they are stripped of their power from what I can tell and can only observe … had one visit me last night in my lucid dreams . It observed then left . Guess it expected fear but got another response from me LOL

  21. well- m yposts are not being posted-care to tell me why?

  22. so listening to kerry cassidy interview on project camelot with dennis mckenna terry’s brother- he states that the cube on the perimeter of the sun – is 7 times larger than the earth-and are there not 2?- but my intuition tellls me that they will be stopped and nulified- probably by our off world friends- then again i could be wrong again- but i don’t think so

  23. also i am worried about FWH-seems to me he is being held in between dimensions by the foe-then i could be wrong- but my intuition tells me this is the case- so get the job done and get him out of there!

  24. by the way- why isn’t anyone posting here- i feel all alone- just like hal in 2001 odyssey lol!

    • πŸ™‚ I thought similar the other day on here. Lonely I am.

      • I keep talking to you sillies and no one answers back, as if i’m somehow in some sort of echoing void??!! oh my fur and these bloody long whiskers!

      • πŸ™‚ Silly, we are talking back to you. I’ve discovered some really good gothic metal. hehe

      • Me too!!

  25. Which date/time should we expect to see reptilians arrive in mass on our streets? What is the head count for two ground troop motherships?

    • Your looking at a good solid armor fitting strong fighting Lizard force of about 10 million Fighters. good luck and happy hunting! lol

      • Be a good time for particular alters to kick in. πŸ™‚ wondering if one can make that happen themselves.

    • thefirststone- expect them sunday afternoon around noon for their afternoon stroll down main street- lol!

  26. I dont understand.. This post sounds like it means this event is breaking news although the picture clearly states it was from June 2011? So whats going on.

    • There waiting for re-grouping or in other words there waiting for more assistance from there pals the deformed one eyed mutants the Laher People and the Annunaki reps.

  27. I call bullshit

    • stop staring at your floaters! –AM

      • lol I have to ask, in all seriousness, Jiggs, where did you get your handle? I knew someone long ago that went by that name.

    • I concur

    • I mean I concur this is all bullshit

      • i recognize your concur- but do not concur- on your concurness-although i do concur that you have the right not to concur on this info!

      • lol

  28. An Interesting listen…

  29. 100th response!

    bring it on

  30. There are collapses of timelines, the picture is from june 20 2011. i have experimented little timeline jumps in my own reality sphere. We are ready for surviving guerrilla. Human mind is a weapon too. Two minds, non local connected are very powerfull. Unite, and blast the matrix.

    • I just want to see what my icon will look like lol

  31. i will not live a life on knees. I AM WHO I AM.

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