The War

Lot of battles going on in the solar system and underground.


19 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update. Been worried about you guys…

  2. Aware of this. Thanks for the confirmation. You guys please watch your asses. Love having all of you around. I have a rep friend working the underground battles. Haven’t heard from him in a month or so.

  3. You could have more reporters and photographers…

  4. look at what Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings are saying:

  5. Are there any empty slots in light military?
    Im boring in living in my fucking stupid family…

    • You will be reptile soup soon, don’t worry, dude. –A.M.

      • well thanks a lot aaron- for building our confidence- if you were my military commander you would be fired-ok for you to talk like that- you are not ground level and going through this shit- thanks for the moral boost- shit head!

      • limeyok you need a vacation to Asperon III in the Gelta System seriously and while your there soaking up some sunshine laying on the blue sands looking at its three moons of Yelshi, Reslone and Tynerries just think you will never have come back to the planet of tears ever again. true you will be the only human there along with the Ant people, but hey you will be happy. enjoy your time and have a wonderful…well i wouldn’t say wonderful but have a good time lol

  6. Would you please give us some beautiful scenery of 5D Earth, Era and Hope?
    I see this blog only says about war (without images). Maybe you need enjoy something beautiful?

    • Never been to either three places. Only know what the FWH says. We are stuck in this hellhole of war, famine, disease, fiat money and lizard people. –A.M.

      • Gotta be a way out of this, Aaron. I don’t buy no win scenarios. Death is not a guarantee either.

      • hey aaron wanna tell us something we don’t know-get our FWH out of the in between state he is in- and thanks for all your help- btw- where is casbolt when we need him?

      • A.M. sorry about the shithead remark- i appreciate you more than you know- just got venting- sometimes stuff gets to me-love and light to you- take care- fiona

      • A lot of us are feeling the stress and anger. I am now known as Mrs. Antichrist online. haha Don’t sweat it and don’t judge yourself for it. It’s all good. =)

    • chuongza- wtf- you want flowers and lakes- get real- we are about to be invaded and you want scenery- time to get off the drugs mate!

    • citizen zero- nice to know you would like to see me living on a planet with ants-

  7. I AM , SO AM I

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