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Is it Better to Rule in Hell Than Serve in Heaven?
January 29, 2013

After getting his ass-whooped by Chuck Norris and the crap literally frightened out of him by The Mongoose, Duncan O’Finioan releases a semi-literate statement (see below) that he is running away from the USA to Belize, where he has a clone…or he says “twin brother”…but a clone, in service to The Cabal.

We know that Duncan has told many people, “I don’t travel.” Now, how is he going to do all what he claims with a bum knee, a beer gut, and a bow and arrow?

The Milton quote at the end — well, he has never read Milton, wouldn’t even be able to comprehend Milton; he just got that quote from the “Star Seed” episode of Star Trek where Kahn (not Louis Nin) makes that references.

I just took out the sort of facility you speak of in Nebraska, Dunc…so where were you? On your 10th beer from that 12-pack?

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Duncan O’Finoan says,

2013 — A New Year? Or a Nightmare? … Part 2

Well, I did say I would write the second part of this — let’s just call it “My State of Affairs” — and then I was finished.


And yes. I’m finished, alright. As in DONE.

As in don’t care anymore.

As in not my problem anymore. And why should I care?

People are going to do what people are going to do. They follow their nature.

Well “nature” on. I’m done with everything and most everyone.

Remember the Council I was forced to stand before several years ago? When I was forced to choose which side of this war

I would fight on (I chose the human race, in case all of you have forgotten.)? Where I stood and argued and screamed that the human race

had a right to continue and not be destroyed?

Well, I went back to them a few days ago. And I exercised my free will.

I quit.duncan dupe

I asked for and was granted release from my oaths and bonds.

In short, what this means is that I am not fighting for anyone anymore. It means I am not bound, as I was before, by rules and protocols set in place to hold the balance.

It means I now take orders from no one. It means I can do what I damn well please. It means I don’t have to to keep quiet

when spineless cowards sitting behind a computer keyboard spray vulgar lies and think they remain hidden.

It means I don’t have to help someone who has written me saying “I hope you burn in hell for what you have done” and then signs the letter

“In the light.”

In the light. Sure. Most of you people wouldn’t know The Light if it burned your arse.

Oh yes. I am well aware that the vast majority of you reading this are jumping for joy. Please, do keep jumping, and once you have tired out

you can go back to your tabloid news. Get your mouths filled with today’s juicy gossip. And don’t worry, because in the weeks ahead

you’re going to have plenty of news to read. A little birdie told me so.


You ask me why? Why I quit?

I say, Why not?

When I came forward all those years ago it was with one purpose. To stop the use of children in the black programs.

Was it successful?

Not just no, but hell’s no.

Do you want to know why?

There were not enough people who gave a fiddlers damn to even make a start.

Do you have any idea how disgusted that makes me? I really hope you people are proud.

Look at the noise you people are making over guns — and I’m all for owning firearms. I think everyone should be trained to use a firearm.

But, if you people had CARED as much about the children of this country and the world as you do about your guns, we could have made a

difference. But you do not.

I can not, and will not stand with or fight for anyone who cares so little about the torture, rape, and murdering of children.

You’re not worth it.

Some of you care more about your trashy porn novels than about the murder of children.

So here I am. On my own. Answering to no one. I think I will go have a little fun. Do some traveling.

I’ve got places to go, people to do — I mean see.

dunc cartoonI think the first place I want to go is Belize. I have a brother that lives down there.

Oh right, most of you don’t know. You see, I have an identical twin brother. He lives in Belize. He is still in “The Company”.

And, as a matter of fact, there have been a few people in the “alternative media” who have gone down to meet with him.

Some of them even made pacts with him. I hear that’s not working out for most of them, though. Can’t say that I’m sorry.

What can you say? You make a deal with the devil …

I also know where a large group of children are being held. Being tortured and trained … and killed. I’m going to fix that. My way.

Being that I now answer to no one, I can do these things. Damn, that feels good. Being able to do what I want, my way. No rules, save my own.

Going to set a few things right on my own, being as the human race doesn’t seem to care enough to at least try.

Now, I know most of you that have read this far are most likely frothing at the mouth with anger (How the hell do you think I feel?). Let

me make you a tad more so.

The “alternative media”. What a joke.

You have female show hosts offering sexual favors to get interviews. You have male show hosts offering drugs and pimping girls

for guests. You have hosts telling you only they have the truth. But it will cost you $49.95 (plus shipping).

Again, what a joke.

Then you have that few. That very small few that I call the “Truth Media.”

They are the ones out there mostly working for free, taking the knives in the back, being spat upon by the rest for telling it like it is.

I know a few of them. They’re the best. I don’t just call them friends, I call them brothers and sisters. Family.

Anyway. I’m done.

I am going out on my own and doing what I feel should be done and doing it my way.

I aim to misbehave.

We all have a dark side. I think it’s time mine came out to play for a while.

Been thinking about the words of Milton lately. “Better to rule …”


Once Again!
January 25, 2013

duncfearAfter his close encounter with Chuck Norris in Vegas, Duncan O’Finioan returned to his home in Lexington, KY, and found a big alien waiting for him on his porch: The Mongoose.

“They call me a mongoose on the loose,” stated Roan of Procyon 4, “but I am no loose cannon.”

Facing a 400-year-old, 370-pound, six-foot-seven warrior of solid muscle, Duncan once again fell to his one good knee in tears and begged mercy…and he also shat and urinated his panties.

“Oh, Bobby Joe!” cried Miranda Allison Kelly Axe. “Not again! This gets out, it’s a-gonna ruin seminar attendance! No one is gonna buy your tough-guy act!”

The Mongoose smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to break you in half, Dunc’in Donuts. I am here to deliver a messeage from Mr. Former White Hat.”

A look of sheer and utter fear spread across the visage of the Omega Unit. “FHW?! I thought…I-I-T th-thought he was trapped between the 3 and 5D.”

“He’s been set free,” said the Mongoose. “He is loose, indeed, and he has a Kahn Nin.”

“Benjamin Fulford save me!” cried Duncan.

The Mongoose bent down and said, “Here is Mr. FW Hat’s message: ‘Be seein’ y’all soon, Bobby Joe.'”

The Mongoose walked away, leaving Duncan to weep in his own wallow.dddd


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The Khris Neal-James Holmes-Dylan Klebold Connection
January 24, 2013

James Holmes, currently in a Colorado lock-up, gave a statement that was released to the press:

“I did not work alone. My co-conspirator is a hermaphrodite by the name of Khristan (sic, Khristine) Neal. We were twined in a dark ceremony.”

Not long after this statement, a whistleblower in Colorado revealed that after the 1999 Colombine school shootings, this ID (below) of  Khris Neal (note it is from 1994 and she was listing her gender as M) was found among the belongings of one of the shooters, Dylan Klebold, with a note: “Black Trenchcoat Mafia Rules!” and an unmailed love letter to “Khristy.”


What is this freak’s real connection to both events? She does, after all, claim to have been trained as a CIA assassin since age 5. She claims to be a MILAB and carries an Arcturian doll for “protection.”  She is a known lover and associate of Duncan O’Finioan’s, supporter of Illuminati torture expert, The Rakmeister, reachround gal for Randy Maugans, and mind-controlled sex drone for black witch, Sarah Stanga, aka The Purple Pebble of Leeds.

And is there any connection Missy Neal has to the faked event Sandy Hook?

Something is fishy all right…

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Chuck Norris Bitch Slaps Duncan O’Finioan
January 24, 2013

ChuckNorrisWe have learned that during Duncan O’Finioan’s most recent Las Vegas  “seminar,” Chuck Norris was also in the city and went to confront Duncan. When Duncan saw Mr. Norris, his face went pale.

Mr. Norris said to Duncan, “I hear you’ve been telling people you kick-box trained me while at The Farm.”

“I….uhh…umm…ughhh…platttzz,” mumbled Duncan.

“Care to explain yourself, punk?!” said Mr. Norris, and bitch-slapped Duncan hard. He said, “I never met you, I don’t know you, The Farm my ass! You? You train me? What a freakin’ joke!”

Duncan fell to his knees, whimpering like a whipped dog, and began to piss and shit his pants when staring up at the awesome power of Chuck Norris.

“Get with the reality of it, son,” Mr. Norris told the quivering broken down Omega Unit. “That screen you see me on, those are movies, I am playing a character; I was never in a Delta Force or Special Ops or the CIA. I’m a martial artist who got into Hollywood fiction to make a few bucks. We have never met, except in your delusions and warped booze brain, and you sure as hell never trained me in squat, O’Finioan or Fannin or whatever you call your worthless heap of skin and bones. I am sick of you con artists who like to pretend they live inside a comic book world making shit up about me. I should teach you a real painful lesson, punk.”

“Puh-puh-lllease don’t h-h-h-hurt muh-muh-meah, sir,” mumbled Duncan.

“Pathetic,” said Mr. Norris, spitting on Duncan. “Not even worth it.”

Mr. Norris walked away and Duncan feinted unconscious, as witnessed by dozens. His soiled pants made many go peee-euii!


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The Maacabae Alcyones to Arrive
January 15, 2013

The  Alycone race known as Maacabae have been cleared to land in various places on earth in February when a bright comet will be in the sky. The last time this race was here was in 1989 in Russia, as reported in the NY Times. Their mission then was to give Gorbechev the notion of glastnost.

They will land in Bloomington, Indiana, San Diego, California, and Hoboken, NJ. Elsewhere, they will land in Manchester, UK, New Dehli, India, Baghdad, Iraq, Melbourne, Aust., and Cape Town, South Africa.  In March they will return to three cities in Russia, two in China, Osaka, Japan and Calgary, Canada.

They are generally 9 feet tall with three eyes. Do not fear them. They are a peaceful race.


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They Are Friendly!
January 14, 2013

International Space Station cameras capture Pleiadean and Andromedan beamships coming and going from earth.

Do These Drawings Seem Familiar to Anyone?
January 13, 2013


Michael Hemmingson Killed and Cloned
January 13, 2013

Radio host and author Michael Hemmingson is the recent victim of Duncan O’Finioan and his father, Alestair Crowley. Duncan murdered Hemmingson in Los Angeles last November during the Alchemy Fest and the Cabal used the DNA to create three clones of Hemmingson, one on ice and two inserted into the world.

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Karla Turner Lives!
January 12, 2013


Dr, Karla Turner is not dead! While her 3D body was murdered by the Cabal, her soul was rescued from the reptoids by the Andromedans and they provided her “a new vessel” to continue her work. She has an Andromedan body, but she has all the memories of being Karla Turner. She is connected to The Blessing. She will reveal herself in 2015.


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David Wilcock Has Ascended!
January 12, 2013

It is true, he did ascend to 5D (his original, that is) with help from the Arcturians, and he has been helping Mr. FWH on his being stuck in a 3/5D non-moment loop. Even though his original is no longer in 3D, his assassin clones controlled by the NSA and DAARPA are still in the shadows.

In 5D, there are no tears or four leaf clovers.

david wilcock ascended master

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