Vid of the Failed Mantoid Invasion of 12/21


11 Responses

  1. Whoa! Thanks! Awesome video!! Everyone doing ok?

  2. Wow great video, thanks for posting!

  3. i want nothing more than to believe you guys, but i saw this video on, an obvious disinfo site. searched for it on youtube to try to follow up. it’s been online for over a year. what the hell is going on here? and please don’t give me some excuse about temporal time mechanics. it’s these kinds of things that make it next to impossible to help free other people’s minds. this does more harm than good for the masses when we’re trying to wake up friends to all the corruption.

  4. this is awesome news- thanks guys- who was it that took them out?

  5. Three cheers … HIP HIP HOORAY, HIP HIP HOORAY, HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!! Thank you all!

  6. Can u tell us who shot down the mantoids?

  7. ¬°¬°Amazing!!

    So, Who’s our Hero this time, Sean David Morton?

  8. Im not sure this video happenedon dec 21 2012. I saw this video ages ago, its still an interesting vid just didnt happen on that date.

  9. I thought Sean David Morton ate them. Also, weren’t they supposed to attack NYC?

  10. Its interesting how these things always seem to happen outside of America.

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