Caught Between Dimensions

Mr. FWH is caught between the 3rd and 5th Densities. We do not know why. We are working on it.


posted by D.N.


15 Responses

  1. What kind of outside sources can affect this, if you know, please.

  2. So, he’s caught in a time loop. I hope it’s a good one. I mean, really! Please keep us informed of his where abouts. Soon as you can. I know you guys are more than busy and I do appreciate you all so very much. Thank you. 🙂

  3. He does not know yet where he wants to belong to……………….

  4. that is indeed strange. Mr. FWH was so looking forward to 5D and now to be in between dimensions must be very frustrating. We wished him good transition as we we hold high regards, love and genuine respect for him and all of you guys, and I am sure you will find the “glitch” in the process.
    Could be also that our thoughts of happiness to have Mr. FWH even briefly amongst us, could have formed an energy that is pulling Mr. FWH in two directions? Tell us more Dominique.

    • My thoughts exactly, Bella. I checked myself on that count to make sure i wasn’t causing some kind of “drag”.

  5. I send him my love !

  6. i hope you can help him and he is ok- we are all concerned!

  7. Maybe the batteries in his 5D belt ran down and he needs some new ones.

  8. Hurry up and get to him he just came back and now he’s gone again. We miss him.

  9. good luck & happy New Year all !

  10. were all caught between dimensions

    • There is caught and then there is caught/stuck. Big difference when stuck on a loop.

  11. im stuck in a loop of apron. 22 years. its hell.

    • lolol I”m on it, Odin.

    • Odin, do I know you? I believe I dreamt with you within the last 7 days? A mission?

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