Return of The Former White Hat

As promised, the time-traveling FWH from October, 2012, has arrived to Dec. 22, popping into the ether in the Andromeda biosphere and having a non-alcoholic drink with his old pals Alex Collier and Cmdr. McCollum. He has posted some info with more to follow. He has some business to attend to in Kentucky and Oregon, and then Tokyo, and will come back.

What he says about the Sandy Hook shootings is true, and that there would be more to follow before the 21st, but we managed to put a stop to those Op. 711 false flags from Project Strawman, which had been Hilary Clinton’s brain child and now failure. There is a good reason she has had bad headaches and has stepped down as Sec of the State.


28 Responses

  1. Great news, guys! Thank you for the update. Is everyone recovered from the kamikaze attack?

  2. Welcome back Mr. fwh!!! We have missed you so much you would’nt be able to handle the pain of us missing you- if you knew. You left alot of broken hearts behind….

    Do you know the incredible healing that you did for people like me (which is probably most people on your blog)? I’ve been longing for a connection like the one you gave us, my whole life. It was so validating, Mr. fwh…just ask any one of us. I think you would be blown away (so to speak) by the responses.

    I’ve been trying to feel connected since you left. I’ve been feeling disillusioned . Wow, we are stuck in this timeline. What do we do now??

    I think the hardest thing is feeling helpless to help the world. It”s so hard to stand and watch. Of course I do stuff but it feels so inadequate.

    Sorry for the tears, Mr. fwh, but I thought you should know how much you are loved πŸ™‚

    Thank you for coming back for a spell. Many blessings to you.

    Merry Christmas to all of my beloved writers on this blog!!!

  3. great to hear from the time traveler fwh again merry christmas to all !

    I chose this timeline where obama was reelected & hillary uses strawman-clones to stage fake murders of people so marshall law is declared?
    maybe they overdosed americans w too much flouride cause there is no riots in NYcity lol
    This haarp weapon can it be reversed back towards them?

    the sports shows even keep mentioning the newtown slaughter

    Ive read that newtown,conn. is a hotbed of devil whorship
    so what really happened to the kids & teachers if they were not killed???

    what about zero time point ???

    • Time point zero is underway, and it is Marshmellow Law! –D.N.

      • πŸ™‚ Circus peanut marshmallows I hope. Thanks, Dominique.

  4. Welcome back brother! We all missed ya πŸ™‚ We love ya Mr.FWH and remember……Oh my fur and whiskers i dare not tell a lie! πŸ˜€

  5. Thank you all for your continuing work. Something good must be going on in spite all of the rampant darkness because there were a few moments yesterday when I saw the sky looking as radiant and beautiful as I can remember. The trees, grass and all other forms of nature also seemed to take on a deep, lustrous hue. All in the middle of a city. Special moments.

    • Nice, Akranda. πŸ™‚ The sunlight on the leaves in the trees looked like diamonds this past week. Really beautiful.

  6. FWH, I hope you had a good time in Hope ? what do you mean by a lot of people have ascended by Dec/21? How do I know if I’ve ascended ?
    please give more insights before you switch permanently to 5th Dim, you’ll be missed for ever:-)

    • You need address these questions to FWH’s blog.

      • I know that, FWH disabled the option answer/question
        approx how many people have ascended?

      • it doesn’t appear to be open to comments?

  7. Yes we have missed you and because we are reading this we have yet to make the jump and I for one was disappointed we have to wait that long for the next opening, but knowing you and your help with the Time Quake it is just up to each and everyone of use to create a different life. Idylwild is doing a great job thanks to you all….
    Thanks for transitioning back to this mess of a world if only for a short time yep we miss you….

  8. what do you guys think of leo zagami ?

    • Not much. –A.M.

      • not much ? please be specific is he a fraud kerry cassidy did some interviews ?

      • his predictions about the nazifacation of the west & a war ag. satan seems to be coming true.
        he says to defend ur faith in the one true GOD or perish the 7yrs of tribulation have begun they are gonna persecute the christians?
        talks alot about crowleys oto also very interesting

  9. anyone else still experiencing some timeslips? or blog postings disappearing?

    • I am in some very strange ways. I don’t know if i”m doing it, or what.

    • FWH, I know you may never see this…..but I have to thank you. You told us that getting our pineals open and working is the only way out of this shit. Thank you for sharing this wealth of truth with us. Some day…..some day I Will thank you in person. I owe you. Love from one you have saved.

  10. also what do you all think of The Universal One by Walter Russell? pretty interesting read although it is going to take me awhile to formulate some of what he is talking about into some semblance of mathematics

  11. leo is a nutcase

  12. thanks for the nod on your other “active” blog. I hope all these blogs and attempts at character development – albeit stifling and limited provide you with your next novel or straight-to-beta (maybe r2r) film!

    Seriously, the desparation permeating after being diced up by RA… Good thing you ‘ascended’ your main character!

    Happy Holidays!

  13. A shout out to those of us “left behind.” If you have not ascended to 5D you need not worry. In the grand scheme of things it is doubtful that moving your body and personality to a different dimension is the ultimate freedom.

    Mystics of all traditions have informed us for time immemorial that the ultimate freedom is to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. This involves ending one’s identity with the body, as well as transcending the ego/personality.

    Through devotional practices, meditation, company of holy ones (there are many of them on the 3D planet today), study of scriptures and selfless service one WILL transcend. The wave of personality will dissolve back into its self — the ocean.

    This can happen anywhere, at any time. All it takes is will and the unyielding desire to, as Jesus the Christ put it, KNOW THY SELF.

    • I agree and thank you for posting

      • πŸ™‚ It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. More to come, so much more. The shift is not over.

  14. This is driving me crazy!! Any word on FWH yet? Is he still stuck?

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